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  1. The drive is mechanical. I am currently checking the WoWS instillation, I will have to check WoT later.
  2. Symptoms are that I log in and within a few minutes or seconds I get kicked out to the login screen. No warning, no common action done, just...bam login screen. PC is the same that I have been running WoWS on for 2 years now, i5-6600k, 16GB of ram, Windows 10, Nvidia 970 graphics card and running on a hard wired network with around 100 Mbps connection.... nothing special but definitely not outdated. How am I supposed to use Ping Plotter? Never have used it before. I am honestly just trying to figure out if my situation is unique or if this is common with a common fix.
  3. I just finished updating my WoWS client and reinstalled WoT in the Game Center now I have connection issues within a few minutes of loading into port in WoWS and only about 30-45 seconds of the garage on WoT. Is anyone else having connection issues or know what I need to do to fix it?
  4. biggie1447

    PEF Missions FTW...or wth???

    The PEF looked good before in her standard camo, the second camo gave her a very pretty white and grey color scheme that looks beautiful. It isn't necessary, the stats are the same as her stock perma camo unlike the Tirpitz camo from 2 years ago that had a 100% bonus to FXP gain, but she looks gorgeous with a all white rustless hull.
  5. biggie1447

    Smoke Gen Mod?

    Isn't there a new ship being tested by CCs and Supertesters that also has a creeping smoke consumable?