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  1. In a DD vs. CV fight, the DD's skill level is irrelevant compared to the CV's ability to aim his rockets. It doesn't matter if you have 300 PR or 3000 PR, your DD's AA remains the same because it is predetermined by base AA values and AI-controlled flak bursts; no player input except for sector reinforcement. There isn't too much wrong with your advice, but the problem with CV counterplay as a whole is that only the CV player's skill and the target's base AA is important. Target player's skill is a very minor factor in comparison, which leads many unicums to say there isn't much counterplay. How do you counterplay something that's largely dependent on the enemy screwing up?
  2. Part of why El2aZer is super unicum in every class is because he understands interactions between different ship classes and knows how to apply them. You should be taking him more seriously because he is proficient in every class and probably knows a lot more than you do. There is a good reason why a lot of unicum players absolutely hate the CV rework. Hoping that the opponent is not skilled enough to play his ship properly is a poor strategy for self-improvement.
  3. Your_SAT_Score

    CV are not OP change my mind

    Bad CV players get annihilated by flak clouds, miss DDs with rockets, attack AA blobs, run out of planes, and hide out in A1. When you lack understanding of CV and AA mechanics, it's easy to see CVs as balanced or underpowered. Good CV players seemingly ignore AA, routinely nuke DDs at the start of the game, permaspot everything, have infinite planes, and try to position intelligently. When abusing all the broken mechanics from CVs, it's clear to unicums that CVs have no place in the game. Obviously the reality of CVs lies somewhere in the middle, but I don't think CVs in their current state are healthy for the game. As a CV player, it's a cruel joke when many of the ships I see are target practice rather than threats, regardless of their skill level.
  4. Your_SAT_Score

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    I would be ok with CVs as long as the max limit on them is 0 per team. CVs has always been excluded from CBs for good reason as they bring too much to the table in a competitive setting. DDs are effectively obsolete as the CV both hard counters them and does their job better. Instead of spreading out to gain map control, ships have to blob up for AA protection or risk being picked off. Defending allies with the CV is a complete joke as you cannot block spotting and any decent player would know how to slingshot through AA. Is it really good competitive design if 1 player is effectively equal to the other 6/7 players on your team? If you need proof of CVs in competitive gameplay, see how KotS 8 turned out. It ended up being so bad that CVs were banned from KotS 9. Unless CV mechanics receive another significant overhaul, they have no business ruining CBs as well.
  5. Your_SAT_Score

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anti-Aircraft_Fire These 2 lines are of notable interest: "If several planes or squadrons are within an aura, continuous damage at full current strength is applied to each of them." "If there are multiple squadrons in the flak zone (and thus more than one target zone A), the guns generate the same number of bursts, and the bursts are distributed among the A zones." Continuous AA will deal 100% of their damage against all squads in the radius, no matter how many. are present. Ex. Worcester deals 434 continuous damage in the mid range aura. You get bombed by 99 Midway DBs, all 99 will take 434 damage in the mid range aura Flak clouds are spread among the squads, but are concentrated in the A zones, which is where all the bots will fly through anyways and make no attempt to dodge. tl;dr: Your example is a completely dishonest representation of AA in any real-world scenario outside of co-op. I highly recommend you learn the basic mechanics behind CV gameplay if you are going to make an argument.
  6. Not sure if you are trolling or being serious. But I sincerely hope you are trolling.
  7. Your_SAT_Score

    Hindenburg vs Smolensk

    Hindy with legendary mod is more of a meme than a serious build. Decreasing fire DoT by 40% sounds amazing... until you realize most of the damage you take is raw penetrations. Fires will tick for 0.3% of the ship's max health per second, with cruiser fires lasting for 30s at most. With the -20% fire signal, this already drops to 24s. Equipping Legendary mod drops this to only 14s. Hindy's base health is 51,900 HP, which means she takes ~156 damage per fire tick, meaning she will take 4,671 damage from full duration fires. Assuming you have the -20% fire signal, this drops to ~3,700 HP and legendary mod further decreasing it to 2,180. If you want to go all in with DoT reduction, this drops to 1620 HP per fire. But wait, I take 1500 less damage from every fire with Legendary mod. If I get lit on fire 7 times per battle I take 10.5k HP less damage per battle. That's good right? If the legendary upgrade was free, then yes it would be good. But as with many things in life, there are tradeoffs. In this case, taking legendary upgrade means no concealment module. Being detected from further out means you are less able to dictate your fights; a BB will now out detect you, and you really don't want that Yamato to get the jump on your broadside when he can dev strike you. Leg mod also does nothing to stop the AP and HE shells from damaging you. As I mentioned earlier, most of the damage you will take in Hindy will be from pens, not DoT. Smolensk HE may not be able to pen your belt with HE, but she can wreck the superstructure and bow/stern with IFHE. Hindy will also take massive damage from AP if she shows broadside. While Smolensk does have a very small HP pool and Hindy guns will wreck her, Smolensk has smoke to easily remedy the issue. Sure you can technically blindfire Smolensk in smoke, but now RNG becomes a huge factor in your damage, not something you want. Hindy would have to run away, ask for radar support, or deny spotting to negate the Smolensk's advantage. Outside of smoke, Hindy may have the advantage due to sheer HP pool difference, but not the detection advantage. Smolensk can avoid engagements until the situation becomes more favorable (like Hindy overcommitting, smoke is back up, etc). Range advantage means nothing if the target is not spotted. If Hindy is caught in a bad spot, then Smolensk can leverage her insane DPM advantage and severely damage Hindy before she can effectively respond. Also, Smolensk is faster than Hindy. Good luck getting reliably close. Generally from what I've seen. Smolensk holds most of the cards in the engagement, requiring Hindy to capitalize on his mistakes to win the fight. Thankfully most Smolensks will give you that opportunity. However, against good Smolensk players, it might be merciful to just exit back to port.
  8. Your_SAT_Score

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    Rental T10s were specifically designed to allow casual players to participate in CBs even if they didn't have proper ships.
  9. Your_SAT_Score

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    Bringing almost any T9 ship into a T10 CB match is effectively shooting your team in the foot. The power difference between tiers is too great. At that point, take a rental T10. Stalingrad >>> Kronstadt for example.
  10. Participated in the Maskarado event, so I hope I can participate in this event as well.
  11. Your_SAT_Score

    Done complaining......just done

    Go check the stats of all the hurricane clan members. Most of their members have WR in excess of 65%. All of them earned their place not because RNG favored them or they threw money at WG, but because their skill and overall level of gameplay far exceeds that of the average player. They didn't all start at unicum levels. They took the time to learn from their mistakes to improve their gameplay and the result show. Looking at your stats and general attitude, you refuse to acknowledge your own shortcomings and instead choose to blame everything else. Those types of people are forever doomed to mediocrity as they will not learn from their own mistakes. Also, I have 65%+ WR and over 1000 battles played. It is possible.
  12. Does the contest count games thoughout the weekend, or only after hitting the Participate button? Had some really good games but forgot to press participate. I'm hoping they will still count.
  13. Participating as a maskarado will be a lot of fun, especially for the community. I can help contribute by giving them another ship to shoot at while I get to try exotic builds and play underappreciated ships. Didn't make it in the first round, so I hope I get selected this time around. This will be my first time participating in such an event so I am really looking forward to participating.