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  1. Geisel

    0.9.6 Operations XP

    Same for me: There are no bonuses available at this time.
  2. Geisel

    So what's going on with operation xp

    Seems like that the more you do in the op the less you get as far as xp. I've had multiple games where I've killed 5-7 ships with 170k+ dmg and I'm at the bottom of the xp earned list. Meanwhile people who are doing very little in the game are getting the most xp. This is extremely frustrating!
  3. Geisel

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    Sadly, true. :(
  4. Geisel

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    Very well said. I really, REALLY hope someone from WG reads this and pay attention.
  5. Geisel

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    I really do believe that WG is slowly but surely removing these from the game. They want us to play PVP and nothing else. They have already started removing the ability to complete objectives in the scenarios. This is just a slow march by WG to remove scenarios and ops from the game completely. I agree with most people here that are saying Narai is probably gone. Fem saying that she knows the timetable for the return of this op but not being able to say anything makes me believe that it will be quite a long while before Narai is "repaired" and returned to the game. "We 100% intend to bring back Narai once fixes have been made" is probably a 100% accurate statement. The problem is this statement is so completely open ended. It could be next week, next month or next year. It would be nice if WG would make some ops that are not so dependent on aircraft. There's plenty of fertile ground for scenarios that reflect all aspects of WW1 and WW2 that do not involve aircraft. Not every battle in WW2 had aircraft as participants and WW1 had no aircraft for naval battles. Aircraft don't have to be part of every op.
  6. Geisel

    Game is crashing

    Turns out it's not anything on my end, it's the game, as I suspected.
  7. Geisel

    Game is crashing

    Just running a few things from Wargaming's own ModStation
  8. Geisel

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    This, SOOOO this!
  9. Not sure WG is aware of it, but the game has a major problem with the patch. So far it has just locked itself up in mid game 3 times this morning since the patch. Can you please look into this and fix this problem. The game is currently not playable because of this.
  10. Geisel

    Aa sector thing from hell.......

    And there needs to be a better way to switch between sectors. Also should be some kind of visual on the screen to show which sector is reinforced. It’s easy to forget in the middle of battle if/where your aa is strongest.
  11. That's what I hear That's what I hear as well. Narai is coming back, but WG took it away because it was "too easy". They are buffing it through the roof from what I've heard.