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  1. Glacial_Mk1

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    I am looking forward to new ships like Z-42 this year. Also looking forward to some new clan battles seasons that are not just the same as all of the previous seasons (new maps, tiers, etc.).
  2. Glacial_Mk1

    Clan Battles: Sirenidae Season

    What is the rationale for increasing rewards (especially clan token) from 30 wins to 45 wins? It seems like we are getting less (10 days of premium time) but it requires 50% more wins to earn it. It still looks like we only need 30 wins for our steel so why 45 wins for the other rewards?
  3. Glacial_Mk1

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    I think it is a faulty assumption that players need some sort of loud audio "reward" for clicking a button in port. The previous sounds were fairly muted but the new ones are obnoxious/clunky/loud and a downgrade. If you want to use different sounds for different button clicks, I think they should all be much softer in terms of tone and volume. I do not need a loud "CA-CHUNK" sound when I click a button in port.
  4. @Lord_Zath thanks for the stream and support to veterans. Just got my Florida and 10pt captain. I will send you a replay in it in the near future.
  5. Glacial_Mk1

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Also, for nations like Pan EU there is only one ship type (e.g. DD) so having options for BB, CA, CV are wasted. Can we get multiple DD builds for the Pan EU captains so I can use Jerzy on both Halland (torps) and Smaland (guns)? It seems like four total builds per captain instead of one build per ship type makes more sense for those nations.
  6. Glacial_Mk1

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Wait, now you are saying that if you move a captain over to the US CV tech tree ships he will work on the entire line without retraining? I thought it would only work for one specific CV unless you pay 500 dubs to move it to each CV. "As little as 500 dubs" doesn't sound like a lot but you have to pay that every time you move your captain to a different tech tree ship. That works out to about $2 for every move, unless you have a ton of ECXP and no one will have any extra for a long time because of the steep cost to go from 19 to 21 points on every captain. The other assumption is that most players have a bunch of premium ships and mostly play those.
  7. Glacial_Mk1

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Apparently this system will be great....if you mostly play premium ships so there are no costs for moving captains. That is the message here: buy and play more premium ships because tech tree ships will not allow you to move captains without paying through the nose. At least for a while people will only have a few 21 point captains so if they want to use them on multiple ships they will be putting them on premiums with maybe one tech tree specialization. Maybe some people will pay hundreds of doubloons every time they want to play a tech tree ship with a commander but I am not one of them. If I want to play Montana, then DM, then Gearing, in rotation multiple times every day for a year with the same 21 point captain I would have to mortgage my house to afford it. I would not mind the huge CXP investment if it meant I could use one captain on four different tech tree ships (Monty, DM, Gearing, and Midway) and dismiss some of my captains. I thought that was the point of the rework with multiple builds. I am not going to dismiss any of my tech tree captains and most of my premiums do not have dedicated captains now since I use a tech tree captain on them. So where is the savings and ability to reduce the number of captains?
  8. Glacial_Mk1

    Suspension to Forum Contests

    I like the contests but that is mostly the only reason I use the forums. I use the Wargaming Wiki more because when I get a new ship I want to see how to build it out and allocate captain skills. If the contests are designed to get people to use the forums more they should be designed to get people to see what is useful in the forums for the average player. Which leads me to my next question: what is contained in the forums that would make me want to come in on a regular basis? I already watch Twitch streams, YouTube videos, etc. about the game so I am not sure what the Forums add that make it worth my time. Not trying to be snarky but I do not see the value added vs. getting information from the other sources I mentioned.
  9. Glacial_Mk1

    Washington Navy Yard

    Recently finished the RB grind for Ohio and I really enjoy this ship.
  10. Glacial_Mk1

    Operation Source

    Post pic of a ship to win...the same ship? Tirpitz is a lot of fun to play.
  11. Not a great game but a T8 victory.
  12. Glacial_Mk1

    What's your favorite?

    I like my Boise because of all the guns plus the heal.