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  1. You're right I had forgotten about that. Probably because I woke up from my nap like 30 seconds before you did it. lol
  2. Kelorn was literally the first CC I ran into at the summit. I was the first person to arrive at the hotel around 9 am and was basically alone until the rest started showing up after noon. So when Kelorn notified everyone that he was at the hotel bar later that evening, I jumped at the chance to have some human interaction. In English. lol
  3. CC Summit And West Point Photo Albums

    Unfortunately everything that you see from that power point on the upcoming updates is the information I'm allowed to share. Any further details are under full embargo right now so I'm prohibited from discussing details due to my NDA. Same with carriers basically. I can say I did test a carrier rework but that is literally all I am allowed to say.
  4. So I haven't been around for a week or so, as I just returned from St. Petersburg, Russia for the Community Contributor summit. The first link will show you all the pictures I took while I was there. The second link is a bonus album from a few years back when I visited the military museum at West Point. If you have any questions about any of the individual photos, post them here with your question and I will answer them. CC Summit https://photos.app.goo.gl/G5XnkNGbdK8yKqrG3 West Point https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vs4ecMm0io2NUHqC2
  5. USS Massachusetts

    It still exists. I still have the test version of it in my port. Problem is, WG seems to have it on hold for release with no date in sight because last I heard they were trying to figure out how to keep it similar to the Alabama without it being a clone.
  6. WiP Asashio test

    lol I'm not trying to sell you anything. The entire point of the match this clip is from was me testing the differences between 20 km 67 knot torpedoes, vs 16 km 72 knot torpedoes. I just decided to share it. Anything more than that you're just reading too much into it.
  7. WiP Asashio test

    I actually proposed to the devs the option to choose deep water or shallow torps in the upgrades section of your port like they have done with the Graf Zepplin loutout.
  8. WiP Asashio test

    Not only that, but in it's current form it can't torp cruisers either. Only carriers and battleships.
  9. WiP Asashio test

    Just trying something different to see how effective it is.
  10. Re-module the France

    Yeah that's not gonna happen at this point in development.
  11. Aigle is Fun and Engaging

    Not me. I laughed while zipping away like a thief in the night. :)