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  1. Battleship1987

    Primary Document trove - now with more baguettes!

    would you like to add some stuff to that archive? I have so many plans for navy ships of ww1 and 2 era, USN, Germany, dutch, french and Canadian
  2. Battleship1987

    I need help finding a blueprint

    Are you still looking for these? I have the a pdf of the original blueprints i can share.
  3. Yeah the same thing happen to me, is it possible to get the patch? @Hapa_Fodder
  4. HI, i clicked accept to do the mission for the Argentina Independence Day and on the website it shows as i did, but in game no mission, and I sank 10+ ships in battles and no patch.. Whats going on is this a known issue or is it just me? Thanks
  5. Battleship1987

    Naval History YouTube channel!

    looks nice, if you looking for data sources I have tons of documents, drawings and files on the era. - Keep up the good work
  6. Battleship1987

    Another ship setting sail...

    I will miss you, It was a blast meeting you and the many other players and WG staff on the BB NJ last year. Thanks for everything you did for the community.
  7. Your welcome, I have 100s of other warship drawings from USN, some from UK, Dutch, French, ETC. If you would ever like any for your reviews just ask. i might just have a copy :)
  8. I dont have any thing to add except this general arrangement plan for the Friesland. I apologize though it is in dutch :( however it is still a highly detailed drawing. Destroyer Friesland 1951.pdf
  9. Battleship1987

    Prinz Eugen pictures, all-in

    Thank you, Downloaded them.
  10. I have a pdf copy of that book he is using as reference. Would any one like me to post it?
  11. Battleship1987

    Old drawings of Tall ships.

    Some drawings I found from the tall ship era. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  12. HI i am a collector of blueprints and plans of ships, and do you have found any other sites for ship plans other then these. https://www.hnsa.org/manuals-documents/booklets-of-general-plans-online/ http://www.researcheratlarge.com/Ships/Drawings/BOGP.html http://www.dreadnoughtproject.org/tfs/index.php/Category:Ship_Plans I do have many plans for dutch, Canadian, and many other USN plans that I got from other sources not online, if you looking for any plans let me know, If i have and could share I would post them. Does any one else have ship drawings?
  13. Battleship1987

    Carburetors and Spark Plugs - Old Warship Engines

    If your interested in photos of engines such as these, I i posted one of Triple-Expansion engine from 1983.
  14. Battleship1987

    PSA: FREE Opt-in stuff (with links)

    Thanks, for this I did not know about them. Look forward to diving with ya again soon
  15. I have the bb book, if I send it to you kingping, will you post it? I don't have space in my drive to share and keep stuff online