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  1. is league of seawolves dead or something?

    On paper, the bonus content for the League of Sea Wolves seems balanced but the player base has spoken loud and clear the past few seasons that the draw isn't attractive enough for games to even occur. Why does WG keep throwing this excuse for a Rank One reward system at us when not enough players are interested in playing in it? I've looked forward to playing with and against others that rank out, and again, not high enough interest levels to see anyone in the queue but me. I wish it did work but it doesn't. Call it a bad system and change something about it, or change it altogether. Just to be clear, I think it's a great idea, and I'm surprised that the games aren't happening. I think there's a lot of fun to be had there. So, I'd like to see it changed in some way to make it work. What can change about the way it is currently implemented that might help generate enough interest to make games happen regularly? Maybe allow smaller teams to start a game (5v5, 6v6) and fewer ship type requirements so games with all of one ship type could happen. Crazy, maybe, but if it works... It's just baffling to me that WG hasn't changed this system of rewarding players that rank out. And I'm not forgetting the nice initial rewards of camo and doubloons for ranking out. Sea Wolves Prime Time needs to be preferably fixed, but if not, then removed. As it is now, it's just a monument to failure and a lack of any creative thinking on WG's behalf to fix it. I'd like to see the stats on how many Sea Wolves games were played this season. If it's not a number high enough to be proud of, then viewing that number needs to serve as a reason to do something about the low participation levels that persist across multiple seasons.
  2. This just happened to me. WG will probably see it as a problem with the team score report rather than an issue where the star should be preserved for all players tied for first place on the losing team. There's no reason to be stingy here; if multiple players tie for first place in points on the losing team then just let them keep their star.
  3. about space battles

    They posted the achievements on March 22. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/space_warships/ New achievements dedicated to Space Battles are also on the way! Shield Activator: bring down 33 aircraft in a Space Battle. Can be obtained more than once. Reward: 1x expendable Sci-Fi Space camouflage (can be obtained once per day). Vacuum Cleaning: Destroy 3 ships while playing a Space Battle with an aircraft carrier. Can be obtained more than once. Reward: 1 expendable Sci-Fi Space camouflage (can be obtained once per day). Not Overly Assaultive: Earn 999 of base XP without modifiers in a Space battle. Can be obtained more than once. Reward: 1 expendable Sci-Fi Space camouflage (can be obtained once per day). Poekhali!: Deliver more than 1,961 HP of damage to the enemy with any armament in one Space Battle. Can be obtained only once. Reward: 10x expendable Sci-Fi Space camouflages. That's one small step for a man...: Secure one victory with each type of ship in Space Battles. Can be obtained only once. Reward: 10x expendable Sci-Fi Space camouflages.
  4. April Fools: Dolphins coming to WOWS

    WG will need to also employ counter-measures for this new dolphin class. Dolphin hunter ships - manned with harpoon-chucking fishermen to hunt down and impale the dolphins until they are dead. Any wounded dolphins should let out a blood trail that will permanently attract sharks that may eventually kill the dolphins, much like how detonations take out DDs. Poisoned Chum - The dolphin hunter ships could also have poisonous chum they throw overboard to attract the dolphins away from their primary task. They would eat the poisonous chum, take damage over time - like a fire on a ship - and possibly choke to death becoming food for the sharks that would then give the sharks greater resolve in hunting down the remaining dolphins left in the match. Dolphin Nets - the dolphin hunter ships should have nets for catching and slaughtering the dolphins for an additional income gained when the match is over. Damage from Propellers - What if the dolphins come to close to a ship's propeller? The dolphin should take lethal damage animated by dolphin chunks flying into the air, a bloody trail behind the ship, and a dull sound heard when the dolphin is bludgeoned to death. This would have a chance to knock out the ship's propulsion system if any of the dolphin's weapons were incidentally detonated. Inspection Ships - At some point during the match, one team can send in inspection ships to come along side enemy ships that brings them to a halt while a team boards the ship while inspections take place. This makes the ship a sitting target until the inspections are complete. There is a chance the inspections will find evidence that dolphins were used and therefore impound the ship causing the ship to immediately follow the inspection ship off the map and out of play for the rest of the game. International Sanctions - Eventually after so many games played with dolphin class ships, a cruelty bar fills up causing the pressure from outside animal cruelty organisations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, World Animal Protection, Animal Rights Movement, Cruelty Free International, and Animal Cruelty International to impose a nations-based cooldown period on the use of the dolphin class altogether. This would be similar to the cooldown on ships used in Operations of the Week except longer and, eventually, shut down the use of the dolphin class forever.
  5. How to: Grozovoi?

