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  1. Torps Disappearing

    No problem, it is honestly one of the things that isn't explained very well in the game. Check out iChase's captains academy videos for some education and information on the game from basic aiming/shooting & ship handling to analyzation of penetration mechanics and how spaced armor works.
  2. Torps Disappearing

    Like Raven114 said; torpedoes have an arming distance where they must travel a certain distance away from launch before they are armed and can explode. The planes dropped very close to the destroyer so the torpedo wasn't armed before hitting the side of the DD and just crushed the torp instead of detonating it. Torpedo acceleration skill increases this arming distance on CVs to balance out the increased speed, by turning into the drop he decreased the range to inside that arming distance and saved his ship. Time stamp 12:20 seconds in video for those interested.
  3. Disappearing Ships

    There are plenty of game mechaincs that take time and experience to learn and understand, I recommend checking out iChaseGaming and his Captains Academy videos to learn some of the basic mechanics. Some of it isn't really necessary to know until high tier but most of it is interesting and informative and all of it is useful to know.
  4. Wouldn't help as people would still complain about getting terrible modules or useless flags. The only way to fix this would be to remove all supercontainers entirely. I don't mind when I don't get a ship in a super, still havent gotten one actually, but i am still annoyed by useless modules or flags. I got two supers of increased flooding chance and detonation flags back to back when the container system was still new, I don't worry about detonations except for compettitive play and I don't play CVs and rarely play DDs so the flooding flags are mostly useless to me. I would like the option to choose a reward from a small list, say 3 to 4 options, would give me the chance to have some input on what actually matters to me.
  5. Nerfing Low Citadels

    My bad, must have missed it. Don't forget the funky hovering 100m above the water view that you get when fully zoomed out and the downward facing view when using spotter plane.
  6. Nerfing Low Citadels

    To be fair to the game and to real life, the range at which most battles were fought were much further than what is represented in game, accuracy increases drastically as the range shortens. IRL Iowa max range was nearly 39 km and the DM could lob shells out to over 27 km, this is much further than the 21 and 18 km ranges those ships have in game.
  7. There is no reason that they couldn't give it a unique defensive fire consumable. They made on specifically for Kidd and for the Hood afterall. The difference is that the Yamato currently in game is designed and performing like her specs say she should with the armament and armor that she should have. For comparison it is like if WG put the Yamato in game with only 16" guns instead of her 18.1"s. She would still be a battleship with massive armor and torpedo defense but she just wouldn't be as good because she would be missing her overmatch and raw damage potential.
  8. Cesare changes?

    I am curious as to what the existing arming thickness was. This may have been done to correct an error and not actually be meant as a buff. Remember the Tachibana with her 68 degree normalization? Granted that was actually a nerf, but it wasn't like the Tachibana was seriously over or under performing, it was just a typo that needed to be fixed. There have been other instances of minor fixes like this before.
  9. I don't remember what patch it was now but when testing out updates on the PTS server I was in a CO-OP match with bots on my team. The game started out normally, a bit of chat about the changes was going on when all of a sudden in the chat box one of the bots seemed to post a confirmation message to a question about going to cap C on Two Brothers. The other players started asking about the bot and trying to find out if it was a player who made a name that looked like a bot but after 2 quick messages about going to C it didn't post again. My division mate and I were blown away by this "talking bot" and spent the rest of the game trying to get it to respond. I really wish I had thought to take a screenshot of it but at the time I was a bit shocked and didn't capture it before the chat system passed the bot message by.
  10. DD Insanity

    It isn't the number of the DDs which is the problem, it is how they are playing.
  11. The struggle is real.

    I try and make it work but I usualy end up charging into a cap for either defense or to take it alone and get killed from being the only person on my team in range of the enemy.
  12. The struggle is real.

    Lot of that happening these last couple of weeks.
  13. The struggle is real.

    Thank you sir.
  14. Ah, I am not a huge sports fan that title belongs to my wife. Thanks for the compliment.
  15. Thanks I think... not sure what you mean by "slash line." Good lord man!! How much money did you spend on boxes this year? I had terrible luck and only managed to snag Okhotnik, and the normal Kamikaze. Kinda annoyed by that last one as I am not a huge DD player and was hoping for another cruiser or BB. Wouldn't have minded a Loyang though.