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  1. Capn_Nugget

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    Don't balanz comrade just restrict it! Sigh.
  2. Capn_Nugget

    The obvious russian bias in this game

    No mention of Petra, Kremlin or Stalinbias? Lol
  3. O7 owned my sad clan last night with French dds and other but then again, they could do that to us with Krispy Creme. LOL. We've been battlecruiser heavy including the newer German ones, Musashi for Bb (I did unusually well with her last night). We do have a Benham but tech tree did just fine. Kit might get banned or limited, Mushy too.
  4. Capn_Nugget


    Rodger Roger. What's your vector, Victor?
  5. Capn_Nugget

    Mega issues with this patch

    I think the reference is the odd blue and green rectangles along the left and right edges.
  6. Capn_Nugget

    Bonus code email

    Is it a mission? Sometimes you get a minor gift and a mission for the rest.
  7. Capn_Nugget

    Elite ( 21pt) Captain DOESN'T EARN EXP!

    @Hapa_Fodder was this intended or a bug? No elite commander xp generated from a 21 pt commander?
  8. Capn_Nugget

    Rare little ship

    Low tier torpedo jousting in a practice room with friends just for fun.
  9. Capn_Nugget

    14 Citadels In a DD, I Was Shocked

    I treat DD citadel hits like treats- so sweet! I can't help but cackle when it happens.
  10. Capn_Nugget

    Somers is she worth it ?

    I love the Somers. Granted she has no AA (just one drunk sailor on deck with a bolt action rifle) but she is stealthy, with great torps and decent guns. In a random match with a CV you'll need to stick with allies but otherwise its a great ship.
  11. Capn_Nugget


    Same. I bought some shipyard phases, and when I went to leave it's stuck. I don't know if its still doing the animation and that's what it's waiting on for if we're really hung up.
  12. Capn_Nugget

    Cruise missiles / UAV coming SOON(TM)

    Watch for new tiers 11 through 15 featuring warship designs from 1960 through the 1980s
  13. Capn_Nugget

    Results after 260 Santa Crates

    I am no longer worthy of the title whale. Wow.
  14. Capn_Nugget

    Cannot open 2nd advent calender door

    I have the date issue too. I guess check again later in the day?