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  1. CapnAzzhat


    Slow, Dispersion is terrible, only get lucky with a citadel occasionally, I am just going to back burner it until maybe, hopefully they show it some love in a year or 2.
  2. CapnAzzhat


    Ohio is a let down for me. I avg 150k in Rank with it but only 76k in Random. Seems strange for me. Not claiming to be the best but expected better than my tier 8 ships. Save your time and rp. Below is my stats. Not a complaint but If someone posted this Ibwould not have used my rp.
  3. CapnAzzhat

    Special Commanders (Doubloons)

    I do not see any info except general info about the commander. No stats or special attributes.
  4. Where can I find info on these commanders for sale in the Armory for 1500 doubloons? Do they have special attributes? And are they all the same or different? Thanks
  5. CapnAzzhat

    Matchmaking Question

    2nd attempt since the first post was taken down and my name was reset after 3 years... Does anyone know how the matchmaking is done? Looking at this match I was in and many matches my team was severely outmatched. I can't figure out what metric they are using to match players in a game. Is there anything that can be done on the players side to improve the matchmaking to favor themselves? Is Karma a factor? Divisions? Not a complaint, just trying to understand what metric is used since some matches are severely unbalanced. It seems to me it would be a simple algorithm to get even split matches.
  6. CapnAzzhat

    4 mil captains

    Where can I get information on these captains for 4 mil in Armory? It says they have a sepecialization for the destroyers or are they just plane jane and only picture is unique??
  7. CapnAzzhat

    How is everyone liking the Alaska?

    I guess it is ok for it's class, wish it was a little better.