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  1. CaptinKen

    Premium ships you would like be added

    I want myWW1 Battlecruiser Seydlitz
  2. CaptinKen


  3. CaptinKen

    How Bad Is Your Ranked Team When....

    Had a game today where are 3 BBs never left there span position When the CA and 2DDs got deleted they ran away. Ive never seen anything like it LOL
  4. CaptinKen

    CV Tips and Tricks Thread

    Has anyone seen a video on captain builds for the new CVs? I have been using the training room to get the hang on attacks with the different types of planes they each have a different approach. I for one like the new attack controls better I could never really get the hang of the old style and thank god strafing is gone.
  5. CaptinKen

    Clan battles tonight

    I sent then a message 4 hours ago no response
  6. CaptinKen

    Clan wars countdown

    I posted a message in support 4 hours ago no response
  7. CaptinKen

    Clan battles tonight

    We got into games all week no problems
  8. CaptinKen

    Clan battles tonight

    Are clan battles on for tonight 12/2 The count down timer is off
  9. CaptinKen

    Clan Battles?

    Hi the clan battle button seems to be inactive Does anyone have an info on whats going on Thank you
  10. CaptinKen

    Playing the Tenryu as a DD

    Tenryu is a great ship
  11. CaptinKen

    Takao? new capatain on my kami R

    That worked Ty
  12. CaptinKen

    Takao? new capatain on my kami R

    The 14 point captain on my Kami R has become some anime character named Takao Why?
  13. CaptinKen

    The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    I have sent 2 to Davy Jones locker 104 and 131
  14. CaptinKen

    Fearsome Friday - Piracy on the High Seas

    I plan to hoist my Corgi Flag this weekend and hunt you slovenly scalawags down. Ye be warned.