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  1. WG called it the "Indianapolis Marathon" , not campaign. So probably more like the Varyag or Oktober Revolution missions that will have to be completed over 6 weeks to get the ship.
  2. negative. Current T6 (cleveland, CL) is moving to the light cruiser branch.
  3. Overall a generous compensation scheme, I think. What I dont understand is that my Cleveland's XP (T6) is transferred to the Pensacola (new T6, a heavy cruiser). It would make more sense to transfer it to the new T6 light cruiser (Dallas) ?
  4. "If any of the ships is to be issued several times (e.g. when a player has both Cleveland and Pensacola, he gets Pensacola added to his account twice: Pensacola + Cleveland и New Orleans + Pensacola), the player will get the ship in a configuration set in the replacement rules, a Commander, a slot and a compensation in credits in the amount equal to the purchase price of the ship in stock configuration regardless of all available discounts." So yes, having the entire US cruiser line will get you a few port slots and quite a bit of silver
  5. Come on WG really 0.7.5/0.7.6?

    patience! They have already indicated that the split will be handled the (essentially) same way as previous line splits (russian DDs).
  6. Very likely, this weekend there will be "return of john Doe" running in parallel to the unique german commander missions. So possibly 2 unique commander to pick up this coming weekend.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    great review ! I am a big fan of the KM DDs and very much looking forward to the T-61. Just not sure about this one. transferring t19 captains to premium ships without penalty and respec is important to me, so I am a bit concerned about the necessary (?) requirement for EM and IFFE, which doesnt gel well with my other KM DDs (bascially anything that doesnt have 150mm guns). would love to try it before comitting to buy.
  8. Ranks 15-11

    get a Loyang and r15-r11 will be a walk in the park. If you are complaining about 15-11, wait until you get to 10-6.
  9. Feels like DD's get the shaft in ranked

    looks like the enemy's DD did a better job securing and holding the vital 2nd cap. Cap control still wins games and DDs are best at it (and particular LoYang, Z-52, Yueyang). Good DDs can influence the game like no other class (perhaps with the exception of CV, but they are so rare).
  10. May/June Missions Preview

  11. May/June Missions Preview

    From WOWS twitter: (sorry if this already has been posted) June 1 - July 16: Indianapolis Marathon. May 18 - 28: John Doe Returns
  12. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    dont be discouraged by some of the comments. We were all potatoes at some stage and ranked/clan battles are a different animal so there is only so much you can learn from randoms/coop. Go and play the T8 ranks. Critically evaluate your performance and take into account some of the salt that will inevitably be thrown in your direction. Going to T10s will be an entirely different ball game, because any mistakes will usually be heavily punished.
  13. Best of the Best - Air Defense

    Suprised that the neptune at t9 hasnt been mentioned. with manual AA and BFT plus AA modules the DPS is over 1200 I think (does not require a 19pt captain to get there). Got my only clear sky (after the change) in this one.
  14. How to fix Izumo?

    Izumo has been badly power crept by the newer T9 BBs (FDG, Lion) and especially Alsace, Musashi and Missouri. I still think she is competitive as is, but to make the grind somewhat easier, one could consider scrapping hull A and making the current B hull the new stock.