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  1. Capn_Nugget

    Server maintenance but...

    Whole division booted out from the div but we were able to finish the match. Not sure if we got credit.
  2. Try unlinking and relink I have issues too but when I have time that's what I plan to do.
  3. Capn_Nugget

    Black nerf

    So the nerf impacts current owners as well as re-release?
  4. Capn_Nugget

    Thank you WG for the Code I can 't use.

    @Boggzy sorry for the usual sarcasm people may be throwing about. Most of us were just confused about how we could share and misunderstood the intent. We appreciate the gift. Thanks! O7.
  5. Capn_Nugget

    Op Narai

    Be the torpedo!
  6. Capn_Nugget

    Damn, Christmas delayed

    Sorry to hear that. But Merry Christmas and hopefully everyone stays healthy and safe. O7
  7. Capn_Nugget

    Merry christmas!

    Merry Christmas @Lert and everyone here on the forum! O7.
  8. Capn_Nugget

    Where are you supposed to aim on cruisers?

    If it hasn't been said, take your ship into the practice room with a few bots non-moving, non-shooting and you can practice at various ranges, angles and locations on their hulls.
  9. Capn_Nugget

    SE bug and re-spec

    Let's see what they decide. They may give us a respec.
  10. Capn_Nugget

    MM loves Superships... Apparently

    Dang. Glad I wasn't playing just then.
  11. Capn_Nugget

    Santa Gift Crates

    Likely coming when we get closer to next patch.
  12. Capn_Nugget

    New Code. Monday AM

    Worked for me just now. Thanks!
  13. If the data includes cumulative spending information, I will end up in the dog 🏠. Bow wow! 🐕
  14. I just requested mine and did get the code.