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  1. Gascogne First Impression

    I guess I'll be able to answer that better when I get a look at the whole line. Hopefully within the next couple of days.
  2. Gascogne First Impression

    Now that I've had some time to get a few matches under my belt, here are my first thoughts on how the Gascogne performs.
  3. French Battleship Teaser

    Okay, I recorded a ton of stuff tonight. Expect a bunch of footage in a video sometime tomorrow.
  4. French Battleship Teaser

    As of today yes. I'm sure more content will appear soon. We're all busy playing them now.
  5. French Battleship Teaser

    Edit: I removed the video as the full version is now available on my channel.
  6. Roma.

    Tier 8's pretty much are always around the $50 bubble.
  7. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    There have literally been zero changes made to this ship since it was released.
  8. Musashi Gameplay

    Happy Musashi day!
  9. My Musashi is specifically set up to deal with fire spammers. Good luck ;)
  10. With most battleships I tend to run with a 1,2,2,2 ratio. That means 1 tier 1 commander skill 2 tier 2's 2 tier 3's and 2 tier 4's Totalling up to 19 overall. Which ones I choose are sometimes universal. But there are the odd ships once in a while that might get different skills depending on what strengths or weaknesses I feel need bolstering, while still maintaining that 1,2,2,2 setup.
  11. I don't think I've ever taken a ship higher than tier 6 into co-op now that I think of it.
  12. Most likely the island was blocking line of sight from any of your friendly ships. But you were spotted from someone on his team, which is how he could target you.
  13. Wheres the ROMA?

    You heard rumor. Nothing is set to happen until it happens. It'll be here soon™
  14. I see you checking me out. -.-