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  1. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Coal ships

    Any new coal ships in the pipeline to come out before the current coupon expires?
  2. Lloyd_Harmon_2015


    Thanks guys was wondering about it.
  3. Lloyd_Harmon_2015


    Does aft increase aa range?
  4. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Siegfried vs. Agir

    What about Alaska vs Aegir? Can get only one of them, I'm not a cruser main but trying to improve.
  5. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Good luck guys (Leaving WOWS)

    Congrats and good luck enjoy them while they are young!
  6. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    Thought I was average...….. but I'm not.
  7. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    New years Bonus code

    Thanks for the heads up!!!! Have a great new Year.
  8. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    About 24 inches
  9. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    Would 27'' be to large of a screen for 1080p?
  10. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    Can I use that as a excuse for my ho hum stats?
  11. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    Would my 60hz monitor be holding the frame rates down?
  12. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    I'm a tech noob, so thanks so much for the info guys
  13. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Limited fpm?

    Is the game itself limited to 75 FPM? Was thinking of upgrading but am getting a solid 60fpm on a 60 Hz monitor. 1080p. CPU I5 4690k gpu Rx580 8gb 16gig ram
  14. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Amazon Pay

    WG saved me a lot of$$$$ last year by not offering Amazon Pay lol
  15. Lloyd_Harmon_2015

    Monitor Question

    Upgraded my video card to a rx580. Was wondering it I upgraded to a 4k tv or monitor will my card be good enough to run it smoothly? or would I get better results by getting a 144hz monitor ? WOWS and totalwar games are about the only ones I play.