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  1. SrGatoBueno

    Does the game feel slower

    I dont know for certain if this is actually a thing, but its always appears that when there is a lot happening in a match a certain level of time dilation occurs. I'm assuming this is mostly due to the higher number of calculations per period of time as more shells are in flight. Particularly when there is a high volume of secondary fire and fire from ships with a high rate of fire. As it seems there are more ships in the game with high rates of fire appearing more often, eg kitakazes, smolenks, kutozovs, colberts, flints, austins, etc.. If someone in the know could chime in on that, it would be appreciated to appease my curiousity. When this happens, it does affect my aim if I'm not paying attention or reacting quickly based on instincts rather than actual observations. Ie it makes ships appear to be moving slower than they actually are and I won't lead my shots sufficiently.
  2. SrGatoBueno

    I Thought MM Was Fixed? What is this crap???

    Thats not even all that bad, 1 vs 3 radar, with neither dd on your team being entirely reliant on smoke to be able to function or egress. I've had games in ranked where there's been 6 radar on one team and none on the other, and often times that doesn't end up being what determines the outcome of the match.
  3. Also worthy of note, is that the bonus gained from flags and signals is additive, not multiplicative. So you did not lose any value of the signals used, the only thing you didn't get was an additional 2x the base xp. You would have only gotten an extra 5k xp(if a win), granted that's not insignificant. Or 500xp if it was a loss, which I definitely wouldn't lose sleep over. I generally wouldn't want to risk wasting all those special signals in clan battles unless you have a solid team and are fairly confident in being able to win a majority of your matches, anyways. Or you just happen to have a ton of them collecting dust.
  4. I spent a little bit of time messing around with BBs and my other favorite ships to play, but in the end I had the most success playing nevsky and tashkent, mainly because my teams weren't reliably getting competent light cruiser(actually so few of these to be found these days...) or destroyer players. Once I switched to playing only those two I ranked out very quickly on the second day, with 80% and 67% win rate in those ships for this sprint, respectively. And I pretty much ignored the caps completely aside from supporting other DDs, and focused almost exclusively on finding and killing the enemy DDs, then go on to farm till game ends. I chose those ships mainly because they're the ones I have at those tiers I've played the longest and enjoy playing the most, and fit my playstyle best, but I'm sure op soviet bias stronk was behind my success and not any semblance of skill. I did play kremlin some last season, and did take sovetsky soyuz out for some games this season, but with near utter dependence on friendly cruisers and dds doing well, or at least surviving long enough to be useful, games were too hit or miss for me to have patience grinding through ranked with them.
  5. SrGatoBueno


    In dealing with a cv that focuses you, you need to make yourself an unappealing target. The fact that you're getting focused so much suggests that you are attempting the same game play that works only in non-cv matches, in that you are pushing too far away from sufficient support. Another thing, you don't want to be anywhere near that close to another ship if you want to maximize your aa potential. You want to space out far enough so that the flak aura of both ships is offset such that when the planes break through the inner limit of one ships flak aura, that they then enter the other ships flak aura, and will be taking flak explosions the entire time they are within either ships AA defense. It is a lot more difficult for the cv to successfully dodge flak the entire duration of their attack run, and they are far less likely to get more than one strike with that squadron, if they even manage that. The other thing that is likely happening when you're so close to your friendly cruiser or ship, is if their air detection range exceeds their maximum aa range, and the cv knows you're so close to the ship and is trying to shut you down, he will circle your ally and keep him detected, but stay out of harms way, until your ally is dead and he can swoop in. Either that, or because your aa auras are so perfectly overlapped, he can successfully dodge all of the flak, and striking on either of you doesn't hurt enough to make him want to find a less costly target. So ideally, depending on the specific aa ranges of the ships you have, much better to be between 2.5-5km apart. Do some research to find out the exact ranges you want to be at. Also, if you're in a ship with next to no aa, and the cruiser or other ship either doesn't have strong aa and/or is too far away from other friendlies, you may want to pick somewhere else to go. Once the cv realizes how costly it is for them to go after you, they will usually find something else to do, and you'll be in the clear to do what needs doing. It requires more conservative play, within reason. If he starts to work in your area, move back into a position you can deal with the planes. If he doesn't leave you alone, he is going to lose a lot of planes and have a lot less impact on the game. It might not feel like you're doing much if that happens, but it can give your team a huge advantage in that the rest of your team on other parts of the map are able to operate freely and with the enemy team not having vision on them while they do it.
  6. SrGatoBueno

