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  1. CommodoreLane

    what just happened ?

    Looks like a major problem with server, got kicked off and cannot login!
  2. CommodoreLane

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    Sorry, I cannot sit hours a day playing the game like you obviously can. I can tell you the ONLY time I have scored 5 stars in this scenario is without a CV or some YOLO DD who runs out and gets wiped out in the first wave being on the team! The teams I have gotten 5 stars were with rapid firing CLs and a BB or 2.
  3. Sound is just as [edited] as it was, perhaps worse. I have tinkered with the settings for 20+ matches and nothing changes. GOOD WORK Wargaming!
  4. CommodoreLane

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    I have several times, however, as has been stated you need the right team. No CVs or DDs on your team, they are useless. You need light cruisers with fast firing guns and 1 or 2 BBs. Everyone needs to know to stay back, do not venture forth to engage, let them come to you and engage at distance. Once the 3rd wave is inbound, hopefully, you still have your entire team intact.
  5. The only way I can play less than I have been since the CV rework is never log in again, instead of once or twice a week. You really want to kill the game off you are heading in the right direction.
  6. CommodoreLane

    8.4 same old

    I have to agree that since the rework I have played less Random battles, perhaps a dozen or less. I keep to the scenarios when I feel the urge to do battle. I just find the game totally frustrating going against CVs these days. I have [edited] downloaded, but have not had the heart to check it out.
  7. CommodoreLane

    Video: Farwell to HMS Vanguard.

    Most do not realize that food, clothing and gas rationing continued in Britain until the the last restrictions were lifted in 1954. Then it was not until the mid to late 60's until resources had recovered to prewar levels. It takes a very long time to rebuild cities where the bulk of production came from and costs more than the British government had. It took them until 2006 to pay off their loan debts to America and Canada. Austerity does not begin to tell how lean times were for them and why the Royal Navy is a mere shadow of it's once mighty self.
  8. CommodoreLane

    Premium time vs. ship

    The only Premium time I ever have is that which I am awarded in some manner, and then it is usually wasted as I do not sit here playing more than two or three hours at a time. I have several Premium ships that have been awarded to me through various promotions or I actually purchased. I cannot see spending money on 24 hours of Premium time, when you will play a couple of hours of it. However, my ships make me tons of capital, I currently have over 815 million credits and 200K of free XP sitting waiting for what Wargaming decides to do with the Alaska. Your Premium fleet is always in port waiting for you, Premium time, like glory, is forever fleeting...
  9. CommodoreLane

    Is the KGV worth it? Is it a keeper?

    My second game in her I won a Kraken and fell in love. I have kept her ever since...
  10. CommodoreLane

    You Can Buy Salem (Kind of but not really)

    Already have the DM so I really see no need to get a Salem.
  11. CommodoreLane

    USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Technically, this ship and all in the class are named after territories. I also, feel it is pointless to argue over the CB or CC designation or the ship's in game stats. Things change before release and currently it is a long way from release, and whether or not it is or is not a battle cruiser has been debated since it was launched. It is subjective to each person's perspective!