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  1. Seriously thinking about setting aside some serious cash to set up a DAO and buy WG outright. Anyone up for a challenge worth accepting?
  2. I just hate that I have so much invested in this thing TBH
  3. Bonfire79

    German Tokens

    At this point...coal and get a ship that will be power crept within the next 6 months. Ships, and get a ship that will be power crept by the latest gimmick that renders all but 1 or 2 worthless within 6 months.
  4. Bonfire79

    Sick of all the Hating for new things

    I think dilution of our initial investment is what makes me irate. If they want to go the EA route, fine. Best of luck to em.
  5. Bonfire79

    CVs and Subs, thoughts and issues

    Lol- gotta love the pitch meeting reference
  6. Bonfire79

    Torpedo Bug still not fixed

    I wonder if there was a bug with linking with paypal if it'd take 3 months to fix.
  7. Bonfire79

    Important message for the community

    Seeing I supported WG since 2015...You can have my reply and/or thoughts if you buy a loot box from me. There's a one in 1,000 chance you may win! And they're only 5K a piece! Once you win, you may have to fill out a small disclaimer and mail it, and your response will be promptly sent out 191 days from receipt.
  8. Bonfire79

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    I've noticed that if DD's go work the flanks while spotting "pain the you know what" ships leads to slightly better results. It's a lot easier to cap when you have an advantage with ships, radar, etc. But when I'm on "rush in and die" teams, I try to help, but last as long as possible. Not much more I can do, really.
  9. Bonfire79

    Beached all game

    Just happened to me as well. I managed to get out, but maybe its part of a new container program. 30k dubloons for a low depth pass
  10. Bonfire79

    Matchmaker Be Drunk Today I Guess

    At this point, I just hate everything about WG. OG player from 2015, too.
  11. Bonfire79

    The Fun Is Gone

    To me anyways...it just feels like WG could care less for the people who supported them in the beginning. They clearly won't listen. It's all about the next broken ship, or the next "feature" disguised as another pay wall or worse yet - time waster.
  12. Bonfire79

    Carriers Underwhelming Now?

    It's great that the WG homers have converted to thought police now. Just had a game where a Richtofen went straight to a cap and was the first to die. So yeah, blanket statements aren't always right. but who cares about any of it, really? The game has been sucking mightily for a while. If you feel compelled to defend it, best wishes. Have fun, and don't take any wooden nickels.
  13. Bonfire79

    Operation Killer Whale

    I've had to type in chat "everyone knows how this op works?" - sometimes I get a salty response from a vet grinding commander points, but most times I have to type it out in between shots. Usually I'll get a thanks a lot, man! Haven't been playing much at all lately TBH
  14. Bonfire79

    Struggling to find a reason to play anymore.

    Beyond loyal fan since 2015. CV thing is/was borderline. Take away DD dynamics, what used to be fun for cruisers, encouraging a clump of full health BB's at A1. For me, it's just not fun anymore. Might have to splurge at the STEAM shop.