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  1. <-----My face right now Let me help you with that
  2. Hummmm, might be hard finding the pink poodle....
  3. @Lert 's fetish, of course I am just guessing....
  4. Forum Game - Word Association

  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    Have you seen my skunk? His name is Pepe...Pepe le pew
  6. "mystery" mushrooms you say......BAD BOY!
  7. Captain: I want every man on the bow right now!! OX: WHAT?!? Captain: Arm them with the sling~shots, we can do this!! OX: ....I am officially requesting a transfer... Captain: Damn it man, there is no time! Issue the weapons of mass squirrel destruction! *Life boats can be heard hitting the water* Viva La France...
  8. Bring it! All or nothing....
  9. Ohhhh you have opened Pandora's Box! Soooooooo Onnnnnn! Yea....because I am happy....
  10. +1 one for that.
  11. You might even see a little white mouse, wait for it.
  12. Am I wrong to do this..... And yeaaaaa, like everyone else, Kantai collection.
  13. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    I found your "records" @Chobittsu
  14. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    Konichiwa @Lert
  15. Disco Aigle needs your Tunes ♫

    You thought you would get away with no K-pop (disco ishhh) music? NEVER!