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  1. EdgeAlchemist

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Yep, you hit the nail on the head. (Quoting the whole post that so that if he tries to respond he'll see yours as well.) My favorite part of this whole thing is that his theory falls apart if we accept that how much a ship wins is related to how good it is at winning, so he claims that there is some sort of bias. And yet, he can't provide the slightest hint of what he thinks that bias is. Forget him explaining why it inflates the WR for some ships and deflates it for others, or how it isn't filtered out with larger sample sizes. He can't even answer "what is causing this bias?" The fact that he wants people to think he's right when he can't even say why he thinks he's right is both funny and a bit sad.
  2. EdgeAlchemist

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Yeah, I can see that he started with a position and looked for statistics to fit it, instead of the other way around. In that post alone he didn't acknowledge: 1. What that bias in WR even is, just that it totally exists, trust him. 2. That vision control is one of the primary pillars of game play, something that DDs are (arguably) the best at. 3. That looking at just damage totals is inherently flawed in several way since not all damage is equal. (Fire vs citadel, 10K to a BB vs 10K to a DD, it goes on and on...) 4. That K/D is a dump stat, since you can lead the team to victory with no kills and you can completely throw the game by trying to secure kills. 5. That in standard mode points only really serve to prevent the game from dragging out. Most of the time when a team wins on points, it's because they have a huge advantage in ship numbers, and 9 out of 10 times vision control played a huge part in that, if not more. 6. That in domination mode sinking ships is not the main way to get points, controlling the caps are. And that's the destroyer's job, making them extremely influential in that mode. And more that I probably missed.
  3. EdgeAlchemist

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Wow, really? I'd call him obsessed with numbers to the point of missing the picture they paint, but I can't, since he's throwing most of those out the window too. Now I understand how he can call ships with 48% WR like the Montanna and Yamato "overpowered." Seriously, how do you have over 7K games and not understand that A: you play the game to win, not farm damage, and B: you don't play DDs for the huge damage numbers, you play them because they have the most influence on a match?
  4. EdgeAlchemist

    Serious lack of fire chance with Daring

    Can you provide a source to the data that says the Daring is performing balanced, instead of overperfoming? Seriously, her overall win rate is less than .1% lower than the Kremlin, and she's average at worst in all other stats compared to other DDs. And those are lifetime stats, they don't take into account that she benefited from the IFHE rework, unlike her peers.
  5. 1. Proof? That is how they work, so you either encounter a bug (possible, but unlikely) or you were mistaken about if your fighters would see something. A replay would be needed to determine for sure. Also, this has become off topic from your original post. 3. We are in agreement here. The teams working on the PR grind and the Halloween even most likely have nothing to do with the autopilot, but I would still like their talents to be funneled towards UI improvements and such. Also, this isn't relevant to your original post. 4. Then you will need to provide a replay. If that did happen, it is a rather large bug that WG needs to squash quickly. Your replay would be invaluable in that regard. In any case, it's also possible you were mistaken, something I consider more likely, but we would need the replay to be sure. Also, this has nothing to do with your original post. 5. That's not how the game works. You tend to see over most islands you can shoot over just from the natural movement of the camera, and spotter planes make this child's play. I also think you are falling victim to conformation bias, in that you notice the times it happens, and don't notice when it doesn't. In either case, it is not a cheat, but just someone being good at the game. Also, this still has no bearing on your original complaint. Finally, I can't help but notice you neglected to respond to the part of my post that was actually addressing the original topic of this thread. I find that rather...telling... of how well thought out that first post was.
  6. Okay, let's go piece by piece on this. 1. Fighter pilots have the same spotting as every other plane in the game. They can be quite useful to peek around islands. 2. You get plane damage for shooting down planes. That gets you base EXP for the base EXP naval battles, and ribbons for the ribbon naval battles. The only one they don't count for is the ship damage battle, both because they are not ships, and because that would make battles with carriers far more advantageous for naval battles, essentially making them luck of the draw. 3. Autopilot is garbage right now, but I fail to see how that's relevant. 4. There are many reasons you can seen a ship farther away from you but not the one closer. For example, if the closer one is in a smoke screen, and the farther one isn't, someone else is spotting it, your fighter or spotter plane might be seeing it, or the smoke might not be blocking line of sight to it. And if both are in the smokescreen, then the further ship most likely fired it's guns, and you are in his smoke fire bloom. 5. People have good aim, and spotting planes make shooting over islands quite easy. If they are shooting through the island, then yeah, that's a cheat, but unless I see proof, I'm not inclined to believe it happened.
  7. EdgeAlchemist

    Magic The Gathering and Yugioh still exist?!

    You are just so precious. I gotta ask, though, why do you post stuff like this? Not that I'm complaining about the entertainment me and my gaming group got out of this, but did you think people would care about your post, other than as a punchline? Seriously, you went on the fourms for a computer game you don't seem to have played in forever, to complain a completely unrelated card game. Not just that, but to complain about something that nobody else, not even the people who play the game, care about. What did you expect, if not well deserved ridicule?
  8. EdgeAlchemist

    Magic The Gathering and Yugioh still exist?!

    Forgot to do what? Not look like an immature idiot? (Being as you are one, it would be hard not to look like one) Forgot to have an actual argument? Forgot to put actual effort into your picture of trash that you stole? Oh, I know! Forgot not to make a total laughingstock of yourself! Thanks, by the way. Next time you post some stupid thread, I can just point people to this one so they can see how even listening to you isn't worth a nanosecond of thier time.
  9. EdgeAlchemist

    Magic The Gathering and Yugioh still exist?!

    Amazing. You go right back to whining about the art. Is it really that hard for you to get it through your skull that people don't buy a card game to sit around and look at a picture? Do you buy a standard 52 card deck to frame it and put it on the wall? "I mean all I did was rudely post a thread saying that two of the most popular card games in the world are trash because of a minor thing that most players don't care about and is based on personal taste anyways. "And then I insisted that anyone who likes a thing I don't is just fooling themselves in a rude and obnoxious way. "But you guys are being mean for no reason." Don't like people making fun of you? Then don't attack extremely popular games and the people who play them for pathetically petty reasons.
  10. EdgeAlchemist

    Magic The Gathering and Yugioh still exist?!

    Good for you. Lots of people who aren't you like them. That is why they are super popular. There, question answered.
  11. EdgeAlchemist

    Magic The Gathering and Yugioh still exist?!

    For [edited] sake, go to an art museum if that's all you care about! People like the gameplay, that's why MTG is the most popular CCG in the world, and Yu-Gi-Oh isn't far behind. And if you don't like the gameplay, good news! Nobody cares, and since you are not forced to play it, you shouldn't care either!