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  1. First let me say that I've enjoyed playing your game as it was refreshing to be able to get on from time to time and actually have fun without having to "live" online to advance in the game. Over the years, I've seen many changes, some good, some bad but almost always for the greater good of the game. I see no good coming from the current carrier play format change. Carrier play was, and should always be, about coordinated attacks, multi-tasking and managing the naval battle field. You have effectively removed this aspect and turned it into another first-person-shooter ship that the game already had plenty of. The idea of only flying one type of squadron at a time is about as ludicrous as only being able to fire from one side of your ship. Although I agree that the game had inadequate AA suppression for incoming attacks from aircraft, the solution you've come up with is just silly. For a team dedicated to recreating authenticity in their product, you've really disgraced your own hard work with this change. Until the invention of the aircraft carrier, battleships where always the focal point of the naval fleet. But, almost from its inception, the aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as the focal point of any naval fleet and for good reason. It provided longer reach of attack, superior surveillance of the naval theater and the ability to coordinate and manage the overall fleets survivability in any given situation. Carriers provided that next-level-of-play that some people enjoyed occasionally to take a break from the mindless point-and-shoot first-person-shooter monotony that's rampant in your gameplay. If things stay the same, I'm afraid update 0.8.0 will be the equivalent of 40,260,400,157 bytes of freed-up hard disk space on my system.