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  1. Not to worry... It's a Jap DD which Wargaming will surely nerf soon...after you've spent the time, silver, and XP to get her.
  2. Are servers down right now?

    Down for me too....
  3. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    Often it seems to be the highest tier BB on the team, who is capable of tanking damage, but barely has a scratch on his camo, lets his less capable team mates get hammered.
  4. I think less of high tier BB that with 5 minutes left in the match, has taken ZERO damage, has ZERO kills and has not ventured within 15K of a cap.
  5. I have to say that the heal makes a world of difference.
  6. I have four of the French battleships each with a DEDICATED commander and I have to re-train all four. What kind of [edited] is that??? They did remain with the ship and wern't put in reserve.
  7. 10 Years as Army Reserve infantry officer...
  8. I had only one T10 and got 50,000 Free XP.
  9. I have the same issue and have had it for several weeks before the latest patch. No access to clan, inventory or premium shop. I use bitdefender ant-virus and there is nothing in the log indicating anything WOW related blocked or quarantined. On a side note, I disabled Windows firewall, disabled my anti-virus, and did a quick re-install(did NOT delete the old install)....No change Did a full uninstall and clean download/re-install. No change
  10. Yep.... When everyone agrees on CAP point. DD's move in and try to cap while enemy DDs, CAs, and BBs start pounding them. Meanwhile friendly BBs and CAs perform a hasty retreat, leaving their team mates to get slaughtered. Then at game end you have the completely undamaged BBs and CAs with no kills destroyed by the enemy with overwhelming numbers.
  11. Retired Texan Looking for Clan/Team

    LOL. Let's say I'm a Texan who is happily retired from a long IT career....... Moving from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts to free Republic of Texas was the smartest thing I ever did....
  12. Enjoying retirement but getting a little frustrated with WoW. Too many times there have been AFK ships or BBs who cower at max range and flee at the first sign of trouble abandoning the rest of the team. Would be happy to support team mates who would do the same for me. Play all classes except CV's which I would like to learn. Since I'm retired, I can get on during the day. Play on NA server and am in CST time zone. Win Rate of 51% could improve with a good team to play with...
  13. First you might want to check IChase's updated review which is the most recent. It appears that Wargaming fixed most of the armor issues that he discovered in the first review he did. I've only played one co-op match but it seems to be a decent ship that is competitive with everything in it's tier. Can someone identify another T7 cruiser that is immune to being citadel-ed and severely damaged by a battleship? The guns, especially with AP are quite good. I think this ship is a much better all around choice than the Atlanta. Like all cruisers, you don't want to show your broadside. Face forward, even if you have to stop or reverse. As for price, it seems to be about average, and you do have a choice of just the ship and a port slot, or a loaded bundle. Overall, I give it a thumbs up for now. That may change with more games under my belt.
  14. Any news about the Molotov?

    Where did you see that "rumor"? I would jump for the opportunity to get a Gremy... and I believe the year waiting period is now complete.
  15. Polka Music?

    Set music volume slider all the way left in settings ....