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  1. Admiral_Ballsey


    Ask the guy you didn't try to save if you threw him under a bus or not... you probably won't even have to ask as he gets heated up in chat about "Lack of support from the dumb**s team he is on."
  2. Admiral_Ballsey


    Yeah, it sounds harsh, but look at a typical scenario: Guy is over extended and getting focus whacked because of it. He is screaming for support. Do you or don't you go to help? If you go, you are almost guaranteed to get spanked too. If you ignore him and continue playing your game, you survive longer and have a greater impact on the match. The team loses one ship rather than losing two, thus you have helped your team by "throwing him under a bus" and letting him die alone.
  3. Admiral_Ballsey

    WOWS is one of the 7 best submarine games!

    Of course its in the top 7, how many sub games are there? Seven??
  4. Admiral_Ballsey

    Tier VI Burn out

    With all the economy changes, the middle tiers just don't seem worth playing anymore. Plus it seems that even in primetime, queue times are getting longer as well. It's just a personal observation, but I think the MM is determined to wait for subs to queue up no matter how long it takes.
  5. Admiral_Ballsey

    Sub torps can you avoid them

    This is exactly how I mitigate sub torpedoes in a BB as well. It's a cat and mouse game. If you have a sub stalking you with repeated attacks, don't be predictable, change up your maneuvers. Also, re-spec your captain to get Vigilance if you don't already have it, those extra few seconds make a huge difference.
  6. Admiral_Ballsey

    Sub Hatred

    Fear? No. They make me a bit nervous because I'm still not used to them. I've been hit once by sub torpedoes... dodged the rest without much issue. I think DD's are still much more dangerous.
  7. Admiral_Ballsey

    Anniversary Bonus Code

    I just did it an hour after you and it worked.
  8. Admiral_Ballsey

    My New Meta

    Faced off against a sub in a BB today for the first time... got pinged and got ready to hit DCP. Pinged again, hit DCP, and torps went right by. Subs are NOT instant death, they don't require any more awareness than facing a DD. Now to work on my attacks against subs, my effort was pretty pathetic.
  9. Admiral_Ballsey

    players' obsession with chasing CV's

    It isn't just CV's they chase. I've seen groups of ships chasing down a kiting enemy of every class except maybe a DD. Meanwhile the reds are taking caps and generally causing havoc to the rest of the team. Even when you point out to them whats happening they just keep going.
  10. Admiral_Ballsey

    Server overloaded?

    I had this message too, but got right back on.
  11. Admiral_Ballsey

    Salem or Napoli?

    If you have any steel you can make up for the shortfall with that.
  12. The game is what it is. BB's are sniping from the back, because they can. It's no different than DD's hiding in smoke aiming torps at you, or CA's hiding behind islands throwing a constant stream of HE... they do it because they can. A battleship yoloing into the middle of the fight at the start of match rarely turns out well for them. Too many reds, too much HE, too many torps, and not enough speed or maneuverability to get yourself out of trouble. Better to thin the herd from a distance than trying to bully your way in too early. Of course BB's should push, but most of the time pushing too early is a disaster. The real problem is that most players have trouble recognizing when it's time to push.
  13. 'Muh history" WWII fact: Warspite scored hits on Guilio Cesare from 14 miles away... FOURTEEN MILES!