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  1. In my case...I played a lot because I enjoyed it. I'm around 51 and half or so. Right around January of 2016, I broke my wrist in 13 places. For about 4 months I played all day every day with one hand. NC bow in, minimal movement around the map. So 4000 battles later, if you go on a 100 battle win streak, you're rating goes up a tiny bit. Battles played should be the only stat that really matters. WR is important to those folks who insist on blaming others for their own mistakes. The whole WR thing & rating thing is mostly to blame for the high salt levels IMO.
  2. USN Destroyer Bias

    487 main battery hits...1 fire
  3. USN Destroyer Bias

    I've been playing since Septemberish of 2015. Not a great player, but sometimes I have my moments - It's not my full-time gig. So I've noticed that the Gearing has been less and less effective since every patch released. (Remember how the Cleveland played back then?) It used to be Gearing shot like atlanta and sailed like a slow fletcher...Now - it's like shoot and sail like New Mexico with a 1 point captain...not only that, Chinese and German DD's are virtually unsinkable with Gearing guns. Google Chinese destroyers...the top results are the new one. Deeper search says the Lo Yang is a 15 year old Benson. The Lo Yang can sink a USN Benson in 5 good shots - compared to USN Benson 30 great shots at best. Gearing maybe 20. Wikipedia ends at 1936 for German DD's. So when does Industrial Might come into play? Or our resources? On paper it may seem that the Tier 10 Chinese DD is great, but the US only had about 100 more? And had the pivotal inertia to decide the outcome of WW2...Both Russia and China were what - 120 miles from Japan? It was easier for the US to battle 5500 miles over 3 years rather than these unsinkable, overpowered boats to go 120 miles over the same span of time? Needed to use the bathroom? Sun was in there eyes? Terrible flood? Earthquake? The thing to remember is - November of 2015 that was the boat to get...Now I have it, and the only boat it can sink with guns is a Shimakaze with a rookie captain. The role of the US cannot be minimalized by anyone. Especially by those who didn't actively participate in the actual ending of the War, or needed supplies (Provided by the US) to do their part just to defeat Germany. That would be every country except the US...If it weren't for the Lend/Lease Act; Moscow and Leningrad would have fallen...Thank the UK for most of the "Johnny on the Spot" for that...But they would've never lent them out if they knew US reinforcements weren't coming. Despite the propaganda saying otherwise. Just saying that paper is one thing - overwhelming numbers is another.
  4. I saw a cv run the channel in Strait and got himself beached...he was nuked into oblivion by our own cv. This was at the beginning of a match.
  5. Ranked Clan Strategies

    Apparently...the new thing is for a clan to start ranked battles, and pending which side has more, the lone wolf will throw the match. I wouldn't have believed if it I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I've tried to attach the replay, but it says it's too big. I can pm any moderators or developers if they need it. Just a heads up out there! And good luck!
  6. Yep...kind of a dubloon extravaganza..prior to the last go-round, moving the best captains to 7, then to 9...back to 8, now back to 7...and back again. At 500 per captain - it adds up really quick.
  7. If you're having issues with planes, then get an AA boat.
  8. 20 Point Capt. Reduced to 5 after the update!

    It doesn't matter what the fine print says, or if he had a 19 point guy...I had a fully buffed Fubuki Captain obliterated, trained now for mutsucky...Now we gotta spend the time and/or cash to get it back to where it was before the update. No wonder I only play once a week these days.
  9. Can you protest TK status?

    I don't know why this is so hard to comprehend.
  10. Replays

    There's a big hairy but coming...you have to save each and every patch associated with each replay. So eventually you have something that looks like this:
  11. The only way to not torpedo a friendly is not ever, ever, shoot behind an ally.
  12. As a computer guy...There's a short circuit between the seat and the keyboard.