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  1. Your_SAT_Score

    Do we have to pay to win?

    I heard if you buy WG, your WR goes up to 100%.
  2. Your_SAT_Score

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    For DD hunting, you absolutely need radar, good concealment, and good gun firepower. Without radar, you have nothing to force a fight against a semi-decent DD. Smaland is the absolute best choice, but she isn't available for sale currently. For DDs, Ragnar and Orkan are your next best ships. Black is also capable with her smoke radar combo. PA DDs lack the firepower to fight other DDs, so are excluded. For cruisers, Chappy, Donskoi, Nevsky are the best due to 12km radar and fast shells being reliable against every DD. The Worcester line from Cleveland and up also can work, but will struggle against the faster gunboats like Kleber. RN CLs are also excellent, but have the same slow shell issue vs fast DDs. If you take the CV route, US CVs and RN CVs are quite effective against DDs. US are better overall.
  3. Your_SAT_Score

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    Yes. It is considered fair because anyone who can download World of Warships is perfectly capable of installing Aslains or modstation. As a side note, a lot of high level players don't even run Navigator mod. It doesn't tell you what angle the enemy will be at after 10 seconds. There are many other mods I would consider more useful like score timer.
  4. Your_SAT_Score

    Replay issue

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0115/#other-changes-and-improvements "Fixed technical vulnerability of the replay mechanism to the execution of external code. Thanks to everyone who drew our attention to the problem."
  5. Your_SAT_Score

    What happened to AP?

    You would have gotten the exact same results 5 years ago. The only difference is your level of expectations. A lot of mid tier cruisers are poorly armored, so you either get citadels or overpens. Fortunately for cruiser players, not every BB salvo results in insta deletion
  6. Your_SAT_Score

    Picking a new ship, wanted to see what yall prefer

    Tirpitz and Prinz Eugen are the best options you have listed. Both are easy and forgiving to play, though Eugen is generally considered mediocre due to her poor damage output. Malteseknight has a video on Eugen :
  7. Your_SAT_Score

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    The only change to Ragnar is a slight 0.2s reload nerf, 3.2s to 3.4s. Relatively small change. Arlskandir did a good job of explaining why you don't see many Ragnar nowadays. High skill floor and 1 dimension boring playstyle. In T10 ranked seasons, Ragnar dominated the DD meta as she could bully any DD while still being effective against cruisers and BBs. She was also a common pick in King of the Seas.
  8. Your_SAT_Score

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    This may help you. Malta does a good job of explaining how the ship works and what to do
  9. Your_SAT_Score

    3 DD Divs

    3 BB divs are more common while likely having a worse WR. Btw, the Kidd, Kidd, Akizuki anti-CV div is actually one of the most effective divisions with a nearly 90% WR with the right players. Those same players average ~80% WR in normal triple divs.
  10. Your_SAT_Score

    Ragnar worth it, if you already own Smaland?

    Both Smaland and Ragnar are excellent ships, but excel in different areas. They have different optimal playstyles. Smaland is essentially a normal DD that specializes in killing other non-gunboat DDs thanks to her radar. She heavily leans gunboat due to her insane HE firepower, but her torpedoes can still threaten other ships. Because of her insane cap and vision control while still being an above average gunboat, she was removed from sale. Smaland is powerful in all game modes, but especially stands out in Clan Battles as the meta-defining DD. Ragnar is really a radar CL with a DD designation. She has amazing gun firepower with her 30mm HE pen and Elbing accuracy (the best in the game). Ragnar is the strongest DD counter in the game due to her 25mm side armor and 7.5km radar, she will comfortably out trade every DD except for Khabarovsk and Zorkiy. However, Ragnar isn't good if used as a real DD due to her poor base detection and large size. She also heavily relies on her engine boost to dodge shells; get too close to other cruisers and she will lose the trade. A powerful DD but with a correspondingly high skill floor. She is also powerful in all game modes, but stands out more in Ranked and King of the Seas. Ragnar's ability to fight any ship in ranked puts her at the top in terms of performance. Tl;dr: Both ships are good. Ragnar notably differs from Smaland, being a pure gunboat/radar CL with a higher skill floor.
  11. Your_SAT_Score

    Jean Barts and Kearsarge in Ranked

    JB is good, but not the best BB for ranked. She suffers too hard against German BB secondaries and gets overmatched everywhere by Musashi. Kearsarge is ok, but not well suited for the 6v6 meta. Spotting is helpful, but she lacks the durability for direct and often decisive fights. Given her high skill ceiling, it's just not worth bringing her when there are better and easier ships available.
  12. Your_SAT_Score

    3 Games In And I'm Over RANK

    Basically you are describing a typical game of ranked. No amount of format changes will change your teammates behavior. You may enjoy ranked more if you don't take it as seriously, think of it as 6v6 randoms with rewards.
  13. Your_SAT_Score

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    I'm just telling you what I see at the highest level of competitive Clan Battles, the lineups that the best clans on NA consider worth fielding. Ragnar is sometimes used, but not nearly as often as last CB season.
  14. Your_SAT_Score

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    WG already did 1 of each ship for 2 seasons. Conde, Smaland, Napoli are the currently dominant ships this CB season. Ragnar is rare at the higher leagues. Never saw a team field more than 1, and not for lack of Ragnar players.
  15. Your_SAT_Score

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    Clan battles MM only takes into account your Clan's performance. Lineup composition does not matter, so it doesn't check for radar, number of DDs and cruisers, etc. If your clan didn't bring a radar ship, blame your clan leader or whoever thought a no radar comp was a good idea. For your DDs, if they can't deal with radar, then they should git gud or play something else.