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  1. Great review. My IJN destroyers have been attacked (nerfed) many times by WoW. I fight on and shall never abandon them!
  2. Who have you seen in game

    I just "earned" my Indy, she is still a bit weak as I only had a lvl-6 Captain that came with her. I hope I said hi!?
  3. DDs gets sketchy Tier 6 and above due to Superman Vision (radar) as tier 6 can get up tier'd with T7 & T8 radar ships. T5 and below DDs remain in good number, from what I have seen.
  4. ohhh...ahhh...whaaaaaaaaa! LOL
  5. Sexist!! Ok, I am over it...
  6. Who have you seen in game

    Yea I remember that battle due to I only played my NC that one battle. Yea...kinda felt sorry for the red team that battle, they seemed lost.
  7. DDs Alive and well.

    I guess we all can post pictures and it makes us factually right.... ehhh
  8. I am so there! My parents--->
  9. DDs Alive and well.

    The one picture you posted from one battle is no better the an illusion It proves nothing...
  10. DDs Alive and well.

    1. That was probably ALL the DDs on the server... 2. The only two CVs....left.... 3. The Indi quest that requires 3 caps, cap assist, etc to complete for Indi which pulls out the DDs for a day or so. 4. I doubt this is even close to the "norm" anymore with Superman Vision (radar) like a growing cancer.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    Take your medications, please...
  12. DD's going the way of the CV's

    Hi Spud, It is just a picture that shows my love for my IJN (children) <---part Japanese