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  1. StormSurgeAlpha

    Game Score never reaches 1000 anymore

    I posted this in the wrong forum. Apologies.
  2. I am consistently seeing games end and post-battle reports displayed before the either team's score is shown to reach 1000. One team's score gets to within a few points of 1k and the game cuts to the post-battle report. Now, technically, I'm sure one team is actually reaching 1000 but why isn't it showing on-screen anymore - why the rush to bypass that visual cue both teams have been working towards each game? Some games literally come down to a single game tick to determine who wins and not seeing the score reach 1000 for one team is anticlimactic. It seems like an unnecessary thing to go by the wayside because something changed on the backend. Or is it just me experiencing this?
  3. I don't think it's giving too much information to be told from which team karma upvotes are coming. New messages would simply be: "You were complimented by an ally!" "You were complimented by an adversary!" For your efforts to be acknowledged by an adversary takes on a slightly different meaning than when from an ally. I think it would be nice to know the difference.
  4. StormSurgeAlpha


    Whatever became of this contest - did easter eggs ever make it onto the maps?
  5. StormSurgeAlpha

    3 vs 3 game mode

    I support the OP's idea on this. 3v3 needs to be a regular game mode that changes tier requirements weekly. 3v3 mode provides a chance for players to improve their CQC skills. I only played 16 games this sprint season before I ranked out - far too few games to really enjoy this game mode with various ships.
  6. StormSurgeAlpha

    Asymmetric battle survey.

    Is this scene from the game intro a hint of what asymmetric battle mode has in store for us?
  7. StormSurgeAlpha

    So long Neustrashimy, Flint, and Black

    The Black and Flint are two examples of ships that WG made intentionally difficult to acquire. They should remain so, for a couple of reasons: 1. The more ships that remain rare give interesting variety to PvP modes. It's always nice to see rare ships pop up in the game; it keeps game modes fresh and replayable - it's good for the game. 2. Hard-to-acquire ships are a reward for players who put forth the effort to attain them. Can you imagine if one day WG makes the Puerto Rico a coal ship, or the Ohio a coal ship? WG intentionally made certain ships more difficult to get and that inherently puts certain ships out of reach of the more casual player base. Changing this for ships because the "numbers" on a report show some prestigious ships are getting less play time is undercutting the point of why those ships exist as rare ships and why they were rolled out as hard-to-get ships in the first place. I own both of these ships but I don't play them that often because WG keeps putting out new ships that pull my attention away from my old favorites. If you want lesser played ships to be played more often, stop releasing so many new ships all time! Don't insult the players who put forth great effort to get the Black and Flint by making them attainable to anyone who potatoes hard enough or long enough via coal missions. Steel is one of the most difficult resources to get and coal is on the absolute other end of this spectrum. Pulling a steel ship off the market for six months doesn't smooth over the fact that the effort to get a steel ship does not, in any way, have an "exchange value" equivalent to the effort required to get a coal ship. WG is undercutting the very element of exclusivity they created, intended and 'baked into' these ships to have and inherently represent by changing them to coal ships. If WG wants certain ships to be played more, then put reasons in the game for owners of these ships to play them, and stop dangling carrots (new ships) in our faces so much to draw us away from the old favorite ships we worked so hard to get. The Research Bureau is incredibly lacking choice at the moment. It seems that if WG must make ships like the Black and Flint more accessible, at least consider the Research Bureau a more practical incremental step than going straight to coal. This keeps them at the upper end of the exclusivity range where they were intended to be. I don't want steel ships to be offered for different currencies, but this is a more tempered solution than throwing a steel ship into the coal gutter of ship options for casual players to have.
  8. StormSurgeAlpha

    Unexplained Dockyard Message

    I see now. In their apology/explanation they used the words "premium boosters" to describe what the Dockyard calls "special boosters". So I guess the special boosters will still be available to boost your progress after the countdown clock expires. Makes sense.
  9. StormSurgeAlpha

    Unexplained Dockyard Message

    I've read everything available WG has published about using the Dockyard to build Puerto Rico including WG's official apology and explanation of how to do this. But nowhere have I seen an explanation of what is said in the Dockyard if you hover over the countdown clock in the upper-left. [picture attached] It mentions that you still have a chance to complete PR after the countdown completes using 'special boosters'. I can only assume these are additional premium boosters for everyone who miscalculated how much time they could put towards this goal after buying 1,2, or 3 already available premium boosters in the Dockyard as well. It looks like this is another card WG has hidden and will play after this event ends in 30 days to allow everyone who already put a lot of time/money into this event to pay even more in order to not lose their investment in this event. Any guesses as to how much these 'special boosters' will cost? Since I haven't seen an explanation for this part of the event published anywhere I can only see this as a hidden cost for everyone who miscalculated what it would take to complete this event in the time allotted.
  10. StormSurgeAlpha

    Unlisted WOWS Replay Videos

    Yes, I am curious. I'm curious why WG would choose to convert my replay file and host it on their YT channel but leave it unlisted so no one can see it there. I put it up on the replywows site because I think others might enjoy seeing it. For it to be converted into a replay file and placed on YouTube by WG implies that my replay was somewhat exemplary, a video WG would like to promote. So, yeah, I wonder why they would leave it unlisted after going to the trouble of converting it to a video and hosting on their YT replay channel.
  11. StormSurgeAlpha

    Unlisted WOWS Replay Videos

    I occasionally upload a good replay to https://replayswows.com/. Without necessarily submitting them for competition, I've noticed some of my uploads get converted into a video on YouTube hosted on the WOWS Replay Channel. However, when I watch the video from YouTube, I notice the videos are marked as "Unlisted". So, the videos are there but hidden so no one perusing the Channel will see it as available content to watch. So, what does it mean that a member of the WG staff converted my replay file to a replay video but left it unlisted so the public can't see it unless they happen to find it via the replaywows.com website?
  12. StormSurgeAlpha

    Give Kleber Black torpedoes

    Ok, I'll bite... why are Black torps so slow?
  13. I like this game and I've been playing it for over 4 years now. There have been a lot of game improvements, a lot of changes and tweaks, and overall WG is doing a great job with all of it. But these bird sounds don't add to a naval conflict at all. They are annoying and therefore distracting when they're heard throughout the entirety of a match. Worse yet, they're mixed in with all ambient sounds so if you want to mute them you have to mute the wind and sea sounds as well. So, if WG thinks they can do no wrong and every addition they make can't be rescinded, then separate bird sounds out of ambient sounds and place it into it's own volume slider. Better yet, silence the birds as soon as the gun-firing starts early in the match. What's absurd about it is that no matter where you are on the map, you hear birds, regardless of your proximity to land. You don't see them - and, no, I don't want to see them - but you always hear them, no matter how heated the battle gets. Chirp chirp chirp.... chirp chirp chirp... *(12) 406mm guns fire* ...chirp chirp chirp... chirp chirp chirp. But, if WG continues to think these constant bird sounds are appropriate, why not fill out the whole safari experience with other animal sounds. There's got to be some chimps, elephants, and lions on those islands we're sailing around all the time. Here are some more animal sounds to consider I'm sure they won't shut up during a naval battle either.
  14. In over four years of playing this game with a service record including nearly 13000 random matches, I've only now for the first time received the AA Defense Expert Achievement in a match today while in the Cleveland. I guess that hot place just froze over.