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  1. Your_SAT_Score

    Aerosol Smoke Curtain System

    You are referring to Minotaur's unique upgrade? It's located in the 5th upgrade slot
  2. Suggestion 1 is basically saying only play a few select ships. Want to have fun as a DD? just only play EU DDs and nothing else. Just ignore the other lines. Don't even play any DD below T8 because they have no AA. If you do insist on playing DDs, then hope you get no CVs. Suggestion 2 isn't a good option for many ships. CAs take MBM1 as they somewhat often get disabled, usually at a very inconvenient time. MBM1 also doesn't address the issue of having enough AA in the first place Suggestion 3 has issues because most ships must go out of their way to invest in AA. For example, DM taking BFT means that is 3 points not going to another skill like DE or SI, Skill that most players would prioritize on DM. I could take other skill that works against every ship as opposed to a skill that only works against 1. Many players will argue that AA skills only has a placebo effect. Suggestion 4: Catapults mainly discourage initial attacks and prevent follow-up attacks. Doesn't activate fast enough not deal enough damage to actually prevent attacks. Similar problem with DFAA, though you are more likely to get a squad wipe if the enemy CV runs into flak. Suggestion 5 is the only good suggestion in this thread. You can learn how CVs strike other ships and position yourself accordingly to avoid them. As you learn how to play CVs, you also learn how to minimize AA damage and understand why so many players hate CVs. As a CV player who played for O7 in Clan Battles, I am fully aware of how to "counter" CVs. However, the CV almost always has the initiative and can minimize your AA's effectiveness, no matter how much you spec into it. It comes down to the skill of the CV, not your own skill.
  3. Your_SAT_Score

    DD Smoke, Gimmick or worth it?

    Spotting is an important of playing DDs, but dealing damage is often just as important. You cannot guarantee your allies will kill whatever you spot. PA DDs can't effectively counter gunboats like Kitakaze and Harugumo and are completely reliant on allied support to kill them. In fact, one of the main issues with PA DD radar is that the ships lack the firepower to kill the DDs they are supposed to counter. If a Kitakaze rushes your radar Yue Yang, better hope your allies are nearby. I would argue radar DDs are significantly harder to play in the current meta. Without smoke, you lack a easy way to disengage. CV planes coming for your radar YY? nothing you can do but hope he doesn't see you. Accidentally shoot your guns in a disadvantageous fight? That's 20s of getting shot at before you go dark. While you can be successful with radar PA DDs, I would recommend sticking with Smaland or Orkan as I consider them more effective in the radar DD role.
  4. Your_SAT_Score

    DD Smoke, Gimmick or worth it?

    PA DD smokes are actually considered one of their strong points. Numerous smokes provide greater versatility in usage, whether it be escaping incoming CV rocket strikes, smoking up to farm damage, or to help allies. In addition, faster cool down between uses allows PA DDs to be more mobile. They can be more aggressive as their safety net comes up faster than other DDs. If the enemy runs away, they can reposition and use smoke again faster than other DDs. A good strategy for smoke farming is to smoke up as your torpedoes hit the enemy. They almost always DCP floods, so any fire damage will last for full duration.
  5. Your_SAT_Score

    WG: You need to pay attention to this video

    Although we all play the same game, each server has a different meta due to the differences between the player base and how they approach the game. For example, Asia server is notorious for having a campy meta where ships stay at max range. RU server is on the other end where players tend to be more aggressive. Even times of day has an effect on the general meta. The difference between matches is noticable from evening when casuals get off of work to midnight when more Asian players are online.
  6. Your_SAT_Score

    WG: You need to pay attention to this video

    People want to see the game improved so that it's more enjoyable for everyone. Of course players will find other issues to complain about since WoWs has more than 1 issue. It's like saying why bother balancing Nikolai when players will just complain about Gulio Cesare being OP. It's that CVs are the most controversial issue right now
  7. Your_SAT_Score

    From the perspective of a new player

    New players rarely post about their experiences. We can only guess as to the typical new player experience through what we encounter at the lower tiers. Lack of data driven discussion is due to the incomplete nature of the publicly available data. We may have average WR and damage totals for each ship, but no context on how these numbers are obtained. For example, Bourgogne and Somers have significantly higher WR than other ships, but no one considers than OP since they can only be obtained though playing ranked and Clan Battles. These players will likely perform better than your average player. Other generalizations will always have issues because we can only guess at what others think. CVs have created a massive divide in the community, which itself I'd take as a sign of failure of the rework. The competitive community especially dislike the inclusion of CVs in competitive modes. The popular player run King of the Seas tournament disallows CVs. There are other sections of the forum that's not as toxic as you would believe.
  8. Should make it 12 v 12 all CVs. Bonus points if we bring back RTS CVs so you can have 12 v 12 Hakuryu matches with 192 squads in the air.
  9. Your_SAT_Score

    what can a t8 cv do in a t10 match ?

    It's an Enterprise. She is practically a T9 - T9.5 CV with T8 MM.
  10. Like the previous 2 seasons, CVs had a dramatic impact on the CV meta. The overcentralization around the CV can be seen by the lack of 2 BB comps and the relative lack of viable ship choices. The cruiser and DD choices were all practically determined by their ability to survive CV attacks and sustained focus fire. Typhoon/Hurricane teams brought similar setups and strategies: 1 MvR, 1 Thunderer/Montana, 4 cruisers consisting of a combination of Golaiths and Petros, and a Halland/Smaland. Although there were more viable ship choices than in the 1st CV season of CBs, the lack of variety can definitely be felt by the similar strategies employed by each team. In a sense, I think the constant CV spotting and their ability to selectively eliminate ships has removed a lot of the strategic depth seen in previous CB seasons.
  11. Your_SAT_Score

    Very High Win Rate Question

    1. Triple divs with unicums. Guaranteeing 3 excellent players on your team should give you at least 75% WR. 2. Play sealclub or OP ships. The best ships can achieve 65%+ WR even when solo. 3. Git gud. Actually the most important step since your individual skill will influence 100% of the matches you play. Law of averages only means everyone will eventually get the same number of bad teams and good teams. The difference is what you yourself contribute to each team. That is why some players have 40% WR and others have 70% WR. The skill difference between a hurricane level competitive player and an average player is immediately noticable.
  12. Your_SAT_Score

    Best tactics for Divisions

    2 Kidd + Akizuki division. Kidds provide AA and DD support. Akizuki farms cruisers and BBs. Very good at farming CV kills and getting 85%+ WR.
  13. Your_SAT_Score

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    Sounds like VU is a BB with T5.5 guns and T3 literally every thing else.
  14. Your_SAT_Score

    Manfred von richthofen vs Franklin D roosevelt

    FDR and MvR fill somewhat different roles in competitive. MvR is a good all round CV that can overpower 2 ship formations while providing scouting. Her mobility allows her to support both flanks, making her the most popular meta CV. FDR is more limited in mobility, but can smash through AA ship blobs and land crippling blows to the target. Her plane HP also allows her to tank Halland and Smaland AA for long periods of time, effectively suppressing them from taking objectives. The top NA clan runs FDR as part of their CB lineup. In randoms, you don't run MvR to counter FDR. You run MvR because she is arguably the best T10 CV for winning.
  15. Your_SAT_Score

    Turkey Hunt 2020

    You are given a new account created specifically for the event. You can still play your personal account if you want. Nothing will change for your own account, but any battles done on your own account will not count towards participation as a turkey.