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  1. Capn_Nugget

    British Heavy Cruisers - IFHE?

    Is the mid deck on 1 or 2 BB really worth a 4 pt skill? Seems a waste to me.
  2. Capn_Nugget

    Somers worth it?

    Somers is great fun.
  3. Capn_Nugget

    Another ship setting sail...

    Fem, got other hobbies you would mention to us gaming friends? 😁
  4. One feature I like is that no matter how OP a ship might be considered, your decisions and skill are still more of a factor than the quality of the ship.
  5. Reminds me of one I had some time back.. playing a DD, our side had two caps, a point lead and the timer is running down. I'm choosing to just run, only one left on our side and chased by two reds on their side. One of the dead teammates yells at me for the last two minutes to go get the A cap. I'm on the other side of the map, they are between me and that cap, AND we don't need it to win. We just needed me to stay alive. That one was priceless. We won, I actually get cheesed off that this guy couldn't grasp the concepts involved. Sometimes you just can't get though to them.
  6. Capn_Nugget

    PSA: Free Goodies

    We're about due for one of those volunteer shoots too.. maybe for St Patrick's Day?
  7. Capn_Nugget

    Valentinovo - Happy Valentine

    Happy Valentines Day @LadyAnesjka. Lovely flowers. O7.
  8. Capn_Nugget

    PSA tomorrow is Valentine's Day

    Done! Special mission completed a day early even lol.
  9. Capn_Nugget

    Another ship setting sail...

    Best wishes to wherever you head next career wise @FemennenIy and hopefully see you around in game or on stream. O7.
  10. Capn_Nugget

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    I'm reserving judgment until I see it in action. You have to give up concealment for this module. So some battleships and maybe a couple of cruisers would take it?
  11. Capn_Nugget

    Don't mess with Le Terrible!

    This is how I imagine sailing along in high tier French DD be like...
  12. Personally I like the chance to earn ships I didnt choose with my steel and earn later with coal.
  13. Capn_Nugget

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    I'm feeling disillusioned with the fixation on win rate and PR. Any change wargaming will just release Tater+ so us nuggets can play in peace?
  14. Capn_Nugget


    Yep, its buggered alright. Earlier chat was down, came back up. Looks like divisions and other features are now toast too.
  15. Capn_Nugget

    25,000 Games

    Well done sir! Active in game and where it really is important. I trust your missus appreciates your work on the list too. O7.