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  1. Hazmat42690

    Harugumo, Khab fire rate too high.

    It's not the damage per shot that becomes a problem, it's the fire proc chance per shot. Same with all aforementioned dd's. So lets say the Worcester for instance, 156.5 shells/min so a %5 minimum chance to set fires with HE so with 156.5 shells you can essentially cause around 7 fires in a minute. 156.5 per/min x .05 = 7.825 unless this game does 5% per shell and then it comes out to an even more absurd number. On battleships fire damage per second comes out to around 500 per second per fire. So lets say you have 3 fires on your ship from 2 volleys, that's 1500 damage per second for the average 30 second burn time is 45,000 damage in 30 seconds for 3 fires. Put them out with damage control and the next few volleys you are once again burning. BB's are especially vulnerable to this HE spam due to their inability to get away from it and how big a target they are. Either the fire rate needs a debuff or the fire chance does. Losing half your HP to HE spam for a few minutes of exposure because of fire is punishing, and completely unrealistic. These ships were not made of tinder and match boxes. these are armored metal monsters. Normally the only time fire becomes an issue is when it's exposed to munitions such as on the USS Forrestal in 1967.
  2. Hazmat42690

    Harugumo, Khab fire rate too high.

    Sorry if someone has already mentioned this, but anyone else getting a little fed up with certain dd's ability to pop smoke and send a never ending stream of fire causing HE without detection due to the absurd fire rate of its guns?
  3. Hazmat42690

    HE fires

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit much? Somehow my metal ship goes up faster than a match soaked in gasoline. Within 10 seconds of starting the fight i've already been pelted with 3 volleys of HE and have 4 fires, like really? Can we dumb down the fire effects?