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  1. Easy fix Instead of listening to the unedukated WoW people telling us how much we wanted them and ignoring the "Garuantee that submarines will NEVER be in World of warships" (That guarantee being revoked could mean they have to refund ever pennie everyone ever spent on the game - I bet that would make the subs come out of game REAL FAST) - We'll Boycott the game. Those that like them stay and suffer, the rest of us leave and demand a complete refund. SUb and their rtorps have absolutely ruined the game - evven more-so then radar that sees through mountains, ships that can see out of smoke that you can not see into (doesn't matter what others see - they coudl only offer basic direction and not allow for guns to lock on and hit with any real accuracy) - heck even Russian Aircraft Carrier - if they want to make that even close to realistic, you can get all the Russian Aircraft carriers you like, but they can only burn themseslves and stay in port. Fact is Russias navey has always been historicaaly tone of the worlds worste as Russia have almost no usuable ports. But the biased is beyond stupid. So, when do we begin the boycott? November 1st too soon?
  2. Pffft..... THey are unseen and fire torps that can't miss. If you play them adn THJ(INK they are weak, then you are just really bad.
  3. Mayhem2019

    Endless Blowouts

    I've often said that the match maker needs to take the player skills into consideration. It's no fun being on either side of a blow out and the battle is over in a few minutes. Sometimes it seems to take longer to get into the battle then the battle itself. IT doesn't have to be exactly the same on each side, but c'mon... Look at the attached. How is that fair? Battle lasted only a few minutes. The weakest player on one side would have been a strong player on the other. If people are in a division, maybe 3 Uber Players, then that side should also get 3 of the weakest. Too many times I see all the strong players on one side (ESPECIALLY in RANKED)
  4. Mayhem2019

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I have downloaded the Mods for 0.10.5 several times and yet many of the mods still do not seem to be working as they did previously. I no longer get the detailed info about which ships have Hydro or Radar, I no longer can see the ships name oand owner adn HP without having to hit ALT. What am I doing wrong?
  5. It's obviously ruined the game. DDs are now much harder to hit, so now everyone plays DDs. Pick a T10 battle and you wil not be supprised to be playing with 4, 5, 6 DDs in EVERY SINGLE battle. We are back to torpedo soup, but so many people hate CVs that they choose to support it and say it made the game better when in fact it completely ruined it. Subs will ruin it more. Just make them a different game within the game - like the current thing they do with the Super BBs. If you want to play them, chose that game format, if you don't then stick to what works. IMHO, WoW keeps trying to reinvent the wheel. They Nerfed Thunderer which is completely illegal and everyone who has one should be refunded their money. It was broken, which is why we got it (If you can't beat them....). Kind of like buying a sports car and then taking it in for service and they say "Oops, got to take the V8 out and put in a 4 cylinder." That's NOT whatI paid for. Everyone how has a Thunderer is due a complete refund as the ship they baught is NOT the ship they have now. They brag about how they are so detail oriented in the game, then they have radar that goes through islands, ships that can see out of smoke (it DOES NOT matter what your teammates can see - they can give a direction, but never give enough detail to help you shoot acurately - it should be equivilant to Echo-Location) and they hardly ever use they only realistic map they have (Ocean). In the real world, ships NEVER hide behind an island. If you want to play that game - Then go to Hide 'n Seek! - Play Hide 'n Seek! Game Online Free (yad.com) a game site for small children. If being shot at in a war game is too scary for you. Maybe Telatubbies web site has games more your speed. Grow a pair or go to a child's game site to play that style play. You want to play REALISTIC Naval Battles - Fix Radar, Smoke and get rid of the torp soup. Seriously, do they sit around all day and think of ways to ruin their product? If so, they do a wonderful job.
  6. No Submarines, More Ocean Map, new Missions of the Week and new maps with a LOT less islands. Stop catering to the whimpy players that only want to hide and wait and make the game super boring. It's a war game, lets fight.
  7. Mayhem2019

    quick reference radar topic

    If a cruiser can take out a Destroyer's Torpedoe Tubes, how come a Cruiser can not have his Radar taken out? It's just an antenna, you think it would be about a zillion times easier to take out than a torpedo tube or a gun or just about anything else.
  8. Mayhem2019

    Skill Based Matchmaking

    They said this ranked season would be matched by the player's skill... This is even? Basically, Our bad players were slightly better than theirs, they therefore get all the strongest players just about?!?!? Is anyone there educated past the 3rd grade?
  9. Mayhem2019

    Lopsided Matchmaking

    Every time I have a one-sided victory or loss, I check this out and it is ALWAYS true. These games are happening WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too often. No one in this battle is division, 6 of the top 7 players are on one side, the other side has THE bottom 6 players. You want to make matches more competitive, you need to match skill as close as possible, even morse-so than ship type or even tier. A Uber player in Tier 8 is going to be able to beat a Bad player in a T10 more often than not. But 6 or 8 Bad players can not stand a chance against 6 or 7 Uber players with the same ship type/tier.
  10. Mayhem2019

    Too Many Lopsided Battles

    Just finished another lopsided fight as I am trying to get used to my Roosevelt and the really SLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWW planes. When my team wins fast, or they win fast - it sucks - I get like 3 or 4 flights off at best many times. In looking at the player profiles after the game, it's all one side or the other with the best players. Something needs to be done to level that out MUCH MORE then the ship types. The last battle was over fast, looked up the players - sure enough - they had the #1, #2, #3, #4< and #5 players in the match.... Our best player has an XP of 1384 - they have a handful of 1600s, 1500's and 1400's, then when Our guy comes in with his 1384, they had the next two, one the first one was 1383 - so no break for us anywhere.
  11. Mayhem2019

