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  1. CaptinKen

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Ash (stupid cat has cost me a few games by laying in front of the screen at the most inopportune times)
  2. CaptinKen

    Clan Brawl Prim Time

    Has anyone been able to select their Prime Time for the Clan Brawl? If not anyone know when we will be able to? ty
  3. CaptinKen

    Ship for Coal - help me choose

    My 2 cents Smiolensk
  4. CaptinKen

    Yashino, Thunderer or Smolensk

    Smolensk its fun
  5. CaptinKen

    CRUEL Recruting

    THE~CRUEL~SEA is recruiting for the upcoming Clan Battle Season We are looking for members who like to play WOW and play often and want to play in the upcoming clan season. We currently have 3 spots open. Check us out if you like what you see please apply CRUEL TY o7
  6. CaptinKen

    Non stop spinning logo.

    Having same issue
  7. CaptinKen

    Clan Battles Battle Type Button Not Actice

    They had this issue last season if you wanted to play on the Asian server tonight the selection button should be active
  8. The Clan Battles button is not yet active It says season has ended This issue occurred last season When will we be able to select clan battle time? @Femennenly Thank You
  9. CaptinKen

    Deliberate Team Damage

    Unfortunately this has been happening more frequently of late. The other night it happened to a clan mate of mine that I was dived up with. He was in his Tirpitz we were winning the match, he was taking cover behind an island but close enough to a cap that his secondaries covered it and he was engaging an enemy ship. A DD behind him starts shooting him, we ask WTH? same story as with you (not being aggressive enough Blah blah Blah) What really took me aback was this clown was a deputy commander of a top 20 clan. I sent a message to the Clans Commander asking if he knew his Deputy Commander was a jerk and that his behavior did not reflect kindly on his clan. The response i got back was basically (So what if he didn't sink you its fine. Oh and by the why if he fired on you it must be because you suck and its ok to be a jerk when playing a game) Sorry but I expect better (silly me) especially form what many consider higher tier players. Its this kind of elitist [edited] that is going to eventually erode the player base and destroy the game much more so than CV reworks. When someone messages me that one of my clan members has acted improperly (two times in two years) I don't just blow it off I let the member know I got a complainant about them and that I don't like it. There is only so much WOW can do about the bullies in the game. We have to take responsibility and police ourselves if we want a pleasant gaming experience and have the game succeed and flourish.
  10. CaptinKen

    Frendily Fire

    Maybe if i fire on you or them that will be ok
  11. CaptinKen

    Frendily Fire

    Its not cool
  12. CaptinKen

    Frendily Fire

    There is a certain clan I thought was legit but there not One of There Deputy commanders thinks it perfectly fine to friendly fire you if he thinks your play is sub par And the clan Commander seems to agree. What a bunch of arrogant small minded twits. Hope to see you in battle soon
  13. @ikam @Femennenly cant play on Eu server
  14. Really come on guys get it together