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  1. Could you please send me a links/urls to PM? And I will change it. Please send me an original link. Where can I found new versions?
  2. Hi moders, thank you for sending us mods. I see that a lot of moders upload their files to Mediafire or Mega, but you lose an oportunity to earn money from downloads. We started to work with http://uploadas.com file hosting platform so I definitely recommend you to host your mods there and earn money. Why to use Uploadas.com? - Earn money (payments via paypal) - We will publish your mods with your link in http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/ So you will generate more downloads which equalls to more money! - They will provide you a Premium account in Uploadas.com for FREE! What is more: - Unlimited Storage - Unlimited download speed - Easy to manage your mods and fast file uploads - Minimum Payout is 20€ Please contact with me or ask here if you have any questions ;)
  3. Thanks to: bloodtears [AMV] Fubuki – Kan Collection Log-in screen mod http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/amv-fubuki-kan-collection-log-in-screen-mod/
  4. Hi guys, I am so happy to announce that we became one of the biggest Wows mods community. Going forward I want to share a few mods of our members and to say thank you for: WG and WoTCrudes. Premium dock with no Premium Account ( http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/premium-dock-with-no-premium-account-0-5-0-3/ [] & [0.5.1] Winter Port Mod http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/0-5-0-3-0-5-1-winter-port-mod/ [] OLD: ICONS (Ships, Maps, Techtree, Consumables, Commander, Achievements +More) http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/0-5-0-3-old-icons-ships-maps-techtree-consumables-commander-achievements-more/ Sharing is caring! Meet you in a battle!
  5. Hi, I can't contact you via PM, because I have to wait 30 days after registration to write pm... I just want to inform you that we only left your download links as "Original link".
  6. Hi guys, sorry there is no original link. We are not interested in earning money from downloads, we just wanted to make sure people would be able download them. We re-uploaded files to www.uploadas.com because it guarantees to keep files 365 days. Could you send me the urls to your mod with original link and I will replace them with your original download link.
  7. Thank you. I just confirmed it. Thank you! If you want to change or edit anything, just let me know.
  8. Hi Moders and WoWS fans, I am from WOWS moder team and we are looking for more moders who will join us and who wants to share their mods. All moders are welcome to share their mods on our WOWS community website: http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/ Who wants to add mod click on "Upload mod" button and fill the form. We will leave your original download link and Credits. Please contact with me if you have any questions.