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  1. Thank you for your hard work in compiling all this information. It is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey Mongoose.  Former Marine?  Hoosier?

    Me too.

    In case you are indeed a Teufelhund, Semper Fi brother.


    Best regards,


    1. Mongoose004


      Yes, former Marine and Hoosier. Semper Fi. Quang Tri,  RVN 1968-69. And you?

    2. Captain_Slattery


      Grenada, Beirut 83-84.  Honduras, 85.  Served 82-86.

      My dad was "in country" in 69-70.  US Army with Tropic Lightning out of Hawaii.

  3. R. Lee Ermey

    Semper Fi!
  4. Favorite ship from the WW2 Pacific theater

    USS Franklin (CV-13) for me because my uncle, who was killed before I was born, died aboard her on March 19, 1945, near the coast of Japan.
  5. Thank you for your service - USAF and USMC

    Rest in peace Brothers. We'll never forget your sacrifice.
  6. I'm unable to register on the public test server because I didn't receive the activation email. Neither is it in my spam folder. As a result, I'm also unable to communicate with the test server support to resolve the issue. I'm posting here at the suggestion of NA Support in hopes someone connected to RU Support can help address my issue.
  7. Semper Fi! Former air winger myself.