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  1. Cyclops_123

    Fix the RNG

    For instance yesterday at the end of a game I went to kill another Destroyer with no health left and my shells went opposite direction and I totally missed his ship and they went up in the air from 2.1 away , Even another team mate was watching and he saw it too it makes no sense. This is really frustrating. Its not normal.
  2. Cyclops_123

    Tier III against 3 CVs equals NO FUN

    This just happened to me as well about 3 minutes I was dead with two cvs on the enemy team I got focused hard!!! Tier 3 game as well. NO POINT AT ALL!!!! I agree 100%
  3. Cyclops_123

    Fix the RNG

    I just played with my Dunk tier 6 french BB and a Cruiser was total broadside to me for about 5 straight minutes and I couldn't hit him I am sick of this sh... happening, I just sunk three BB's broadside easily but yet my shells all separated at least 4 times in a row. Fix your RNG wargaming please!!! ITS NOT NORMAL!! FULL BROADISE FRENCH CRUISER. Again it isn't normal in the least.
  4. Cyclops_123

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    I ran the fix my issue is gone thank you wargaming :)
  5. Cyclops_123


    That's all I have been getting lately is double f.. CV. I can't do a damn thing I end up getting killed it's really starting to get on my nerves, I agree 100% I have tried everything but being perma spotted and cannot help my team at all. What's the actual point anymore to be quite honest. Being killed in smoke by rockets with my AA off also backing up moving forward nothing works its happening more and more its frustrating. Guess what I started doing? Playing Cv's I have no chance of being killed and can farm damage why not eh crap. lol
  6. Cyclops_123

    Port UI constantly freezing

    My port is doing the same thing since the 8.0 update it just lags quite a bit and I'm tired of wargaming saying its on my end because it's not at all, I have no issues in any other game at all hell even EU runs perfect about 95% of the time. Makes no sense. wargaming can you fix this please it's getting rediculous now.
  7. Cyclops_123

    transaction error in port...

    I am having the same issue its been a week I'm starting to get pissed off now about this damn game it's the same sh.. all the time. I wish they would fix there stuff already.
  8. Cyclops_123

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    Don't be a smart [edited]or a jerk you understand what he's trying to explain. He's right Being a DD player is impossible now the rocket planes and the amount of damage they cause isn't right not to mention the amount of squadrons that never end. Either way Wargaming should limit Cv's to a certain amount done deal. Or at least lower the damage rocket planes cause on DD's it's not cool anymore!!! At least make it fair for everyone. The're are Way to many issues with this game now compared to before when it first came out. I just played a battle in my Cossack Tier 8 DD. I was in smoke, Not firing, Not detected, Also backing up, AA OFF. Look at the damage Rockets caused check this out it's pointless playing DD's now. Like Really two hits that's it. After this I was hit a third time and I was dead. ( TERRIBLE.) (I agree with you MC HAMMERED 100%
  9. Cyclops_123

    What is with these weekend players??

    At the start of a game I said are we playing a weekend game with no support or are we really gonna play a team game, First person responds instantly attacking me on what I said. I responded what's your issue I just want to play with team players not players who do not support or pay attention when in fact at tier 8 they should know what to do!! My stats suck but I will always back up my fellow player at all times (Team play) is how you win the game in my opinion. Argument went on for a while him swearing at me like a useless child and not actually realizing all I said was basically weekend players suck at support and are ruining this game and it's frustrating at times, This [edited] ends up Torping me and killing me and saying it was my fault I lost my cool at this point and freaked out!! It's players like this who piss me off to a rage!! lol!! (He just launches his Torp's towards the whole team without regard) Yes I am wining like a little B. but jesus H. C. it's frustrating playing with useless players especially on weekends. My team ends up giving me crapat the end for him killing me with His torps obviously I have a right to be angry you would think !!! Weekends are terrible point blank. Done my Rant I agree with this post 100%
  10. Cyclops_123

    can't load in to a match

    Its happening me right now. I cant get back into the battle wth? first time ever.
  11. I agree with Dimzzy it's absolutely pathetic on all levels when your stuck with a dumb [edited]!!! I just played a game in tier 10 and our DD didnt even spot or cap when he was right there why? People use the excuse they are new players really? So at tier 10 they do NOT know the game by now seriously? My stats suck but at least I play a team game at all times but's very frustrating playing with complete [edited] it's frustrating to no end... This is just my opinion.. It happens to all of us stop making excuses (They are new players) They are NOT new players at tier 8 and up!!!! Try another excuse...
  12. Cyclops_123

    too many overpens?

    He was full broadside unless I am missing something wow that is there excuse shame on them :(
  13. Cyclops_123

    Disciplinary penalties...lol

    Well why is it that you get punished for bad behavior or chat banned because of another player and his friends voting against you? They should fix that stuff it's just not right at all to have a team of players in the same Clan put a report in and abuse the system. How does wargaming just blame one party in the situation? I was killed by a Mogami today he torped me on perpous and laughed about it while two others from his clan I realized after the game put complaints in on me is that right? This garbage needs to stop and wargaming has been absolutely useless on all levels about it... Better yet a teamate slams his ship into you and causes damage but I get the warning this makes no sense at all.. Frustrating..
  14. Cyclops_123

    too many overpens?

    I have noticed this as well it just doesn't make any sense at all. I have nailed all ships broadside in my Montana and Mass but nothing happens with Ap this is just nuts on all levels, It's really frustrating.. My 2 cents..