    One sided games

    I have been keeping a notebook on the mismatches and why they are... This is from just my last battle stats - Our team was blown away quickly. Their team had 7 of the top 8 players in the battle (7 top 8 of 24). Their team averaged 1317.08, our team 1157.58. Until they start matching player's skill levels instead of ship type, there are going to be too many lop-sided - no fun games. Other notes - Thier top 6 players XP = 1841, 1654, 1594, 1581, 1538, 1474 Our team: - 1596, 1381, 1317, 1316, 1270, 1190 You would think that I have a 50/50 chance of getting on the top team, but it's only about 40% of the time and I have a win % of 47.6% (1270 XP) Why? Div. of top players going to one side... that's fine, but then load our side with the best players NOT divisioned.
  12. Mayhem2019

    Naval Battles - Can we just remove base XP?

    It's simple. It does suck because you are rating an INDIVIDUAL's play based on a TEAM effort. This is fundamentally wrong. You do great but they gave you a bad team so YOU don't get the star?!?!? If they were saying it was a team thing - the team wins, the team gets a star - that makes sense, but when you change any part from team to individual, then it doesn't, never did, never will make sense. If you rate the team on one of the individual's play, that would be equally wrong. Basing a player's rewards on the TEAM effort is just as wrong. If this is too hard to follow. For the adults in the room, if your work praise (ie pay raises) was based on how others did in the "team" would you think it is fair that another employee who did not do as much as you, but was on a better team gets more money then you? Wouldn't you be happier if you did well, you got the raise, even if those around you were sub-par? Ahhh.... different when you put in the people's money. LOL It is the same thing, You can NOT base an individual's efforts based on a team, nor can you base a team on an individual's effort. Should the whole team lose its stars if one of the players doesn't do well, even if they scored well enough too? How about the guy who doesn't even fire a gun, his team wins and he gets a star, you sink 3 ships take two caps, and don't get one?!?!? The original poster is correct, it's a bad idea to reward individuals based on how their team does. The whole team gets a star, then fine, the whole team doesn't - find. Some do and some don't base on the team is just.... sorry, but STUPID.
  13. Mayhem2019

    Naval Battles not Registering

    For some reason, replays will not play. THey go to the start screen and .... stall. You can hear the sounds of the game, but the screen shows nothing but the start menue. I've been told it has something to do with ASLAIN's Mods, but I remove those and still unable to view replays, so that's out. THe bottom line is that when you tell them the game messed up, they want you to prove it adn doubt your word. Simply addressing the customer's concerns is what makes a company successful, assuming a customer is always wrong is how companies become "also-rans" (BUS 101)
  14. Ever stood near a large fire and had the smoke envelope you? Besides being hard to breathe, you woudl find it nearly impossible to see out of (not only into - smoke can't be seen through in any direction). Everyone knows where this is going... Not first to complain about this. It woudl not matter what your team mates or anyone standing outside the fire sees - they coudl give you assistance only in using radar or telling you directions (the equivanlent to echo loacation). They certainly woudl not be able to give you such accurate infor to allow you to shoot and hit a target accurately. Example) So you are in an Alaska - a Neptune comes around adn as you rturn your guns to get an easy citadel, he pops smoke and disapears (this is fine, he can't see and nieghter can you adn he makes his get away - No) he then proceeds to shoot you about 3 million times and you are sunk and you were not able to shoot or hit him at all -- yeah, this sound realistic - C'mon. Someone act liek they actually have some sence. Oh, BTW, Radar adn Sonar can NOT go through islands or mountains, never could, never will.
  15. A few weeks ago I Enabled (Yes I am POSATIVE) and then looked at the ships and scores needed, and then played a game, got the required score and went to look for the next ship's required score and noticed that; even though it was still enabled) it did NOT register the score or give us the star (point). I thought it was odd, but played again and again got the required score (should now be two stars) and went back into the Naval Battle screen and saw that THIS battle did register. The first one NEVER did show up (some suggested a delay). I complained to my clanmates in discord and many said they have experienced this too at different times. This week the exact same thing - this time two games played. One in a ship I really do not like playing. Required score was 900 Base XP (Yes I kow what Base XP is - I've been playing for over 5 years and over 12k games - I should know by now and woudl have had this complaint years ago if I didn't). But I had a really good outing. I score over 1600 Base XP. I also played another ship (not a favorite again) and again I coverred the score easy - 2 for 2 - good start. I go back to see what ship to use next and see that; even though it is still Enabled, neither score registered. I did a ticket and they answer the next day and want a screen shot (how do you get a screen shot of the Nval Battle Results before (anticipate the problem before hand I guess) and then after? (Go back in time and get them I guess). I googled the problem and see where this is not a new problem but one that has been going on for a long time - yet no help. This is NOT exceptable as my clan lost by 1 star and missed the next 10 (bonus oil at each 10 stars) - by 2. It took me two more attempts to again get eh score I shoudl have gotten with the first ship (so basicly I was 2 of 4 when I shoudl have been 2 for 2). Perhaps instead of doudting your customers, try researching the problem and fixing it and crediting the people or clan anything they missed as a result (take a customer's word for it -instead of assuming the customer is always wrong)