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  1. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    So I haven't played in a while and I see that the Camo remover no longer works with the game. Looked through the thread but couldn't find an answer. How do I get the skins to show up again?
  2. German specific premium bundle?

    I would love to see the Prinz Eugen as a tier 8 Premium Cruiser for the Germans. Even though she is of the Hipper Class, she has a ton of structural differences (Much like Bismarck vs Tirpitz). A real nice way to make her worth a premium spot I think would be to give her the 1945 loadout (more advanced radar & added AA) and maybe even a Spotter/Scout plane, as the Hippers did have Arado's just like all the other large surface ships of the KM. I'd buy that in a heartbeat