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  1. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    42 ... you say ? the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything...?
  2. Same here. 230k. Hoping Alaska is for fxp and Bourgogne for coal
  3. _Kaiser_Sose_

    RN Event in Plain English

    Please note that the Royal Navy category and the ability to use Sovereigns to obtain its contents will stay available in Update 0.7.10, so you'll have plenty of time to choose the items you want. With the release of Update 0.7.11, each Sovereign in your possession will be exchanged for 25,000 credits. Questionable. I thought the event runs from 0.7.9 to 0.7.11 ? But the Sovereigns you are supposed to earn in 0.7.11 are worthless ?
  4. _Kaiser_Sose_

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    play the objective. know when to push and take risks and when to sit quiet and wait it out. Most games are won by points, not by annihilating the entire opposition. If your team has more points and caps than team red, do you really need to push the last red cap ?
  5. so did anyone received their premium time/containers, yet ?
  6. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Post CB captain respec/module exchange

    From August 24 until August 31, players who join at least one Clan Battle will be able to redistribute the skill points of their Commanders for free.
  7. WG used to permit free re-distribution of commander skill points before and after a season of Clan battles (and in the early days also free module dismounts). Is this going to happen before the start of Ranked season 10 ? Did I miss any announcement ?
  8. ~ 24 h from now.
  9. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Not Happy with "Go Navy" Containers Removal

    Luckily I bought my 3 containers a few days ago, but I sympathise with all players that miss out on their camos. This decision to pull the crates doesnt make any sense. Please, please WG for any future events can you clearly specify expiry dates AND TIMES ? Cant be that hard.
  10. invite link expired
  11. _Kaiser_Sose_


    agreed. you forgot to mention the insane amount of HP.
  12. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Legendary Upgrades ?

    so what ? A win in CB gives you 2500 base XP ? Think I needed ~20-25 games for this last stage. 15 wins easy in coop, 15k FXP (3 games), 8 mil credits use gamescom + flags (10 games easy)
  13. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Legendary Upgrades ?

    not sure how you came up with this number, but it can be acieved in far less games if one uses the right multipliers (flags and camos) and battle modes