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  1. So in a nut shell we have OP carriers with unlimited planes with super cruise, auto consumables, and a new term Plane Spam. Nerfs on all ships AA, no unlimited AA consumable to keep up with the respawning squadrons. Maybe carriers should have a limited consumable to Regen Squadrons. And god forbid 2 carrier scenario's where they work in concert by going to delete single ships together, Yes Carrier Spam will be a real kick in the props. Its going to be the 4 Carriers of the Apocalypse and is going to put carriers in the broken column again. You may just be taking players AA from there cold dead ships and wind up losing players. I think this will come to bite WG in the AFT.
  2. dabears494

    Capt Skill Reset Confirmed

    I have 286 ships total with 187 tech tree ships that have captians. I don't keep any captians on my premium ships for training tech tree ships. So I have currently 86 reserve captians in reserve doing nothing but wasting captian skills. Some tech tree ships have 2 captians because of grinding the new special captians or different spec for Operations for example. I would love to see WG let me be able to bank them into Elite Captian skills and remove most of them out of my reserve. Yes I would like reserve captian spring cleaning. Yes I have extras after receiving special and premium captians from 3 to 15 point each. Some got used but many other may never be used and sit useless. There should be some kind of mechanic to repurpose their skill points!
  3. dabears494

    Capt Skill Reset Confirmed

    I,m truly screwed. I have 286 ships although I don't keep Captians in the premiums. How many can I respec before the reset wears off. I still haven't been through the last time you reset them unless I did some kind of a cookie cutter reset on them. Generally speaking the first 10 skill pts and everything after is mixed bag on each ship. There won't be any guidance on WIKI and YouTube to help with the new specs for the time being. Say you realize you maked a mistake after the reset expires and now have to pay doubloons to change! Do you just leave them unspeced or what. Yes, that's right, I,m dazed and confused with this hole dilemma! And OMG the time it will take? GOD take me now!
  4. Co-op sucks for credits. played 2 w/PEF games with premium, all 4 flags(3 specials) 125% +camo 50% and 50% post battle service credits. Randoms was 526k finishing 6th and co-op was 245k finishing 2nd. So you would have to be nuts, crazy stupid or a scruffy noob potato, or all the above to burn special flags and camos in Co-op. And yes I wasted just to show! Also you still paying the same on post battle costs for each. Much more bang for the buck in Randoms. Just added my last PEF Randon for a loss coming in 3rd for 723K.
  5. Who Morse Code? I know he was married to Dotti and has a son Dash!
  6. dabears494

    PSA: Daily missions for January 4, 9, 14, 19

    Excellent Observation. I'm not a Noob but didn't pay any attention because I only have new lines and tasks to use it on. Thx for sharing! Better to use it and not have it than to not use it and have it! LOL
  7. I've got nearly 300 ships and find this one to be one of the worst, bottom 5%, POS I have ever played. Wish it had a money back guarantee. WG really stuck it were the sun doesn't shine, ever!
  8. dabears494

    I watched the Italian DD stream

    Hope it a free ship because it a ugly port Queen only in my port.
  9. dabears494

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    PEF The Donut Hole! Dispersion is horrible on this thing! Hits everywhere but the donut hole where the ship is! This is going to be a Port Queen after the event! Its for sure a German Mikasa. Garbage. Needs a BIG FAT BUFF!
  10. dabears494

    Poll On Part 4 of the PFE Campaign

  11. dabears494

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    If I were to buy this campaign, which I won't, it should give me 10-12,000 Steel. Not getting this Slocky pay to play gimmicky crap bundles or campaign. No Thanks WG, especially after buying the Christmas crates!
  12. dabears494

    What is the Steel ship SOON?

    really tire of this Steel [edited]
  13. I am so tired of these crap bundles! All I want is the ship and campaign and not all the money grabbing crap I don't want or need. Some Christmas when Santa WOWS wants to be PAID TO PLAY Campaign. Oh, wait, maybe this is the Grinch or Scrooge WOWS. Oh, nice writeup too. Real nice! Good work
  14. dabears494

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    They can piss up a rope if they think I'm jumping through all these stupid useless hoops for about $4 in doubloons! wth
  15. dabears494

    Submarine Mission

    Hated it! Spending 95% time trying and failing to control it. Controls suck! I don't normal use the A or D much but use the Q and E to turn 99% of the time. This is not fun and if it makes it out of the regular game I will stop playing WOWS. Targeting didn't work well either. Doesn't want to lock-on a more distant target behind a closer ship that is moving behind a island. It reminds me of a turd that floats and sinks. Also don't like the fact that you have to play it to get to the other scenarios. Put it in its own stand alone scenario for those that like them(rather it never existed). Would be nice to see what % of the player base likes this.