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  1. Admiral_Ballsey

    when your dumped by server

    It happens. Being pink a few matches is really no big deal.
  2. Admiral_Ballsey

    An Appaling Lack of Professional Courtesy

    I have yet to see anyone pass up a kill shot. Would you??
  3. Admiral_Ballsey

    What is happiness?...

    Unspoken coordination in Random with a couple of strangers where everything just flows perfectly and we're wrecking everything in sight. Especially if we're the weak flank and outnumbered. That or when you are beat up and running in your BB and blap that cruiser who yolo's you thinking he's got an easy kill.
  4. Admiral_Ballsey

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    I'm not a fan, but there are those who are. It's not a big deal. I don't want it, so I don't buy it. No sense in whining about those who do choose to purchase it, especially since other people having it has no effect on how the game appears to me. The day WG offers WWII style pinups is the day I'll open my wallet for such things, but I'm sure there will be those who will complain about that too, irregardless of how tame they were compared to today's standards.
  5. My FPS was getting choked last night, averaging less than half of normal The game was stuttering, even the music was stuttering. After the first match with that going on, I exited and reloaded, but to no avail. After the 2nd match, I logged out as the game was unplayable. What reports have WGCheck?
  6. Admiral_Ballsey

    Russain Dasha Captain vrs American Dasha Captain

    Unsophisticated women without whom the United States wouldn't have been able to produce the huge number of ships, planes, and ammunition. American women went to war in the shipyards and factories. See the resemblance??
  7. Admiral_Ballsey

    Russain Dasha Captain vrs American Dasha Captain

    I think the American Dasha is a nod to "Rosie the Riveter", and a salute to all the ladies that worked the factories during WWII. Just my take on it.
  8. Admiral_Ballsey

    The Hypocrasy of Campers

    Few things in this game irk me more than the guy who is sitting in his top tier BB on the home cap and calling out targets for the guys who are actually engaging, then finally pops out to engage with less than five minutes left to secure easy kills of the badly wounded enemy, and the loss because he did diddly squat the entire match.
  9. US Coast Guard 1977-1981. Served on the High Endurance Cutter Morganthau, WHEC 722 from 77-80 (the ship was recently decommissioned). Made 5 ALPAT's in the Bering Sea. Boarded numerous vessels from the Soviet Union, which inspired an interest in Russian culture. Married a Russian gal from Moscow. Finished my time at Air Station San Francisco.
  10. Admiral_Ballsey

    Get Rid of Map "Epicenter"

    Agree, Epicenter is horrible. It is NOT a nice change no matter how you look at it.
  11. Admiral_Ballsey

    Well the trial was nice... but I'm out

    Similar skilled players? Nope, not at any tier. Anyone can easily roll up an alt account and seal club away on all the noobs in the "protected" tiers. I'm a 47% player on my primary (this) account, but I'm a super unicum on my alt account in winrate, personal rating, kill/death ratio, you name it. Why? Because clubbing seals is easy. Haven't played on my alt in a while because its just dirty, but not everyone feels the same. I'd rather take some pride in digging myself out of the hole I dug early in my WoWs career. Yeah, you're going to get beat up some until you learn the game. Giving up after only 81 matches is kinda weak, but that's just my opinion. There are plenty of resources, and plenty of folks who are happy to help you improve your play if you really want to.
  12. Admiral_Ballsey

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    Compared to DD's and CA's, BB's are slow. BB reloads are slow. BB's have slow rudders, and a huge turn radii. Acceleration is terrible, and deceleration is horrible. Detection range? Forget about it. No smoke, most with no torps, and those that do have torps have no range. Kerosene is poured on the decks of BB's before every battle. GUNS firing AP shells, WICKED NASTY on a broadside cruiser. It balances out.
  13. Admiral_Ballsey

    USS Colorado

    Or in Ranked. I took out Colorado for about half my battles in Ranked - 61% win rate, and smacked around quite a few Sinop's. Her lack of speed is everyone's main complaint, but she teaches you to think ahead and get into better positions. Underestimate her and you may find yourself getting paddled - she tanks well, hits like a freight train, and as someone else mentioned, is pretty nimble at dodging torps.
  14. Admiral_Ballsey

    Try Your Luck Container

    Thats just wrong.
  15. Admiral_Ballsey

    Do you think about WoWs when not playing it?

    This, except I see the red health bars above the ships before I go to bed I sometimes talk about it at work with another guy who also plays. That guy even plays the mobile version - I haven't quite got there yet.