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  1. I don't think people are really understanding the impact that these things have. First, they can take off and spot and entire team within the first minute of battle and do a strike. I have plenty of battles before and after the rework to tell you that is nuts. These CV's are completely untouchable. They do not have to worry about positioning at all, they don't have to worry about detection ranges...get it THEY DON"T HAVE TO WORRY. They can drop bombs, rockets, torps. WITH ZERO ramification (but what about them losing their planes<--if that is what you think please slam your head against the wall) They rule everything. They are the only class that has zero counter ZERO. There are some DD's that have good AA that is about it. Then IF that is a big IF they die they still get to come and drop you. REALLY? They die yet still get to do something after they have sunk. They get a cool what 3 minutes or so to still drop a fighter, drop torps, rockets, or bombs. How is that in any way balanced? ok, yes DD's torps still go..well duh they shot them before hand. OK, quick fix then let the CVs keep 1 set of planes. That MEANS 1 DROP no fighter drops not a full squadron to do whatever they want AFTER THEY HAVE DIED. It is completely ridiculous that this is still a problem with the amount of outcry and solutions that have been handed to them by either us or even their CC's. They honestly don't give a rats @$$ what we say or recommend. It seems that mother Russia "we do what we want and don't care" is alive and well. Just look at the damn Soviet bb line. Just my 2 cents
  2. Wargaming, what in the country loving sister marrying crap did you do to the sounds? Like, really? It sounds like some 1950 western movie where they are shooting at cans. Who was the good idea fairy on that one? probably the same guys who said we should split the USN line with ships that only go 23Knots. Seriously get your stuff together. You are going backwards as a game not forwards. My piece
  3. TILLMAN 2, TILLMAN 2. 24, 16 inch guns 6 per turret. Do the Tillman class bb's. This would be hilarious. Since you know you are bringing in all these paper ships anyway. I WOULD PAY FOR THAT Tier 10 premium. Just some food for thought
  4. The CV rework was trash to begin with. I understand why they did it but still it was underwhelming and has more hate than praise. It was rushed and they know that. The people here complaining about cv's not being able to hit dd's well you must be trash. i have seen more than my fair share of dd's get owned by cv's. The entire idea that this is going to get balanced is a joke. PERIOD. It isn't gonna happen. I have completely quit playing dd's all together because it isn't fun at all. The spotting was taken down for dd's ok, but still doesn't help and with the amount of radar in this game it's pretty hard to play them anymore anyway. At this point they should just cut their losses. Drop CV's bring on the subs. That is where I am at this point with this company just pissing in our face and calling it rain. They need to do a 2 week trial period where you can have a box to check CV or no CV. Then they'll know where the player base actually stands. Then they can actually fix issues with this game IE radar through mountains, still being able to be spotted through smoke yadda yadda.
  5. What I think is great about this is the amount of alpha testers and beta testers that are calling this Hot Garbage. Is WG listening?? probably not. This was rushed, they know it was rushed, they gave 2 S$&ts. They were given loads of feedback on what to fix and just like Fallout 76 they are just crapping on their player base. There were bigger issues that needed to be fixed ie, smoke, radar through mountains, AA through mountains and so forth. There were a plethora of issues that could have been addressed. But they have a lot of World Of War Planes employees that need a job because that thing fell on it's face. So the good idea fairy got into someone's ear over in mother Russia and was like hey do this. Now you have this crap show. The AA "reinforcement" is trash. There was no need to change that, but you did anyway. You forced a rework no one was really crying about. Yes, there were some complaints but this?? this??? But you did it anyway. See a pattern here? There is so much wrong with this it doesn't matter. You are going to keep forcing this without caring. I am very close to just jumping ship on this because it is a giant bag of crap. I actually enjoyed the old way of playing CV's granted I don't have 1000's o battle with them it was something I dabbled with here and there, now not so much. Some people already brought it up but this is now World Of Perma spotted/ World Of Warplanes. well that's my 2 cents
  6. Lazysteel


    I don't know what WG did after the last patch. The amount of over pens that have been happening since then is in record number. Now all these cruisers and other bb's can run around broadside and not be AS punished as they once were. I'm not saying that I don't get citadels. The amount of people doing stupid crap and not being as punished as they use to be has gone down at least 50%. After every battle now I have at least half of my shots be overpens. What's the dealio WG.