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  1. Bonfire79

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    Ditto on all of that. $4500 rig hardwired into beefy net. Game freezes or stutters every battle it seems. Only during gameplay though.
  2. Bonfire79

    Should I get the Perth?

    I got it a while ago from somewhere, not sure where. After reading this I thought that I should take it for a spin. Nice! I like it better than the Leander that's for sure. I wouldn't buy it outright, but it's fun to play.
  3. Bonfire79

    Random Battle Anomalies

    Think I played a game with this cat Thanksgiving morning. I had a Schcors with ALOT of XP flags on. (Trying to get a 19 point RU guy and a Mosk at the same time.) I thought about it for a second, "how would they decide between 20 players on who was going to get punished?" The one with the lowest Commander? They can't even get the Tier 8 and 10 business figured out. Still. So we went on to steamroll and win that game. Although he predicted we were going to lose by a large margin if I remember right. Anyways, like the folks earlier said, folks with the least amount of experience tends to complain the most.
  4. In my case...I played a lot because I enjoyed it. I'm around 51 and half or so. Right around January of 2016, I broke my wrist in 13 places. For about 4 months I played all day every day with one hand. NC bow in, minimal movement around the map. So 4000 battles later, if you go on a 100 battle win streak, you're rating goes up a tiny bit. Battles played should be the only stat that really matters. WR is important to those folks who insist on blaming others for their own mistakes. The whole WR thing & rating thing is mostly to blame for the high salt levels IMO.