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  1. UnseenSpectacle

    Do I have to buy a container to get Västerås ?

    I've got Vasteras but only because I got a lucky 140 token container on my 3rd directive. I think most players should be able to get the T6 if they complete all 4 directives and get a few missions that reward with boxes. In my situation, unless my remaining containers really get lucky, I would have to spend real money to unlock the T7. That just isn't going to happen for a tech tree ship.
  2. UnseenSpectacle

    loyalty switch trigger?

    It is definitely not that. I am always #1 or #2 for base XP in my T8 and I don't usually get my loyalty check until the match after I get the first crate. Mysteries shall remain mysteries I suppose.
  3. UnseenSpectacle

    Question: what benefit of staying loyal to 1 team?

    well if I can snag another T10 camo I will, but I don't think I was active the first day of the competition... so my math will likely be a bit different and no $$$ crates for this sailor.
  4. UnseenSpectacle

    loyalty switch trigger?

    The minimum pattern I can detect is that you must first get 100pts for your current side. I can usually then trigger the loyalty check the next game with a good match.
  5. UnseenSpectacle

    Question: what benefit of staying loyal to 1 team?

    In that case, I'd choose eagles... then get loyalty switch to sharks to bag a container in addition to the daily win container. Though you might have to run the math since the token amount per loyalty point increases the more loyal to each side you become.
  6. UnseenSpectacle

    loyalty switch trigger?

    I think it is top # in leaderboard... I am usually #1 on leaderboard in coop games which is why I get the games done so quickly.
  7. UnseenSpectacle

    loyalty switch trigger?

    You don't need to complete the bonus missions... it seems to have some performance requirement.
  8. UnseenSpectacle

    loyalty switch trigger?

    I would also say that it comes after a pretty good game. I usually don't get mine until I have gotten my first crate of the day and then a good game. I play 3-5 games of coop to just get the loyalty check out of the way.
  9. UnseenSpectacle

    How to Ace the New and Improved Operation Narai

    Narai with a 5-man division is possible since that is the core team you need to defend the port and achieve the secondary objectives. In those instances, you expect the worst possible outcome for the remainder of your team and plan accordingly. Some times you are pleasantly surprised... other times not so much... I have found that if I am having a 200k+ dmg game (without unarmed transports) in Narai then it is usually bc the team is really bad. In that instance it will likely be a loss anyway because you usually rack up a lot of damage in the final port waves. To win you really need decent coordination and team damage to quickly dispatch the torpedo ships and CV in the first port wave. If I try hard in a coordinated team it is usually only around 150k-180k damage because everyone else is still alive and getting some damage in as well. I will say that I have to say Narai is MORE fun but only because they made it so miserable in random queue that I actively sought out a group to play the operation. Since then, I honestly haven't had more fun in the game because you know you have competent teammates around you and you can joke around, have a good time, and farm some XP while not having to stress about how you are going to carry this game and maybe get 3 stars if you are lucky.
  10. UnseenSpectacle

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    Actually they do need to live for awhile in the harbor. You need to get a minimum of 1400 troops ashore before the 4 troop transports are completely expendable. If they take enough damage that the max troops falls under 1400 you will lose a star.
  11. UnseenSpectacle

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    I am sorry to report that being unicum in this op does not help. To routinely 5 star this mission it requires a coordinated team that knows what they are doing. I no longer play this in random queue as a result. @Lightninger has a good group for ops. Most nights the group can now field two full divisions. You may want to send him a pm.
  12. UnseenSpectacle

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    I would encourage you to join the group I have joined from @Lightninger. Activity depends on when you play but I can usually get a group when I play. There are people without microphones that play with us and it works fine. Main thing is being able to hear voice chat and respond to the situation.
  13. UnseenSpectacle

    Narai: Killing the King

    If your team is coordinated enough, you should be able to clean up the Missouri and have someone (preferably a cruiser) push to the edge of the F8 harbor entrance. If your team does that soon enough, they should agro the Nicholas that normally defends the CV before it leaves the harbor area. This will cause the Nicholas to sail toward the F8 entrance instead of following the CV up the 10 line. Needless to say, this makes life a lot easier for the ship(s) assigned to take out the King.
  14. UnseenSpectacle

    Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    Since the rebalance, the best way to achieve consistent success in this operation is with a division. On most ops I was quite content to just play with randoms. Unfortunately, random teammates just don't have the level of success yet to make grinding this operation fun/successful. The most annoying aspect of this operation is that it isn't even that difficult. Instead, it depends on people in your team knowing their role and actually being able to perform it. Even then things can occasionally go wrong because the unexpected loss of a key ship can result in death spiral when your team has to defend the port. I would highly recommend finding a team of people to play with if you want grind this operation. The people I started to play with actually came from this thread and make doing any of the operations entertaining.