    The Grozovoi was the last of the tier 10 DDs I had to acquire. After thinking about how I wanted to spec it out, I thought to forego the Concealment System Mod 1 and try out the Target Acquisition System Mod 1 instead. I do have CE so my SDR is 6.7km. The TLDR is: it is entirely possible to play the Groz like this. Yes, this loses an edge in open water encounters but I adjust my play style to mitigate this by using islands as cover when closing on a target, or engaging at a distance. With 3km assured acquisition, meeting someone at point-blank range coming around a blind corner is a thing of the past. This ensures you are ready for them in this case. Because this is an uncommon choice among DD captains, it can bewilder them when they're sitting on the other side of an island, or when they're sitting in their own smoke as you advance on their position. I've had so many situations where TASM1 has given me the advantage in close-up encounters. It's really been a fun choice for me in this ship. My 19pt captain has PM, AR, LS, SE, BFT, AFT, and CE. I've found the guns to be highly accurate and effective to the point I've wondered if they are overpowered. The Groz seems to melt most DDs with ease. The initial shell velocity is a whopping 950 m/s(!), the greatest among DDs, so those shells have incredible penetrating power. So, it's definitely a gun boat. And I use the 2x5 torps to great effect as well.
  6. No smoke changes in 6.11?

    What if, for instance, a BB is not actually in the smoke but behind it so no enemy can spot it when it fires; will the new smoke mechanics influence that scenario? If not, then BB captains may start asking for DDs to smoke a horseshoe shape around the ship to avoid detection under the new mechanics coming.
  7. Ernst Gaede is a slug

    I play ranked this season with Gaede exclusively. The main issue I have with it is I think gun accuracy within 4km or so should be better than it actually is. I've been in enough close-up situations that should favor Gaede - smoke and hydro are up and target ship is moving laterally between 2km and 4km away - and my shells should be hitting more than 2 out of 4 per salvo. Those that miss seem to flail widely at times when this situation should be where you tear into your opponent effectively. This close-up effective dispersion has on Gaede almost completely negates the Gaede's situational advantage here. In contrast, at long range it seems like Gaede has almost the same chance to land 2 out of 4 shells per salvo. (There's obviously a game mechanic that keeps long range shelling unfairly close to the target, true for all ships, I think.) That's the frustrating issue: dispersion (and whatever other factors may be a play here, angle of guns to target both fore and aft, etc.) has too great an effect close up when it should have a minimum effect close up and a greater effect at longer ranges.
  8. There appears to be at least 20+ chat channels with the name "Ranked Battle", or something close to that. Those playing in ranked battles are split among all these channels, and the one I'm in isn't so talkative right now. Perhaps we would benefit by all joining the same channel. If there were an official channel for this battle type that WG promotes, maybe that would be better than all of us splintered across so many player created ones.
  9. KILLER WHALE is completely BROKEN

    You have to close within 9km of the forts. Then CL AP will utterly shred them. HE doesn't even compare.
  10. KILLER WHALE is completely BROKEN

    I've played Operation Killer Whale about a dozen times now. I usually win and get 3-5 stars. But there are some confusing things about this Op. Several issues have already been mentioned; I'm adding mine, mostly concerning secondary tasks: Secondary task: Destroy forts and onshore facilities. Yet you don't have to destroy all the forts across the map. A lot of players think you have to commit at least one ship to the north area to take out a fort up there but you don't! That isolates a player from helping the team win efficiently. My last game before posting this I had to tell another player to not call for someone to go north. Later in the game he thanked me for clarifying the confusing task requirements. CONFUSING Secondary task: Do not let enemy ship enter the haven. WHAT IS THE HAVEN??? I've won this operation several times and still don't know what the haven is. Is it the base? Is it the exit area that pops up on the west or north side of the map? I've looked over the map at different times of the game and don't see any markings, boundaries, labels that denote a 'haven'. Sometimes we fail this task and I can't learn from this because there is no defined boundary for the haven... wherever IT is. CONFUSING Secondary task: Destroy the enemy's first and second reinforcement groups. There are more groups than just the first two and you can't tell which ships are part of which groups. The team often times makes it into the exit before this task is complete but if it weren't so confusing they probably wouldn't leave before attempting to complete this task. But you don't know which ships are which and I'm not sure you can sink all the enemy ships (do the waves keep coming?) It appears as though these enemy groups don't actually spawn in a group. If they did it would make them easier to identify as a group. It's more like a wave coming from west, northwest, and north. CONFUSING The exit symbol needs to be bigger on the mini map. The first few games I played, I wondered if that was where the enemy reinforcements were going to come from. I get that operations require teamwork, but WG shouldn't let 'teamwork' make up for all the rough edges this operation has. Many things should be clearer so you don't have misunderstandings by one or more players that then jeopardize victory for everyone. And those that do understand this stuff don't have to be explaining it every... single... match.
  11. What is the best destroyer nation?

