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  1. Fulth

    Who will actually uninstall and quit?

    If it wasn't for the Kotaku article I'd still probably be on my break from the game and I didn't realise subs had started until then so decided to check it out. Currently enjoying the game, won't be quitting or raging over a feature that's been in the game for years and even though I probably won't play them, I think subs are a great addition to the game. I've bought some premium time and I'll play until I get sick of it, quit for a while then come back rinse repeat.
  2. I'm giving them a go in co-op and it's starting to become enjoyable...but of course, people will yell and scream about them regardless. Still finding my feet with the game in general after a long break...the Kotaku article about the loot boxes made me think about checking the game out again when I discovered subs are in now.
  3. Thanks just thought I would check I wasn't going insane. Turns out it's War Gaming. Works out to be almost $400 Australian.
  4. But the only way to actually get enough tokens to unlock the skin for the T10 BB is to spend 10's of thousands of doubloons?
  5. So wait people are burning themselves out on events and want them cancelled for everyone? No thanks!!! I just returned and am enjoying the current event. More please :)
  6. They are already available to buy in the premium shop without needing to buy loot boxes. I splurged on the camos.
  7. Welp I was wrong thanks War Gaming will be purchasing the BB ones if they dont drop from missions :)
  8. Fulth

    Transformer Tokens

    The missions say "Complete combat missions of the autobots (or decepticon) type" Lol how do I do that? I cant see combat missions of these types. Edit: Never mind literally down the bottom Autobots Part 1 and Decepticons Part 1....I really should make a coffee :)
  9. Fulth

    WoWs 5th Anniversary Flag

    I got it equipped as can be seen per below my forum name here. I didn't realise it was on the users actual anniversary as pre below quote...no idea when that is but I guess it's passed. :)
  10. Fulth

    WoWs 5th Anniversary Flag

    Yep just got it...one Co-op in the Mooshi :) Gives the 5 year patch as well.
  11. I didn't have to stop and think about this question. 100% the Musashi. Oh wait....I paused and thought...Jean Bart? Nah....Musashi :)
  12. Fulth

    Five year flag and patch

    Cool so still yet to be announced thanks for the replies everyone.
  13. I've read on the portal that these are apparently been added to the game but I'm not sure how to obtain these. Are they a part of an event that is yet to start? Cheers.
  14. The original cartoon series featured a blue Rumble whereas the actual generation 1 toys Rumble was red/black and Frenzy was blue. I'm unsure what is considered as "correct" but one would assume the toy but as a kid I do remember thinking a blue Rumble was incorrect as the toys came first for me. Below link shows color differences. https://tfwiki.net/wiki/FIRRIB
  15. As a toy company directly marketing to children, how does Hasbro feel about Transformers content being delivered via loot box gambling?