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  1. Bonfire79

    CV: the broken meta; how to fix it?

    Face it, gang. We're merely guests/also rans/asterisks/insignificant pixels in the CV game.
  2. Bonfire79

    4 CV Battle rant

    So out of control right now. Most of the old timers who've left, or are thinking of leaving - have 200 plus boats and a "boatload" of time in. Hard to walk away from that much cash and time wrapped into a rapidly devolving mess.
  3. Bonfire79

    Caption this

    "10 reasons it's pettin' time"
  4. Bonfire79

    AA Kills - Post Them

    79 in a Mass Black...the one on one Ranked season. Luck of the draw for sure.
  5. Since the rework, I've drifted away, and play some here and there. But there is no question that the CV is the most influential ship. If you're not great at it, doesn't it make sense to become reasonably good at it in Coop before making others subject to your skill level? I mean, it's just polite if you insist on playing one in random.
  6. If it helps, I ran mine with and without mods. Client checker. Hard wired into industrial wi fi, and have only had a problem a couple of patches ago. Now its every freeking game it stutters/freezes. I know, I know - tickets, waste time, hardware double check, etc. Only game that freezes and stutters. Getting fed up with the state of things. Maybe if you introduce a Nuclear CV, for 500 dollars with jets and cruise missiles it'll make it better.
  7. Bonfire79

    I Hate DDs

    I hate the spamming of "I need Intel" one second into the match. 8 ships on one square, closest to spawn is a biggie, too.
  8. Bonfire79

    First Tier 10 - Frustration

    I have a Midway, but have only taken it out maybe 4 or 5 times in a real battle. The liability is too great. Kinda like being a dd with a bad internet connection or speed. It's not fair to the rest of your green gang.
  9. Bonfire79

    Khabarovsk - Fun Again?

    I tried that one guy's advice as far as emphasizing the mid ship armor, isolating dd gunfights, avoiding German cruisers etc, and it worked. One game trying it though.
  10. Bonfire79

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    Maybe it's just me, but whenever I see the name Kansas I go straight to "Leftoverture" or "Point of Know Return"..."Kansas doesn't suck, they've had some pretty good moments...Ahhh, the new New Mexico. What's it's top speed and reload time again?"
  11. Bonfire79

    What’s in your port?

    220 something...And some of them are (gasp) carriers. Only play em in Coop though.
  12. Bonfire79

    Caption this

    "Can't wait until I get North Carolina!"
  13. Bonfire79

    Make Khaba great again!!

    They should bring back the 10 km torps. But I agree wholeheartedly. Especially since Kleber does what Khab used to do- but better. I hardly ever take mine out these days.
  14. Bonfire79

    Time to say goodbye

    Same...I was completely obsessed from Sept 2015 for the next year or so. Broke my wrist January 2016, and played a TON of games with one hand. Lately, maybe 30 games a month. Even then, it's all about grinding this or finishing that. New ways to get money outta ya.
  15. Bonfire79

    Taking shells after going dark

    Flamu did a blind fire vid a while back. I've been using the circle thingy trick (after lock on to any ship) since then and have increased my blind shots quite a bit. To the tune of "how do you know where I am?" in game chat. Kinda funny, really.