    This poll is really asking, "What DD line best suites your playstyle?" Short to medium-range gun battles (AKA knife fighting) high volume torp attacks Long-range gun attacks with quick manuevering Short to medium-range encounters The results of the poll as it is stated shows most players like, understand, and favor situations where stronger *pew pew pew*-ability will win the encounter. I love USN DDs - they are really fun to play - but brawling is straight-forward and the most direct method for conflict resolution... meh. It really depends on how you wish to play that will determine which DD line you will favor. I was first to make it to rank 1 last season as a dedicated Maass captain. It was so fun to catch ships deep within my hydro range; I smoke up and tear them a new one. No question there was more challenge involved but so many other captains didn't respect the advantages the Maass brought to the fight, and I did my best to take advantage of that. But asking "best nation"? That's a subjective question at best and the answer relies on how well you can play a given DD line. DDs don't look for a fair fight and the hydro ability isn't fair at all. So, I'm sure you can guess which nation I voted for.
  12. Maass in rank

    I was a dedicated Maass player this season and I think I was the first to rank out (yesterday) doing so. It was tough finding situations where hydro was helpful; mainly, those situations found you. But I recall a few good moments like sneaking up on a Kiev hiding near an island's corner, popping smoke and hydro, then tearing him a new one as he frantically tried to run off. There were a few times when encountering various DDs I would pop smoke, they would sail parallel or charge my smoke only to meet a steady barrage of gunfire and torps. Good times. I took on that challenge. You have to adapt regardless of your feelings towards the Belfast. I tried staying out of its radar range when I expected them to use it, then would close in from a flanked position for a torp run into their smoke. I would say the majority of DD players don't value enough the concept of flanking. You can deny your opponents their comfortable positions and sometimes flush them out under duress to be picked off by your teammates, if you don't sink them outright first. Also, you can collect heavily damaged ships running away from the front lines sinking them for points that might just win the game for your team.
  13. Is this what you wanted, WG? I ranked out yesterday and was eager to start collecting crates as compensation for the abysmal rewards gained for achieving new ranks (except for rank 1 itself, that reward was nice). The upgrade modules you gain along the way weren't such a reward because they would replace something else to use them, upgrades I don't want to give up. So, I was really looking forward to the crates as the true payoff for ranking out. Then I see no one is queued for playing in the Super League and find this controversy. WG, everything about the Super League was a great idea except your reward policy was SO generous it allowed for collusion that stifled competitive and honest gameplay. Now you 'hit the brakes' on how many players get crates per battle that it killed any interest in playing at all, thus denying crate rewards to everyone. I hope you find a solution and implement it this season just as fast as you responded to how players were abusing the rewards system. Because I, like many others, worked very hard to get to rank 1 in hopes of acquiring the pot at the end of the rainbow. You had a good idea about rewarding rank 1 players in Super League. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater by killing any interest in playing. If I understand the initial rewards system, everyone got a crate on both teams each battle. How about top 5 on winning team and top 3 (or just top 1) on losing team get a crate? Just a thought.
  14. Maass in rank

    I play a Maass in Ranked this season. I just made rank 6 today. This ship has its moments mainly centered around using the Hydroacoustic Search. Use it when charging enemy smoke when you know the enemy has sat there thinking they're safe. You'll see them first and start firing while their own smoke inhibits them from seeing you. Use it in your own smoke when being pursued by an enemy committed to closing in on you. You can see out and can start firing first once they're 4.2km away. Or if a BB is charging your smoke and you want to see where to accurately fire your torps. Use it when sitting in your smoke far away from the enemy but close enough that you might get torped. Hydro will give you ample time to move once you see torps coming your way. Use it next to an island where a Belfast is sitting safely on the other side and out of sight. I've seen so many ships get spooked when they're suddenly visible in their safe spot next to an island (but aren't close enough to see you at <2km). HP pool is nice. I use SE to boost up to 19950. When surprising an enemy DD at close range, the extra health comes in handy. Torps are fast and do good damage too. The reason I think most forego the Maass for something else has to do with its main guns. Turret traverse speed is somewhat slow and shell dispersion makes it difficult to ensure all shells are landing even on very close targets. Once you've zeroed in on a moving target, expect only about half your shells to hit. A bit sloppy for most but don't go into a knife fight unless you know you have the advantage of surprise and with enough health to outlast the encounter. Since there aren't many playing the Maass in ranked, most opponents aren't calculating the effect your hydro will have to turn the situation in your favor. This allows you to rack up some kills when the enemy thinks they've got you. But, as usual, it really comes down to knowing your ship and playing it appropriately.