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  1. Capn_Nugget

    Harugumo legendary upgrade idea

    I give the OP credit for trying to balance it similar to other ones out there and not going for more pew pew.
  2. Capn_Nugget

    Easter Egg containers?

    It would be an opportunity for chocolate and pastel multi color camo!
  3. Who doesn't like meth hamsters? Lol. I'm with Zoup.. variety is great. Dont eliminate regular ships but some other fun modes keep us interested. Something for everyone. I wouldn't mind some of these modes rotating monthly.
  4. Capn_Nugget

    Entrance barriers to playing carrier

    I think my entire clan is 40+ and a number of retired as well. Not sure how many youngins like this game.
  5. Capn_Nugget

    Advice for new DD players in CV games

    Toggle Aa when appropriate keep moving and turn on air detection circle on mini map. Dont rush caps right away unless nobody went that way (no threats). Lost a low tier match last night due to a dd hiding in southwest corner. The cvs were all beating on each other on east side of the map. Had he distracted them or taken the cap we might have won. Granted he was low on hp but still could have helped.
  6. Capn_Nugget

    Torp Beats bugged to crap

    How's your ping rate?
  7. When a match is close its enjoyable to watch how it wraps up too so sometimes I hang out and enjoy the view.
  8. Capn_Nugget

    Actually got a CV Compliment

    I admire you CV players. I've tried just a bit so far and it's not easy. Kudos to those who compliment the good play.
  9. Capn_Nugget

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    High stakes and fast pace. I enjoy the knife fight torpedo blaze. Dodging and guessing where red will turn when you fire. The acceleration and fast stop. It's a riot
  10. Capn_Nugget

    Intergalactic Games: Torpedo Beat

    It intense and fun.. I've lost 3 in a row but had a blast each time..
  11. Thanks for the advice. Learning to adapt is another reason to enjoy this game. The early spotting responsibility changes with a CV world but I find that interesting as well. Both sides get a sneak preview of how everyone is setting up and then its a question of how the game strategy shifts after that. I've not personally felt over harassed by CV's when I'm out in my destroyers but it is something to watch out for. I love the high tier Pan Asian destroyers but haven't quite found the courage yet to try radar over smoke. Use of the P key to toggle AA is critical (and turning on the air detection circle on mini-map). I've been able at times to avoid being spotted by changing course as planes come in. Best division I've ever had was a mini LAN party at my place a few months ago with a couple of my friends. I was in Yueyang, my other friend in Z-52 and we had a Worchester for cruiser support. That was before the carrier changes but we stomped the competition in several games.
  12. Capn_Nugget

    How Destroyers Are Ruining WoW

    Once you are out of the bottom tiers there are a lot of other mitigating factors. Dds are not out of control.
  13. Capn_Nugget

    Custom crosshairs?

    Aslain's modpack has them too
  14. Capn_Nugget

    Over abundance of CVs

    Just wait when our the new BB line comes out.. then we can all cry about how many of those are in matches :)
  15. Capn_Nugget

    No, just.....NO

    Time to dig out the AA special upgrade and slay some planes!