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  1. Mayhem2019

    Naval Battles not Registering

    For some reason, replays will not play. THey go to the start screen and .... stall. You can hear the sounds of the game, but the screen shows nothing but the start menue. I've been told it has something to do with ASLAIN's Mods, but I remove those and still unable to view replays, so that's out. THe bottom line is that when you tell them the game messed up, they want you to prove it adn doubt your word. Simply addressing the customer's concerns is what makes a company successful, assuming a customer is always wrong is how companies become "also-rans" (BUS 101)
  2. Ever stood near a large fire and had the smoke envelope you? Besides being hard to breathe, you woudl find it nearly impossible to see out of (not only into - smoke can't be seen through in any direction). Everyone knows where this is going... Not first to complain about this. It woudl not matter what your team mates or anyone standing outside the fire sees - they coudl give you assistance only in using radar or telling you directions (the equivanlent to echo loacation). They certainly woudl not be able to give you such accurate infor to allow you to shoot and hit a target accurately. Example) So you are in an Alaska - a Neptune comes around adn as you rturn your guns to get an easy citadel, he pops smoke and disapears (this is fine, he can't see and nieghter can you adn he makes his get away - No) he then proceeds to shoot you about 3 million times and you are sunk and you were not able to shoot or hit him at all -- yeah, this sound realistic - C'mon. Someone act liek they actually have some sence. Oh, BTW, Radar adn Sonar can NOT go through islands or mountains, never could, never will.
  3. A few weeks ago I Enabled (Yes I am POSATIVE) and then looked at the ships and scores needed, and then played a game, got the required score and went to look for the next ship's required score and noticed that; even though it was still enabled) it did NOT register the score or give us the star (point). I thought it was odd, but played again and again got the required score (should now be two stars) and went back into the Naval Battle screen and saw that THIS battle did register. The first one NEVER did show up (some suggested a delay). I complained to my clanmates in discord and many said they have experienced this too at different times. This week the exact same thing - this time two games played. One in a ship I really do not like playing. Required score was 900 Base XP (Yes I kow what Base XP is - I've been playing for over 5 years and over 12k games - I should know by now and woudl have had this complaint years ago if I didn't). But I had a really good outing. I score over 1600 Base XP. I also played another ship (not a favorite again) and again I coverred the score easy - 2 for 2 - good start. I go back to see what ship to use next and see that; even though it is still Enabled, neither score registered. I did a ticket and they answer the next day and want a screen shot (how do you get a screen shot of the Nval Battle Results before (anticipate the problem before hand I guess) and then after? (Go back in time and get them I guess). I googled the problem and see where this is not a new problem but one that has been going on for a long time - yet no help. This is NOT exceptable as my clan lost by 1 star and missed the next 10 (bonus oil at each 10 stars) - by 2. It took me two more attempts to again get eh score I shoudl have gotten with the first ship (so basicly I was 2 of 4 when I shoudl have been 2 for 2). Perhaps instead of doudting your customers, try researching the problem and fixing it and crediting the people or clan anything they missed as a result (take a customer's word for it -instead of assuming the customer is always wrong)
  4. Mayhem2019

    "The 300 Club"

    Late in the game and I was very happy with 234,640 an dit looked like a certain win. I headed into the A Cap, their BB was in the C cap area. Suddenly Zoa shows up . I switched to AP becasue at close range, I'm thinking I can citadel Zao, no matter what his angle. I fire and got some damage, nothing to speak of, but then he starts turning. He is either trying to torp me or he is trying ot duck behind this small island. I don't have time to calculate the lead, I just fire waterling and emediately before the island hopign for the best... BOOM! Devistating Strike. 280,685 I'm really happy as we have teh win now and 280,685 is pretty good. I might get a screen shot and put that in Discord. But then I notice the planes are paying me a lot of attention. I look up and there he is. Midway is in range and running. Wide open adn broadside. I took y time and figured the range and since I still had AP loaded, I sent them... Citadel. NICE! I broke 300k and am sitting at 314,000+/-. CV players are usually busy flying planes adn make no few adjustments to theri line of travel, so I loaded up and fired again - Bye, bye Midway. 67600 in 2 salvoes. or better yet 113,635 in th elast 3 salvos of the game (approx. 1 minute +/-.
  5. First what would REALLY make this game MUCH better is first and foremost, smoke is NOT one way. You can NOT see out of smoke any better then you can see in. "You team mates have something spotted, yadda, yadda, yadda...." Go stand in a forest and set a fire, once you are surrounded by smoke, let me yell to you exactly where the safe place is and see how well you can see it. You can't, not at all. Doesn't matter what those outside the fire see, you can not see it. Best you should get is like the echo-location, a very generalized direction of enemy and certainly not something so specific as to allow you to shoot it AT ALL. Fix that and you made the game about a zillion times better. You get rid of rewarding cowardly play and more brawling and action. It's a WAR game not HIDE-N-GO-SEEK. No fun when you are in a battle ship and a little DD or CA pulls up and pops smoke. You can run toward and die, or run away and die or ignore and die. Lets make it a little more realistic. Second, radar, sonar, etc. does NOT work through mountains, never has, never will. You've taken ambushing out of the game which is actually a part of any fight, war, battle, whatever. Hiding and cowering in smoke = no, hiding behind a rock = yes. Third - The game is called "World of WarSHIPS' not WarPLANES. Commanders are piloting SHIPS, not PLANES. You are in a CV and you attack someone, you are left in the ship, not in a PLANE. Fourth - Forget all about Subs. Five - allowing players to rate players as "good players" or "Plays Poorly" is stupid. You can be the #1 player on your team, sink 12 ships and take 3 caps and win the thing for your whole team, but if you call out for someone for not helping, they rate you as a bad player.... Really? This makes sense to anyone with an actual working brain-cell? Sixth - Allow players to trade in a Premium towards the value of another Premium. I spent a lot of time and effort to get the Colbert. Now I have it and hate it and will NOT use it. Why can't I trade it in; even at a reduced value, towards the Siegfried?
  6. Mayhem2019

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.9.5

    I don't have twitch account. I try to get one and the verification code doesn't work. I try to contact support and it won't let me check the "I'm not a robot" box.... wth? You want to give stuff away, how about you NOT make people join other [edited] sites that S U C K like TWITCH. It's a POS site, I'm not joining. You want to be fair to your customers, don't make that a requirement. You want it to be a requirement - There are other games out there more then happy to take the money I have been spending here.,