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  1. At one time i bought premium ships with MY money........they said they wouldnt mess with them or buff or whatever word one wants to use. Wargamming , world of warships or Russian Federation what ever they want to call themselves lied....period. No more of my money period. Im not wrapped up collecting cyber fantasy ships just to i guess be somebody among other people......thats silly. But i did spend money on a few ships for specific reasons and with the clear prouncement wargamming would never touch them once purchased with real money. Those days are gone......my money stays away from this ......game.
  2. MammaShark

    Carriers Arent Going Away

    i hate carriers ......alot. But i want carriers in the game to be dominate because they will encourage groups of individual ships to think teamplay even more out of nessesity. As it is as far as random play goes their is no team play just a bunch of ships sailing around trying to do a bunch of damage and sink ships. Ive seen ships sit loaded waiting for others to do the work of bringing the health odf a ship down and then firing the kill shot just to get the sink. Many loners in the game do what they want and go where they go its all changed . No i want dominate carriers to force teamplay and allow ships to carry out their true roles.
  3. hmm no balance will ever happen . Historically Carriers dominated everything and dictated the terms and conditions and the place of engagements. No surface ships ever had a chance against Carriers and this game is trying to force this. Wont work....ever
  4. MammaShark

    Vending Machines

    Wargamming . Regards the Warspite ......a very good and fun ship. But i have noticed a pssible teapot of trouble the last battle i was in. On the starboard side of the ship close to the mess hall one vending machine is made available for those wanting refreshments while waiting for chow. The one starboard side is for coke products like dcoke , coke classic and strawberry fizz.....ok but the one opposite on the port side closest to the mess hall has pepsi products like pepsi dpepsi and something weird like lemon lime?? Anyways seems strange to me when so much room exists on both starboard and port sides closest to the mess hall both pepsi and coke should be made available on bothside. Ive been getting endless amount of complaints on this. Please consider the changes in the next update. Regards Warspite Staff
  5. MammaShark

    Wargaming...sly devil you...

    Did you forget Russia is still Communist and the Soviet Union? And the persistent effort to glorify Stalin has never gone away and he remains the hero of the russian people? Just ask Putin.
  6. MammaShark

    Problem entering game

    restarted little over 50 times now thankyou. Are you saying is a bigger problem not just myself?
  7. MammaShark

    Problem entering game

    i brought this up yesterday i have another account and the [edited] game center log in just keeps going in little circle so i cant log in to my other account. How convienent wargamming and so i made a ticket and amazingly i cant find it , Oh and not one single reply on this yesterday . Makes no sense ive never had a problem logging into my other account ever unless of course wargamming is doing this on purpose with this bonus quest they dishing out as you log in.
  8. MammaShark

    Game Center log in screen

    no world of warships wargamming game center
  9. MammaShark

    Game Center log in screen

    well MammaShark we have no idea what your talking about and what is a Game Center? sound like some russian intelligents software. Maybe you should contact your embassy they may be able to assist you in your fantasys or contact the KGB in St Petersburg
  10. trying to log in on the game center screeen so i can change accounts but nothing doing for hours it justs keeps circling around and around and arpound and around. Any insight to this?
  11. MammaShark

    British Crates

    Well......sadly i no longer spend my money on wargamming products
  12. MammaShark

    British Crates

    hmm thanks explains alot.
  13. MammaShark

    British Crates

    Are we suppose to be getting 3 camo for british crates? Where have the soverigns gone ? I havent received any soverigs since the halloween event started. Just dumb pumpkins with 3 camo .
  14. MammaShark


    Am truly sad.......no complaining here but i was caught by surprise with the end of the Indianapolis mission. Finished 19 of 21 missions . Ive seem comments here and there about how difficult the Indianapolis is in battle to play and was eager to earn one with the time i had to invest but i fall short. Its a beautiful ship . Thanks Wargamming the pursuit was still fun .