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  1. Z-39

    agreed. you forgot to mention the insane amount of HP.
  2. Legendary Upgrades ?

    so what ? A win in CB gives you 2500 base XP ? Think I needed ~20-25 games for this last stage. 15 wins easy in coop, 15k FXP (3 games), 8 mil credits use gamescom + flags (10 games easy)
  3. Legendary Upgrades ?

    not sure how you came up with this number, but it can be acieved in far less games if one uses the right multipliers (flags and camos) and battle modes
  4. I find the hydro mod to be actually quite useful on all german ships, particular DDs - so I would take it over 50 flags any day.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    tried 'last stand' ? pretty much mandatory for all DDs.
  6. Izumo needs buff

    ^^^ this Honestly she is not too bad. Apart from the strange turret layout, her guns are quite good and if angled correctly she can take a beating. she does well as a 2nd/3rd line ship on a flank.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Konig Albert

    KA is back in the premium store!
  8. Tried the ZAo with the new 12km torps on the PT server and the torps are certainly more powerful now. Maybe too powerful, considering these are without doubt the strongest CA/CL torps in the game now on a ship that also has extremely volatile HE.
  9. nice vids and excellent explanation of general match strategy, positioning, pros and cons of the choices you made. Since this is also a ship specific review I would have liked to see your build recommendations for this ship (captain skills/modules). keep them coming
  10. 20 sec. plenty of time to kill any competing DD especially with CA/CL backup
  11. 190,000 Elite XP for Pensacola

    there should be a notification. its just not very obvious. no restart required here
  12. I love my Zao as it is and if the changes go live probably will be playing her more, BUT does this ship really need a buff ? 50% range increase on torps is huge and putting 20 of these hard hitting fish in the water will make the shima even more irrelevant. For the sake of balance, I dont think thats a clever move.
  13. Spoilt for choice.... I am cruiser player and couldnt get the musashi to work properly. Finished the IJN BB grind shortly thereafter and now have musashis better sister (havent played her much). Kronshtadt is very interesting. In the current meta, a survival /fire prevention/stealth t19 captain will work very well on Moskva, Imperator N., Oktober revolution, Kronshtadt and (the upcoming) Stalingrad. One captain to rule them all. Maybe also something to consider, but I am definitely gonna get her, Keep up the excellent work Zoup, I really enjoy your videos. I would like to see a comparison of the high tier russian cruisers at some stage (Moskva, Kronshtadt, Stalingrad) since they all seem to fill a different niche.