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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Feb. 13th, 2018

    Maybe adding emblems for focusing on objectives. Examples: - 50 caps captured - 25 caps taken in BBs - 200 "Defended" ribbons - 250 torpedoes spotted - 2 million potential damage taken in 50 separate games - Allies deal 1 million damage while using your smoke - Kill 50 ships detected by radar
  2. Contest: Need a New Wiki Editor

    My Des Moines entry. Des Moines.docx
  3. KillClub

    Do I get the honor of being Warbeasty's first victim?
  4. Speedstang, maybe you do want help, but the questions you are asking implies anything but learning. Basically, most of your questions have been thinly veiled complaints. It suggests that you are here only to vent your anger, not to actually improve. Ask more constructive questions, like "How do I reduce my plane loss?" or "Which ships should I prioritize for striking?" You could also submit a replay and someone may give feedback on your actions. Reyte suggests playing the IJN CV line because their playstyle is different. Considering almost half your opponents will bet IJN CVs, it is worthwhile to grind them if only to understand their strengths and weakpoints.
  5. Is WG planning on adding other tiers to competitive Clan Wars besides T10? Only having T10 CW excludes a significant portion of the playerbase who may not own a T10 ship or only have a "non-viable" T10 ship. I recommend introducing lower tier competitive brackets(like T6 or T8 ships) where more clans can participate and gain experience in a competitive format before moving up to T10. Can WG add an in-game recommended captain skill and module list for each ship? I believe this will help newer players who may not be aware of other resources such as the WoWs wiki. Can WG add an option for comparing ship stats side-by-side while in port? It would be a very useful quality of life improvement to directly compare ships rather than constantly switch back and forth. Finally, can you add a day time version of the Dry Dock port? Imo it looks better than the current night time version. (Non-Serious) Can WG add a scenario where a team of 7 players must navigate a map while constantly dodging torpedoes? It has several benefits including: - A good reason to bring back Kitakami - Torpedo dodging practice - Playing Initial D music in the background You can also call the scenario "Yuro's Torpedobeat Simulator" Thank you for taking time our of your day to consider our questions.
  6. Did you know that a 5"/38 shell takes ~22s to hit a target at 16.3km? https://streamable.com/dg1h3