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  1. StormSurgeAlpha

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    My clan also planned to show up twice to play in a prime time of another region. Each time we found the events postponed or cancelled. What's the point of lowering the requirements to be rewarded 500 steel and 15k coal without also including those that planned to but, through no fault of their own, didn't have get a chance to do so during time WG advertised in advance? Not all clans can muster a large enough force to play during the week (in times other than the NA prime time), and the two weekends we did plan to play in the EU or RU regions were cancelled. It seems like WG is just lowering the number of players that will be upset about the premature closing of this test clan season with this action. Well, good for those that got it, I guess.
  2. StormSurgeAlpha

    Anti-Guidance System II Bugged?

    In another match I had a DD firing at me, I fired the consumable and his subsequent shots went in a bunch of haywire directions, but not at me. I think enemy ships that spawn after you use the consumable might not be affected by it. That's my new theory.
  3. When playing the Urashima (DD) in the Sunray in the Darkness Halloween event, you have at your disposal the "Anti-Guidance System II" consumable which, as it states, stops enemy ships from firing their main guns at your ship. The enemy DDs, however, seem to not be affected by this consumable at all which seems to me to be a bug. Can anyone else confirm this?
  4. StormSurgeAlpha

    Dont be this guy in ranked

    I only clicked on this topic to make sure the OP wasn't referring to me as 'that guy'.