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  1. So time to give dds back their citadels WG.when you can only shoot every 25 to 30 seconds against machine gun IFHE dds and cruisers and now make our shots even less effective DD have had way to many abilities and if they wand the lower pen damage from AP time to give them a nice citadel that can be hit with HE seems only fair.
  2. Hawker_67

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    ROFL amazing how many purple unicums have to hijack this thread to say its ok...... GFU we are talking the majority not the minority here people get a grip we all know purple stat padding rhymes with doors starts with H would miss their xp pinitas doesn't mean it doesn't need to be addressed for the average player if this game is to ever grow and get new players before the unicums kill it.
  3. Yeah so Look how many battles you have if you haven't learned how to be good by now.... The Average person doesn't do near that,and jerks like you posting OH look its easy ruimned ops for most of us. Brag much get a life,quit ruining the game for average people with jobs.