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  1. Smoke Gen Mod?

    Isn't there a new ship being tested by CCs and Supertesters that also has a creeping smoke consumable?
  2. Premium Cruisers

    Huanghe isn't a strong boat but people can make her do very well if they already do well in the perth and in smoke cruisers like the RNCLs. Most people still playing her know how to get the most out of her limitations and unique abilities. Also the available data is significant. Huanghe has only 1/4 the number of games played by even its closest rival (and second least played these last 2 weeks) the Perth. Damage wise she doesn't really stand out of the other top 5 cruisers and while she is top in every other statistic it isn't by much and the total number of games played in those ships drags their stats down quite a bit just by averages. As near as I can tell the Makarov isn't available on the NA server. On warships.today I can see just over 4,500 all time battles played and zero within the last two weeks. WoWS Stats & Numbers 4300 games but if there is a way to sort by most recent then I don't see it. Even sorted by all time available she doesn't really stand out much in anything other than damage, even then it is by less than 2000 hit points. Numbers added by me for convenience. 1) Hard to justify as what is classified as decent armor? Historically the belt armor values of most ships in game is fairly accurate so other than the normal plating numbers I am not sure what can be done her without completely throwing out the blueprints and creating entirely fake ships balanced for gameplay only. 2) This is one of the balancing areas that WG likes to fudge, I do believe that no cruiser in game should not be able to out turn their turrets when fully upgraded. 3) Range sure but arcs are determined partly by historical shell velocity and air drag that should be based on physics. If they aren't then I agree things need to be changed unless needed to help buff as ship. 4) I wouldn't put it in hard numbers but all cruisers should be able to out spot battleships unless they are in smoke. 5) Perhaps not faster than the fastest but how about 3-5 knots faster than the average of its tier? 6) Bump the max range up to 10km or even greater if a more torp based cruiser (Kitaikami anyone?) makes it back into the game. 7)NO, AA should be balanced based on flavor and balancing needs. Not all ship lines should get DefAA but USN (as an AA focused flavor) should have some of the best values in all AA categories, perhaps not top in everything but solidly top tier overall with no ambiguity. 8) Agreed
  3. Premium Cruisers

    He did say "good cruisers" in his OP.
  4. Lately they have been handing them out like candy. Since the begining of December we have had Fushun, Gaede, Aigle, Vampire, La Galissonniere, New Mexico, Queen Elizabeth, Duke of York, and the chance to receive Bretagne, Normandie, Lyon and Richelieu. Sure lots of them are silver ships but the ones from the DOY campaign all come with a free premium camo as well.
  5. That is pretty much my standard USN cruiser captain build, however I often trade BFT for Superintendent for the extra consumables. I find that the extra radar or repair comes in handy enough to justify the reduced DPM on AA guns as CVs are still somewhat rare. DM can swap fast enough anyway that I find it doens't matter much. Priority target is just too useful on cruisers in my opinion. Perhaps dropping adrenalin rush for expert loader and preventative maintenance or direction center would be a good option.
  6. Bretagne Bugged?

    I can't disagree with you more. The Bretagne is an awesome ship, I have a 60k average damage on mine currently and a 78% win rate. Sure only 9 games but still only my Giulio Cesare and ARP Kongo even come close and the GC is considered rather OP and the best T5 ship in the game currently.
  7. The T5 Bretagne doesn't need a buff, I am averaging 63400 damage right now on her. I don't think I have had a game yet where I did only average damage, she is definately my favorite tech tree T5 ship currently. That being said I don't have enough experience with the rest of the line to make a judgment. I would say to wait a couple months to let stats have time to balance out but the line seems to be pretty decent so far from what I have seen of others.
  8. How did you start playing WoWs?

    Saw one of my subs on YouTube playing it back during late stages of beta. The game came out for windows on September 17, 2015 and I subscribed the next day on the 18th.
  9. Buff their other stats along side it and it would be fine. Faster turret traverse, longer range secondaries and AA, dispersion buff, and small changes to rudder shift acceleration, etc... they could be very competitive despite the lack of barrels.
  10. Choosing Containers

    I am in the same boat. I researched and bought the York, Edinburgh & Shchors, recieved the La Galissonniere, Gaede, Fushun, Queen Elizabeth & Bretagne and researched the Ibuki & Udaloi. I have had no credit reserves to fully upgrade everything yet on the Edinburgh, Fushun & Bretagne yet since I spread out my grind across multiple lines. I want to work on leveling my Shchors and York first before I get into much else but I enjoy playing lots of different ships each day vs a single one and it hurts my credit balance as I keep buying upgrades and researching modules. If I was willing to sell some of the ships in my port I could finish setting up a couple of them but I already have 17 open slots and I don't want to sell the ones I already have just to have to buy them back later.
  11. Choosing Containers

    The way I look at it is this way: If I have a premium account, 50,000 guaranteed credits is nothing serious and a full 150,000 while nice is still less than a single decent game at high tier even without economic bonus flags. Flag containers can give economic or combat benefits and flags can't be bought with credits or doubloons so what I have available is all that there is. Flags add to all of the different EXP and credit earnings and stacked with premium time and first win bonuses can give absolutely ludicrous rewards for good games. Consumable containers make a lot more sense if I am playing as a free account since I am guaranteed at least 3 premium repairs at 22,500 each. I can frequently get a full set of premium consumables for a value of 202,500 credits (52,500 more than a full credits container). Premium consumables have very significant value at high tier game play where the reduced cool-downs can often determine whether a ship lives or dies. Try your luck containers are honestly the worse one to pick of the four. I only recommend picking it as the third daily container as the reduction in normal rewards honestly offsets the majority of the super-container rewards over time. The chance of winning a container only increases to (IIRC) 5% or so, hardly a guaranteed win. There are other drops in the containers of both port and commander slots with different containers having a higher chance of one or the other depending on which container option selected. Based on my containers I find that I more often get port slots from credits and commander slots from flag containers but they are available from every container no matter the choice. TLDR; If you are running a premium account the flag containers are generally a better option. As a free account I would recommend the consumables over the credits but YMMV.
  12. Flag O Rama

    A lot of them are from when super-containers still had the huge flag packs in them + the pre-nerf normal containers. Then there are the bonus flags from missions/challenges and the flags from play testing the PT server. I have noticed that the number of flags I get now is stable compared to my expenditure but I use to build them up much faster. *edit: I forgot about the nerfs to the rewards given out for ranking up in the ranked season as well. We use to get a lot more flags in the earlier seasons.
  13. Flag O Rama

    I think it was just a test to see if they could use a competition to increase the usage of flags to potentially reduce the huge numbers of flags that some players have saved up.
  14. Some Advice?

    I would agree that he needs to not advance too quickly but 1000 games is a bit much. I spread out across multiple lines grinding out ships and had my first T10 inside 1500 battles. Not to mention that games are much longer on this compared to WoT and 1000 battles takes much more IRL time. Perhaps for the first 100-200 he should stay under T5 if he isn't confident but not 1000.
  15. Flag O Rama

    Probably too soon to hear of any rewards, but I would have liked some way to know how many chances that I earned while playing. Something that I would hope WG considers for future events like this.