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  1. Already have the DM so I really see no need to get a Salem.
  2. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Technically, this ship and all in the class are named after territories. I also, feel it is pointless to argue over the CB or CC designation or the ship's in game stats. Things change before release and currently it is a long way from release, and whether or not it is or is not a battle cruiser has been debated since it was launched. It is subjective to each person's perspective!
  3. I failed to receive my PT 2 rewards as well, of course support was of no help, I am done with the PTS.
  4. Sure, elitism and class separation has always been good for societies, totally agree!
  5. Why Do You Play WOWS?

    Primarily, I play to relax and relieve stress. Oh, and I like to crush my fellow human beings necks beneath the heel of my jackboot...
  6. Keep the New Orleans or not

    Kept mine until I reached the Des Moines and knew I would never play it much (Kept the Baltimore) I usually do not keep lower tiers unless I like them and I never did the NO!
  7. I have learned that far too few DD players know their true role in the game. Far too many lack situational awareness and get tunnel vision. However, a nice big BB or CV kill, with lots of big HP damage makes those stats look GOOD!
  8. I have them both, so I do not have to make this decision! But, with the MO, unless you are horrible player her, you will never be broke. Played a match tonight and cashed in 300K in credits on a standard account.
  9. Had the same happen to me on the Two Brothers map yesterday. Has not happened since then.
  10. Your take on actual ship roles.

    I like to get in close and usually end up brawling for a cap, hopefully with another BB!
  11. Sorry, did not read thru the entire post!
  12. Actually, they did and when the NEW JERSEY was brought back in 1968, she reached 35.2 kts for 6 hours. with 25 year old engines. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/fastest-speed-recorded-for-a-battleship/
  13. Reporting AFK players

    Only report AFK players that were the entire game, or the player who 5 minutes into the game, I gotta run! wth, why did you even begin the game if you do not have 20 minutes to complete it...
  14. The problem with the Missouri

    Your ignorance on the subject is astronomical. First of all the USN did not hold back the Iowas from anything. At The Battle off Samar, the Iowas were with the 3rd Fleet chasing a decoy fleet and Taffy 3 were all that was needed to defeat the 23 ship fleet that the Yamato was leading. 3 destroyers and 4 destroyer escorts and a handful of escort carriers chased away the biggest baddest BB built, which is the only time the Yamato ever fired her main battery in anger, with questionable results. She then spent 6 weeks in dry dock for repairs from this engagement before she was ready for Operation Ten GO, mainly to give her more AA protection for all the good it did her. Of course once the Ten GO task force was spotted by submarine heading for Okinawa, the USN wanted to engage at the most extreme distance from the beachhead as possible and thus Admiral Spruance had the carriers attack! However, had they not been successful, he had a fleet of 6 BBs sailing to engage the Yamato in a surface action, and the IOWAs were in that second line of defense! Those being New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin, with Massachusetts, South Dakota and Indiana. So, the NAVY had no trepidations about the Iowas engaging Yamato, or the South Dakotas for that matter. I love my MO and and think she is fine in the game, if I make a mistake with her I pay the price. If I play her smart I do well and make a pile of credits, too bad you will never know the joy of owning one!
  15. You have more posts than battles, so who are these "average players" that have given you this valuable information? Every Youtube video that I have seen from trusted CC'ers say it's a great get!