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  1. Playbuoy

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    Thank you! Stay safe
  2. Playbuoy


    HIDDENLLEAFDD from SEA server, works on NA. gives "fight with us, week 2" mission which rewards 2 EU containers. be quick, prob wont active forever
  3. Playbuoy

    Thunderer or Lutjens?

    no, lutjens comes with 10 points. If you are a cruiser main and love playing the hindy, then I would seriously consider him. His traits are easy to trigger and a 7.5% dpm bonus is massive. If you like sitting in the back sniping, then go thunderer, her gun handling is SO good and rewarding.
  4. Playbuoy

    Next Upgrade Sale

    nope https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-090-weekly-1/
  5. Playbuoy

    Don't miss out on Jean Bart

    I have her bigger sister, bourgogne, but never could get around getting the JB. JB may get better matchmaking at T9, but is there anything else she has over Bourgogne?
  6. Playbuoy

    Next Upgrade Sale

    I doubt we will have one anytime soon. we just had a 50% discount about 4 weeks ago.
  7. Playbuoy

    Up to 200m free credits on the horizon

    Here is another tip: Use the current clan battle rental ships to load up on modules (the ones mentioned above to make a quick coin or anything you may need in the future). In ~10 days the ships are removed and the modules de-mounted for free! you are welcome
  8. Playbuoy

    My Pound of Flesh...

    +1. I am equally disgusted. The whole event was designed in a very non-transparent way. it should have been plain from the beginning what level of grinding and doublon investment was required to get the PR.
  9. someone suggested somewhere that these commanders should be available for elite commander xp (or fxp) rather than coal. Makes sense to me and there would be a way for wargaming to make some cash as well.
  10. same here, I have opened about ~30 santa small gifts (for ~25 T10s and a few reward containers) and haven't received a single ship in them. got a t7 and t8 out of 20 big santa containers...
  11. Playbuoy

    Update 0.8.11 - Feedback

    Just a minor concern. Are the missions for the legendary upgrades meant to expire on Dec 31 ? I remember WG saying that they will "never" expire, just wanting to double check....
  12. Playbuoy

    Hope it was worth it, WeeGee.

    I hope the whales enjoy the PR, but for me, this Xmas season feels like punishment. I have been around since 2015 but the way this game is heading I dont think I am gonna be around much longer...
  13. Mediterranean Tokens expire on 1/15 (wed) strongly suggesting that 0.9.0 will drop around the same time. WG historically had longer update cycles around christmas / new year (the developers probably want a little break too).
  14. Playbuoy

    Italian CA captain builds?

    PT = Priority target is quite useful on most CA/CL/DDs and even BBs. It not shows "what is around you" but how many ships are actively targeting you. That is not something that is easy to 'see'.