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  1. I saw a cv run the channel in Strait and got himself beached...he was nuked into oblivion by our own cv. This was at the beginning of a match.
  2. Ranked Clan Strategies

    Apparently...the new thing is for a clan to start ranked battles, and pending which side has more, the lone wolf will throw the match. I wouldn't have believed if it I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. I've tried to attach the replay, but it says it's too big. I can pm any moderators or developers if they need it. Just a heads up out there! And good luck!
  3. Yep...kind of a dubloon extravaganza..prior to the last go-round, moving the best captains to 7, then to 9...back to 8, now back to 7...and back again. At 500 per captain - it adds up really quick.
  4. If you're having issues with planes, then get an AA boat.
  5. 20 Point Capt. Reduced to 5 after the update!

    It doesn't matter what the fine print says, or if he had a 19 point guy...I had a fully buffed Fubuki Captain obliterated, trained now for mutsucky...Now we gotta spend the time and/or cash to get it back to where it was before the update. No wonder I only play once a week these days.
  6. Can you protest TK status?

    I don't know why this is so hard to comprehend.
  7. Replays

    There's a big hairy but coming...you have to save each and every patch associated with each replay. So eventually you have something that looks like this:
  8. The only way to not torpedo a friendly is not ever, ever, shoot behind an ally.
  9. As a computer guy...There's a short circuit between the seat and the keyboard.
  10. Disconnecting in Queue

    If you crash at all, or slow loading..it's you rig or internet connection.
  11. My bad...in my drunken lividness I did hit the repair prior, but hit the T button thinking it would save me...sooooo Sorry- They don't allow Gilda Radner?
  12. FFS...we know we get nerf bat every 3 weeks no matter what we like to play. We know we need a TB of storage to keep up with changes. Why, in ranked, am I still flooding after I hit the repair? No one in sight, not hit again. Bug needs fixed.