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  1. PRESENTFROMNEMO the solution: here
  2. Playbuoy

    OOPS.. I think I just messed up!

    how come you guys are already finished with the collection? Did you buy the anniversary containers via tokens ? I got 2x3 containers from the russian aircraft event, 6 from a special missions and 6 (?)from the stream codes. Thats 18 containers or 36 pieces. Did I miss some containers ? There are still 2x3 containers coming in the aircraft event, afaik.
  3. Playbuoy

    de Ruyter - unique dutch captain

    ok, he just popped up in the armory for 1500 doublons
  4. Playbuoy

    de Ruyter - unique dutch captain

    If he would be unique/historical like Halsey/Yamamoto WG would have given him talents. @Mademoisail @Maredraco any update on this captain ? thanks all
  5. Anyone know wha t happened to Michiel de Ruyter ? Has WG announced yet how he will be made available ? from the 10.6 update notes
  6. ~AUD 110 for a T8 tech tree ship plus permacamo and 10 point captain....dont think so.
  7. Playbuoy

    German Tokens

    ehh, no. New Dockyard stages become available on monday usually. you are right about the german token mission though.
  8. KRSTREAMINGADENIUM is time limited, but gives the last italian token mission (400 tokens+credits). 1600, 1700,1800,1900, 2000 base XP in random or ranked battles
  9. yep, 0807 UTC here and wargaming get your timezones right, this is not the first time ffs. super annoying
  10. BIGBEARDONCAMPUS time-limited, be quick
  12. Even without another mission chain (which is not likely, see above) you should be able to pick up the T8 perma camo. there are enough free tokens.
  13. Playbuoy

    2020 Results in World of Warships

    This was not a year to remember for WOWS. The euro DDs have been the only highlight. boring to play british CAs, more meta breaking russian CAs, german CVs which the game doesnt need and disappointing american BB split nobody asked for. Scenarios got nerfed and we are still waiting for the old scenarios cherry blossom and dunkirk. Fun events like space battles or the halloween events ? Nada. I have been with WOWS for 5+ years but this year has been disappointing.
  14. Playbuoy

    Where is this content

    someone on the wargaming twitch chat said that it has been released but "only through the brazilian forum" (not sure what that is). But you can probably find it on the shortlist for next year christmas containers (artificial rarity and all that).