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  1. Brujasius

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    THIS subtitles like an option for all captains would be nice, or special captains like AL, HSF, i only can understand that Hipper is anger all the time...and Hood say something of Royal Navy...
  2. Argumentum ad hominem, you can't attack my statement so you try to attack me ... really? First of all, I never said "Russian bias", I named ships that in my opinion (and that of the community) are OP, you play a couple of ranked games and the occasion will be rare when they are absent. Second, "excuse yourself from being bad in the game"? Tell me when I wanted to excuse myself from something like that? And third, do you think my stats are poor? Yes, when I started playing four years ago I was not very interested, I only went with my ship as a way to shoot and die. Last year I reinstalled the game and internalized with the mechanics, so my stats are low does not bother me, with the usual games will improve. But I also have other priorities, playing Warships does not put money on the table. "lack of brain cells and understanding of the game" again the ad hominem... And smolensk of course
  3. Wow. You 07 team really have the ego up to the clouds. Whenever it is mentioned that Russian ships are OP you react as if they were insulting your relatives. As much you try to say that ships like Kremlin, Smolensk, Stalin are not op, they have a BIG part of the community that asks wg to check their status for some reason. If you play with boats that are broken in a final you don't have to feel ashamed or anything like that, it is very common in competitions that, exploit game features
  4. Brujasius

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I want to thank the WG team, the amount of support and pampering to the game is amazing, special events and rewards, hopefully continue along that path and continue to bring us new ships (Latin ships ). I also wanted to thank members of my clan who make the game more fun. And I would be super grateful to receive Black Friday: Full Bundle
  5. Brujasius

    Black Friday Crate Bundle Results (Awesome Deal!)

    there are many negative people who see conspiracies and strange things where there are none. For my part, I obtained a Graf Zeppelin, a Sims, a Scharnhors, doubloons and camouflages from 6 containers (1 container for 250doub). So I am satisfied with these crates.
  6. and another patch that doesn't include national voices...Is it so hard to include?
  7. Brujasius

    National Voices no longer an Option?

    I don't have the national voices either...
  8. Brujasius

    Does Season 1 of research bureau end tonight?

    In the next session, will the ohio and the colbert remain available?
  9. I had many good moments, one of them yesterday while playing ranked in my Myoko and my brother was a spectator, I managed to destroy almost the entire rival team and win the game by being the only survivor with 1k hp. We could not believe it. We celebrated that game as if it were a World Cup final I would like 25000 doubloons, or whatever you can give me. Thank you.
  10. My favorite memory on Warships...the last year was the event Flag-O-Rama, the which i didint take atention, just press the participate button. Time later i found a USS Massachusets in my port! I was confussed, "where did this come from?" A error, I thought, on the website I read that the prizes would be awarded later, so I was afraid it was a game bug. A week later, on the web I could read that I had really been very lucky and won the ship, I was very very happy. A nice gift would be a lot of steel, or else a scharnhorst
  11. I like Enterprise from azur lane
  12. Tengo al myoko con 4539 de exp y por mas partidas que juego no sube. Si intento investigar para el sig barco me salta que necesito 100k de exp libre, asi que error visual no es.