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  1. Austin is more fun. Go with Austin. Austin is a lot harder to play and if you're not that good at the game (have a WR less than, say, 50%), you're only going to get frustrated with the ship because you'll get to shoot off one reload booster and then get deleted as 5 enemy ships open up on you at once. So don't get Austin. Do you like firing from smoke? Get Plymouth. Do you want a t10 Belfast that isn't quite as OP as the original? Get Plymouth. Do you hate the same recyclds smoke camping gameplay that you can get from about 20 other ships already? Don't get Plymouth. :P
  2. Ceesa

    New auctions announced for 0.10.5

    I actually expect the coal to go for more this time - the community thought it was 5k winners per server last time, and we didn't know what value the community was going to place on it. Now that we know the lowest winning bid for 100k coal was around 80M, I think most people who can afford it are going to bid significantly over that number to make sure they get it. I think it's going to be a 100M lowest winning bid this time around. Which sucks, because that's more than I want to spend, but not so much that I can't afford it.
  3. This is a non-issue. The only time people will purposely eat torps is to punish people who fired them dangerously close. In fact, now I won't feel the need to dodge friendly torps (and put myself in a worse position), so people who were already carelessly slinging torps will now find themselves hitting friendlies more often, but not because people are intentionally running into torps, rather instead because they aren't getting out of their way!
  4. Pretty much everyone in typhoon is using goliaths or venezias or a mix of both. Everyone has the one petro, but in three hours of play last night KSD didn't run into a single Stalingrad or Moskva. The weaknesses of those ships are too easy to exploit if you know how. Now, I have heard that that Gale and Squall are full of all-Russian lineups. I don't know how true that is, but I wonder if that isn't more because of the perception of Russian bias than the reality, or if it's because the players in Gale and Squall don't know how to punish those two Russian ships. Could be a bit of both.
  5. Ceesa

    Airstrikes nerfed (Devblog)

    Exactly this, and I'm 1000% in favor of this direction. Consistent damage is more enjoyable to deal and more enjoyable to receive. Consider Halland torps. Those of us with that ship enjoy how much easier it is to land the torpedoes, even if they don't do as much damage. Those of us taking hits from Halland torpedoes still get that "oh crap" realization before we take the hit, but then we breathe a sigh of relief at how little damage we took (compared to IJN torps, for example). It's better for everyone. As for the main battery nerfs, I'll withhold judgment until I get my hands on the ships myself.
  6. The first poll really has two separate questions in it. The most powerful ship and the ship I fear the most are two different ships. When I see an FDR, I hope it focuses someone else because there's just not a lot I can do if the FDR decides to come at me. But for all of those other ships, I can outplay them to mitigate their strengths. So Bourg is probably the most powerful because it can really carry a match. But FDR is the ship I least like seeing on the enemy team.
  7. They heyday of the Stalingrad is certainly over, but it's not a bad ship. It really suffers from two problems in the current game though: severe vulnerability to AP dive bombers and fires. Stalin works best as a semi-stationary nose-in ship, and that sets it up to take all the AP DB cits. It's rough. It's also big and there are a lot more firestarters in the game now than there were when it was first introduced, plus there isn't any fire prevention skill anymore. You can still do well with it, but it's nowhere near the monster it used to be. I'd spend your steel somewhere else.
  8. Ceesa

    Epitome of a T8 Utility Cruiser

    The first week after Austin was released DDs were still rushing into caps, not realizing just how close I could get. Then the cap would start to flip, a friendly DD would spot them, and one reload boost later they're dead. Then I'd have to run screaming from all the incoming BB and CA shells for the next 20 seconds, but I'd generally be able to live through it.
  9. Those are two entirely different beasts. For ranked, you're looking for a ship that doesn't rely on your teammates, one that can dynamically react to what your team and the enemy team is doing. That's the Bourg 100%. For CBs, you want a ship that can fit into a defined strategy that can depend on teammates to support it. Sometimes that's going to be the Bourg, but right now KSD is playing in high storm and ranked somewhere near the top of the leaderboard for NA (I think around 10-15th-ish). We've seen plenty of Shiki's, but many fewer Bourg's. Ultimately both are good ships. I plan to get the Bourg myself if Napoli isn't going to be sold for steel.
  10. Absolutely. Four data points for a month is very few, and moreover this is raw numbers and not percentages, so they're harder to parse visually.
  11. Ceesa

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    Yes. Stupidly slow. 35 kts. You have to take a lot of lead.
  12. I so rarely buy ships that I didn't realize you couldn't use the coupons on the new ones, but I guess that makes sense. I remember people saying Florida was fun when it came out, so if I had to pick one for you, I'd say Florida. It plays more like a battle cruiser, and that's a style I like.
  13. I normally lean towards picking up ships that I see people playing often because that tells me they're fun. But I don't see any of those that often at all, so maybe just let the coupon lapse? Or go for Ise, for the novelty value?
  14. I see CVs with my Austin all the time. Well, I guess you could say I see them from afar -- the planes tend to stay very far away from me.
  15. Ceesa

    ZF-6 - Worth it?

    Those are some great reviews. Thanks to everyone for your input. I have a lot of things to consider.