    Game Score never reaches 1000 anymore

    I forget the name of the mod, but many people play with the mod that displays a count down timer for both teams that shows how much time will elapse for each team to reach the necessary points for a victory with the current captured objectives. With it, it usually makes it quite clear who will be victorious long before the game ends, even if score appears too close to call. Its not perfect, and sometimes it really is too close to say for sure--but that is rare. It would be nice to see that mod incorporated into the game itself though so no mod is necessary. On that note, another feature that would be nice to have is after victory condition is met, let the game play for a few more seconds to let any ordinance still currently in motion land where they will--but not have it affect the final outcome of the match. It happens so often that I may be engaged in a brawl that is about to reach a climax, only to be robbed of the satisfaction milliseconds before knowing if that last volley could have had exciting results. One more thing that would be cool, is having some kind of option for post battle chat if a match was particularly exciting or warrants interesting discussion/commends.
  7. SrGatoBueno

    Please Help with Riga

    I honestly struggled the most with tallin, more than any other ship in the line. But the AP is truly powerful, even with the light cruiser split. While the nevsky can very rarely score a citadel hit on some BBs at very close range, it has no issues easily tickling most cruisers' citadels even at 22km max range.
  8. SrGatoBueno

    Please Help with Riga

    Also meant to say I'd be more than happy to hop on and play a few games with you to see if I can give any other pointers.
  9. SrGatoBueno

    Please Help with Riga

    Most of the high tier Russian ships do best like others have said, working the flanks. Patience is especially valuable with the cruisers, wait for DDs and CVS to spot the positions the enemy team is moving towards before committing to a specific action. The Riga plays very similar to Petro, bow tanking and proper angling is key. Like most Russian ships, the citadel is huge and sits above the water line, if you are caught broadside to someone with AP loaded, you will be punished. Try to pick positions that allow you to focus on one target and positions that make it difficult or impossible for the enemy to access your flanks. Russian ships do not enjoy diving into the middle of the frey, pick your way around the outskirts one ship at a time. Petro and Riga are both ships that can benefit greatly from having RDF because of the short duration radar, slow rate of fire and slow turret traverse. If you know there is something likely to be in your radar range, you can use RDF to get your turrets turned to the proper bearing, so that you can fire your guns the moment you use your radar--this ensures that you'll be able to get off at least 2 if not 3 volleys before the radar duration runs out. That said, because of the dispersion, landing good hits on destroyers at the edge of radar range can be difficult, so if its safe to do so, you can also get your ship moving in the direction RDF points you and be in a good position to close the distance if you need to. Despite learning those skills, the combination of short radar and slow guns means that hunting DDs is not efficient for Riga, and it more a defensive tool to turn on the lights and make the lolibotes scatter, and give your team intelligence on what sort of dd threat is nearby to contend with. As far as the guns, Riga has very strong AP, and can absolute take chunks out of BBs and delete cruisers that make mistakes. Obviously if you see a broadside, punish it. If a ship is angled towards you or bow on, aim for the super structure. If faced against a BB and you're struggling to do meaningful damage, aim for its guns, Riga can easily incapacitate or even destroy a BBs turrets. If you can't out trade the ship your fighting, at least you can greatly reduce the damage they can do to you, and in turn hopefully buy enough time for your team to help. Lastly, when committing to an action, plan ahead and try to leave yourself an easy escape route that would allow you to disengage safely if things don't go your way and you are at risk of being overrun. Also watch videos on YouTube and twitch for Riga, Petro, Stalingrad, Alaska, any of the soviet BBs tier 7+, or any other heavy cruiser. They all share similarities. Spend some time in the training rooms and practice shooting tier 9 and 10 BBs and cruisers from all angles and distances to figure out the most efficient ways to deal damage. Once you get the hang of this boat, I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding, just remember patience. Gooduck!
  10. SrGatoBueno

    Dead Eye

    I absolutely agree that dead eye needs to be reconsidered and changed. I have nothing against the occasional sniper BB, but the skill the way it currently is encourages and rewards unsupportive gameplay on a mass scale, and makes playing most matches utterly not fun for anyone that is not in a sniping BB. Deadeye would have been a much better skill for cruisers, if anything. The game as it is right now is not fun to play, either as a DD or cruiser, which is what I prefer to play. If anything, some kind of serious drawback to selecting that skill should be added, or change it so that it only affects dispersion at long range if there is a hostile within your detection range.