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  1. Vulgarr

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Nope. Still not the teams business. Because it's randoms. And randoms aren't competitive and they don't matter. No matter how important people try and make them, they're still exactly what the game type says. "Random". No set teams, no specific numbers of tiers, no idea if the people you are playing with are seasoned super try hard gamers, or just 10 year old Timmy down the street that thinks ships are cool. If you want to set restrictions on players and expect them to play the game the way you want it played. Stick to clan battles and build your own team. Simple as that.
  2. Vulgarr

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    What you choose is no ones business but your own and no one should be telling you that you're wrong. The only time a load out should fit any sort of parameters in in a team based competition like clan battles or king of the seas because then a team leader(s) will be needed certain roles filled. So if you are just playing randoms, you play whatever you want and it's no one else's concern.
  3. ROFL I just spent $120 on mega and big Santa crates and got crap. There goes that theory. Who you are doesn't matter. The contents of the crates are determined when you press that purchase button. What they contain is there before you even log in to open them. It might be good, it might be great, it might be less than desirable. Just a roll of the dice. But at the very least, even if it's not what you wanted, it's still monetarily worth more than you paid for it.
  4. Vulgarr

    Unboxing 60 Santa crates

    I'm not endorsing or condemning any Warships purchase. I never do. In fact I have often said in my videos that I never tell anyone to buy something or not to. Quite simply, I test, and I show. And I let you decide if what you are seeing is worth getting for yourself.
  5. Vulgarr

    Unboxing 60 Santa crates

    Part of what we do is to inform you, the consumer, on if your potential purchase is worth your $$. If you choose to stay uninformed, than don't watch.
  6. 20 Mega, 20 Big, and 20 small
  7. Vulgarr

    Playing Alaska more aggressively

    Wargaming never gives us release dates. It'll be released when they feel it's ready.
  8. Vulgarr

    Playing Alaska more aggressively

    Oh I know. I was making a bad joke to cover the fact that for some reason I forgot to switch to HE before firing at the Shima. lol
  9. Vulgarr

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    I've got another video coming out tomorrow guys and it is a totally different style of play. Stay tuned and hold your final judgments for now...
  10. Vulgarr

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    Over the last few months I have played dozens of matches. I lost count how many I have played in her. The AP does on occasion do well against a battleships superstructure. As I mentioned in the video I put several solid hits into an Iowa's superstructure in a previous game. One hit was for 18k dmg. I don't remember the exact range but it was between 5-10km Some have said "Why didn't you aim for the superstructure on the Missouri if you knew it could do that kind of damage." To that I say, If I only tested the things in these ships that I know will work, and don't show you the things that don't work. Then I wouldn't be doing my job in showing you, the community, what is in store.
  11. Vulgarr

    New CV Rework Footage

    The AA in this test is actually extremely strong. It may not look like it in the video because my intent was to show how the planes work. Can't do that if they're getting murderlated every flight. I played smart. I attacked ships that were already under heavy fire and had their AA weakened. I led with rocket attacks to weaken AA before risking my bombers I started my attack runs from extremely long range and came in at the ship at full speed to reduce long range flak. The first few matches where I didn't do those things, I could barely get a single attack off before my entire squadron was wiped out, and the attack was usually rushed and missed anyway. Basically, I made it look WAY easier than it really is.
  12. Vulgarr

    New CV Rework Footage

    They don't have to be landed on the deck. You just have to press F to recall them and then you have control of the ship.