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  1. Ok I have figured out how to start a post. I am having issues with logging into world of warships at the ID and PW stage. It buffers before I can type in the information to go any further. I have put in 4 tickets already, ran thru their list of troubleshooting ideas and still cant get past the ID and PW stage because of the buffering. What can I do, or what can be done so I can play the dang game?
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    Ok considering the fact that I am new to the Wargamming forums, I have yet to figure out how to start a response for myself. So with this being said, I have to piggy-back on your post atm. I have an issue with logging into the game. I am blocked with buffering at the ID and PW stage to where I cant type that info in. How can I fix this or what can be done?