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  1. Capn_Nugget

    Turkey Shootout Rewards

    If you are still pending rewards being issued, please send a PM to @iKami with any details(such as screenshots) you can provide and we will try and get this resolved ASAP. Deadline is the 12th. Keep in mind there were an unknown number of people who did not heed the rules and jumped into matches early, which might have disqualified them. There were some reports of participants who were somehow missed. So send the PM to @iKami. There's a post in the moderator section on this.
  2. Capn_Nugget

    tonights clan wars glitched again?

    They're aware and are trying to work on it. See under moderator section... hopefully they can address soon.
  3. Capn_Nugget

    tonights clan wars glitched again?

    Just a friendly suggestion... if they are not able to correct tonight, any chance of adjusting the end date to keep the overall season sessions the same? Thanks for all you do, Fem and others. Especially on your weekend. O7
  4. Capn_Nugget

    ok I need help with He or AP use.

    Lots of good advice here. When in doubt try a volley and see how your hits turn out.
  5. Capn_Nugget

    Send B-Day card to 96 year old Veteran

    Got the information and will post on my clans discord tonight. We have several veterans and others who will appreciate this opportunity to make his birthday special. Thanks!
  6. Capn_Nugget

    santa crates

    Wow! Congrats. As others said get a lotto ticket too.
  7. My wife was grinding coal for Salem and crates yesterday landed her 50k putting her in the end zone. All the stuff is useful and valuable if you dont get too focused on a specific must get item especially ships. I saw people yawning about the camo but the stats are very nice.
  8. Capn_Nugget

    Access To Clan Chatroom From Outside The Game

    Discord is great. Give it a try.
  9. Capn_Nugget

    Santa Crate Coal = Enough for Salem!!

    Sweet! Congrats on your Salem.
  10. Capn_Nugget


    I got to try it for the Turkey event. Had a blast if you play destroyers. Got my fingers crossed I see a few people got one so far.
  11. Wow.. they've been up for sale for like 3 hours? Insert facepalm here.
  12. Noice! I bought mine but will have to wait all day to find out if ima gonna smile or pout. In the mean time watching the flames of the forum. Wowsers!
  13. Capn_Nugget

    Has the Warships wiki been overlooked?

    I'm reading the wiki pretty much every day. It's an invaluable resource, so I just want to say thank you to everyone who works on it!
  14. Capn_Nugget

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    What if we replace torpedoes with a single battleship turret on every DD with a 5 sec reload? ;) LOL
  15. Capn_Nugget

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    Last clan session I avoided something like 60 shimi torps by going forward about 3 ship lengths, then backing up 3 ship lengths. Not one of them hit me.