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  1. Start playing World of Tanks a couple of weeks ago and holy cow it has amazing visuals now compared to when it first released. Is this type of rework something that will ultimately filter through to WoWs? WoWs does so many quality of life things better than tanks, but the graphics in WoTs are stunning.
  2. Can they? Yes Should they? Probably not. I mean there's enough mental instability as it is with the CV rework without then harpooning the whales with a bait and switch.
  3. FilthyScrub

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    I posted in more detail my opinion in another thread. I think the horse has bolted nerfing past premium ships. I'm fine with future ships going forward provided there is a set period of time where players know there could be balance changes. 3 months should suffice to gather enough data.
  4. FilthyScrub

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I love the game and want it to succeed and could be considered a fanboy I suppose. Briefly on the CV work...I never played CVs in RTS mode but tried them in the re-work and found it extremely boring, so went back to surface ships. I'm not quitting the game over the rework as I'm sure they'll balance it out. Now nerfing premium ships is something I feel strongly about and it needs to be handled VERY carefully. With regards to the GC, IMHO the horse has already bolted with this ship. It's way too late now to be nerfing it considering the length of time it has been available and especially being involved in the most recent Xmas crate promotion as one of the "no longer available" headlines ships to possibly get. That is pretty scummy, feels like a bait and switch and I'll admit I purchased a couple of 20 packs of the small crates just for the heck of it for this reason...didn't get it though RIP. With that in mind I'm of the opinion that the horse has also bolted with nerfing ANY past premium ships for those reasons. I know there have been buffs, but considering these ships are predominantly obtained via cash, I believe that premium should always giveth but never taketh away. If they want to have the GC back on sale at T6, then add a "B" ship but dont touch the original. I know that the EULA can cover the nerfing of any premium with the loose wording that "resources can be changed without notice to............ enhance the gameplay experience" (not exact wording but close enough), but at the same time statements have been made that nerfing premiums will be avoided at all costs. If going forward, nerfing premiums is to be a thing, then it should only be for a certain period of time after the ship is first made available...eg 3 months should be plenty of time for a final balance pass but the players should be made aware before purchasing, then lock it down for good. Nerfing the GC...especially an up-tier, after it has been used as a recent sales promotion after EVERYONE knew it was OP for over a year is something I will close my wallet over for premium ship purcahses. I'll still play the game and accept gameplay changes and patches and still purchase premium time as I know what I am getting when I buy it. Edit: I was a semi regular premium ship purchaser and have exactly 20 premium ships mostly obtained via money. / 2c
  5. FilthyScrub

    Game launcher gives no choice to install to other drive

    Figured it out. Turns out they have two versions of the game center installer. The one downloaded from the WoWs or WoTs game pages don't give you an option to change install location and is 6.3 mb in size. The one downloaded from the game center support page DOES give you an option and is smaller in size at 4.5 mb. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wgc/article/19147/ Go figure.
  6. Can someone help? I was having some issues with the game launcher so trying to reinstall it and now instead of installing on the drive I originally had it on, the installer immediately default the install to C:\programdata\Wargaming.net It doesnt prompt to choose a different install location like the documentation says it should and I don't want to install it on my C drive. Also tried downloading the launcher installer from World of Tank as well but same result.
  7. FilthyScrub

    Clan screen shrunk after 0.7.8

    As per title. Anyone else having an issue with the clan section being shrunk in size this patch? My res is 3440x1440, all other sections of the game are okay. Tried repairing the installation with no difference.