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  1. Guys, I merely copied the title from the news article. Thought the news would have been of interest to some on this forum. I had no intention of starting a war over the use of terms like warships/auxiliary cruiser etc. My apologies,
  2. https://www.livescience.com/64281-wwi-warship-sinking-explained.html
  3. _Kaiser_Sose_


    nice, although Khab really needs a 19 point captain to shine.
  4. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    bought 5 of each type (standard, big,mega). got zero ships, ~ 5000 doublons, bunch of flags and camos and XP. Unless you need the flagsand camos, stay away from the crates. the drop rate for ships appears to be much worse than in previous years.
  5. _Kaiser_Sose_

    RU DD High Damage

    I want to try IFHE together with AFT. Curently have: PM, LS, AR, SE, AFT and IFHE. This leaves another 3 point skill. Which is better DE or BFT ?
  6. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    just got my 3rd anniversary coupon. With WG pulling stuff like this I cant see myself playing this game for another 3 years nor investing further cash into it....
  7. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    radar wont help much in randoms because of the lack of coordination and chaos, but together with rpf and coordinated cruiser/bb firepower it is devastating for enemy DDs
  8. yes, the premium Halloween containers dont look too good this year. I opened ~15 of the regular Halloween containers and got two of the premium camos (mogami and z-23) - not bad. thank you WG.
  9. i got most of the camos last year. didnt buy premium containers this year, but opened ~15 of the regular halloween ones. got the octopus and steelrat. not complaining, but i will probably not use them very much...
  10. _Kaiser_Sose_

    terror of the deep mission

    shame we cant put any flags on the subs, would have loved to use this scenario for FXP and elite captain XP farming. Back to sunray in the dark I guess ...
  11. _Kaiser_Sose_

    i desperately need help

    ^^ what the others have said. Also, your battles survived is very low (below 30%) for a ship as tanky as a yammy. Try to be less agressive, stay alive longer (40-50% is something to aim for) and you will also be doing more damage and be more useful for team. Then your WR will go up as well.
  12. lots of ramming damage, but only 4 stars in hard mode
  13. _Kaiser_Sose_

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    42 ... you say ? the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything...?
  14. Same here. 230k. Hoping Alaska is for fxp and Bourgogne for coal
  15. _Kaiser_Sose_

    RN Event in Plain English

    Please note that the Royal Navy category and the ability to use Sovereigns to obtain its contents will stay available in Update 0.7.10, so you'll have plenty of time to choose the items you want. With the release of Update 0.7.11, each Sovereign in your possession will be exchanged for 25,000 credits. Questionable. I thought the event runs from 0.7.9 to 0.7.11 ? But the Sovereigns you are supposed to earn in 0.7.11 are worthless ?