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  1. RonboTex

    Worthless Coupons

    I got a 30% off coupon. It DOES apply to the base Jean Bart reducing it from $79 to $55... something worth considering.
  2. RonboTex

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    $79.95US? Seriously? I was hoping it was going to be for FXP which I've been saving up. Been using coal to buy signals so I don't have much. Think I'll invest $49.95 for the new X4:Foundations Space game to be released on Nov.30. Seems like an entire new game for $30 less than one gimmicky digital item is money better spent.
  3. $32 for camo only? I have the Kii and its not at all worth it at that price.
  4. Not to worry... It's a Jap DD which Wargaming will surely nerf soon...after you've spent the time, silver, and XP to get her.
  5. RonboTex

    Are servers down right now?

    Down for me too....
  6. RonboTex

    The Use of "Meat Shields"

    Often it seems to be the highest tier BB on the team, who is capable of tanking damage, but barely has a scratch on his camo, lets his less capable team mates get hammered.