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  1. Has anyone received steel/coal rewards for cross server CB testing? cheers
  2. had one CB game and now have been spending 15 min waiting for next. this is some broken crap game. wth
  3. works as advertised.
  4. Playbuoy

    Great Time with Lady Lex

    what commander skills do you run on lex? thanks
  5. Ranked season ends in 23hrs (according to in game note), ~2 am PT Tuesday. But on WOWS news it says, ranked season will end on Wednesday, 3.20 am PT (i.e. 48h). Which one is it????
  6. Playbuoy

    Fletcher or Jutland?

    Kitakaze will be dominant if it can find a partner to spot for her. Fletcher vs Jutland isnt a contest really. Jutland has better conceal, better guns + gun layout, hydro, more HP (I think) and a heal.
  7. Playbuoy

    skinny on Brit DD's - capt skills

    ifhe is only really important for the t9 and t10 for consistent damage. t8 and lower get away without ifhe and i find rpf more useful. otherwise, a standard DD build will work. PM, LS, SE, CE. also, this may be interesting: Daring guide - Dolphin Princess
  8. Guys, I merely copied the title from the news article. Thought the news would have been of interest to some on this forum. I had no intention of starting a war over the use of terms like warships/auxiliary cruiser etc. My apologies,
  9. https://www.livescience.com/64281-wwi-warship-sinking-explained.html
  10. Playbuoy


    nice, although Khab really needs a 19 point captain to shine.
  11. Playbuoy

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    bought 5 of each type (standard, big,mega). got zero ships, ~ 5000 doublons, bunch of flags and camos and XP. Unless you need the flagsand camos, stay away from the crates. the drop rate for ships appears to be much worse than in previous years.
  12. Playbuoy

    RU DD High Damage

    I want to try IFHE together with AFT. Curently have: PM, LS, AR, SE, AFT and IFHE. This leaves another 3 point skill. Which is better DE or BFT ?
  13. Playbuoy

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    just got my 3rd anniversary coupon. With WG pulling stuff like this I cant see myself playing this game for another 3 years nor investing further cash into it....
  14. Playbuoy

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    radar wont help much in randoms because of the lack of coordination and chaos, but together with rpf and coordinated cruiser/bb firepower it is devastating for enemy DDs
  15. yes, the premium Halloween containers dont look too good this year. I opened ~15 of the regular Halloween containers and got two of the premium camos (mogami and z-23) - not bad. thank you WG.