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  1. Ceesa

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    1000% agree. It doesn't even make sense that I'd be able to hear it, less so that it'd be just as loud as the sound of shells hitting my own ship.
  2. Remember, people can only win ships they don't have yet. If those ships are the only ships people don't have and they buy a few dozen crates, then of course those are the ships that are going to drop for them. In order to really check that every ship has an equal chance of dropping (which I highly doubt) you'll need to only poll people who don't own any of the ships on the list. And good luck finding some of those who are also active in this forum.
  3. A similar thing happened in Mechwarrior Online several years ago. The devs had broken a string of promises to the community, so we were already quite grumpy with them, and then they had the audacity to sell mechs for $500 each, mechs which were available in game with non-premium currency and could be ground out in a day or two of playing. But how were these mechs different? They were bright gold. And this obvious cash grab pushed the community as a whole into full outrage, and there were many, many reports of people teamkilling anyone in their $500 mechs just for the fun of it because that game didn't have any sort of penalty for teamkilling. So your concerns are well-founded, and I have to admit I've imagined not teamkilling a PR, but rather unloading a full AP salvo at one of its front turrets to just knock it out, and then let the PR play the match gimped. I probably won't do this, but it definitely crossed my mind. I'm frustrated by the whole PR thing and while you definitely have a right to spend your money how you want, I feel it sends the wrong signal to WG.
  4. I'm going to go in a different direction from everyone else: Stick with the tech tree ships and get a t6 cruiser, specifically the pensacola and the leander. Neither of these ships are going to make you feel good while you play with them, not at first. What they will do is teach you how to play the game smartly, and that's because if you make a small mistake in either one of those ships, you are dead. The Leander is a little bit more forgiving because of its smoke, but just being in smoke doesn't make you invincible. Those ships will teach you how to position yourself, how to angle, when to run away, and every other good hard lesson that the sub-50% win rate players never learned. I thought I was ok at this game until I got the pensacola, and then it taught me that I really didn't know what I was doing after all. Once you can make that ship sing for you, you'll be ready for higher tiers.
  5. The better our clan did in brawl, the longer our queue times got. They started off under a minute and then steadily grew, with queues of 3, 5, 8, 12, and 17 minutes for sure that I can remember. It culminated with this gem: nearly 27 minutes in queue. Wargaming, if you could look into this, it'd be great. Thanks.
  6. Ceesa

    Lots More Deplaning

    I'm not striking the mino. I'm seeing the mino appear magically on the map, rendering after my planes have started to take damage, and then I'm running away. Any strike sent against a full hp mino is going to lose every plane, and there's a chance that the strike won't even happen because all the planes will be dead first. So I'm not complaining about losing one plane and getting damage in. I'm complaining about the "gotcha" mechanic of ships having air detection equal to their AA range.
  7. I've played enough post-patch battles now to get my thoughts in order, so here we go. The new AA mechanics of focus firing planes in squadrons has, to absolutely no one's surprise, increased the amount of plane losses that CVs suffer on attack runs. Dumping off strikes on the way to a target is mandatory now if you want to have any planes left at the 10 minute mark. I used to be able to take dive bombers and make two strikes on a single target. I might lose most or all of my planes if I chose a target with good AA, but I could still get off two strikes. Now there's a better than even chance that I'll lose a full squadron before I can get the second strike off, even on targets that have moderately good AA. Even more fun is scouting out enemy minotaurs. It used to be you could escape with quite a lot of damage spread across your squadron, but probably not lose any planes. Now it feels like you're guaranteed to lose at least one. I know CVs started strong and have been hit repeatedly with the nerf bat ever since. Each one was understandable, and CVs were pulled slowly off the IMBA plateau. But this is one nerf too far. I don't enjoy playing CVs much with this patch for the same reason that I don't enjoy playing World of Warplanes: When you reduce the number of effective strikes that a squadron can make to just one, the CV player spends the vast majority of his time flying his squadrons in a straight line from CV to target. That's boring. Making turns and dodging flak, trying to line up angles to hit targets, that's where the fun is (at least for me), and now I can't do that anymore because if I try, I end up deplaned. The playstyle I've been forced to adopt is one much more geared towards spotting and harassing DDs. It takes my damage numbers way down, which is fine, but it frequently frustrates the hell out of me because spotting DDs is useless if no one on your team shoots at them. So now I've lost planes for no reason. Not fun. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but this nerf removed a lot of the fun factor from playing CVs for me. I might take a break from them until the next round of balance changes because of it.
  8. Ceesa

    Update 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    I'm getting huge lag spikes, with my ping bouncing between 35 ms and 2800 ms, but only about 30% of the time, and only on the new map Greece. This has only happened in ranked mode, and it has happened twice. The first time my wife was playing an online game on her computer at the same time and reported no problems with ping or lag. The second time I was the only one playing. The first time two other people in the match reported the same problem with lag spikes, but the second time it seemed like I was the only one. In both cases the lag spikes went away as soon as about half the ships in the match were destroyed. WoWS_report.wgc
  9. I agree with you. The top emblem *should* be harder to achieve. But I think a reasonable question to ask when making these emblems in the first place is what percent of your population you want to be able to earn each level. I consider myself a skilled cruiser player, and getting the cruiser one was no big deal for me. I do less well in BBs and DDs, and I haven't yet achieved the top level for either one (in both cases due to not enough games played), but I'm on track to just barely get the BB one and just barely miss the DD one. This makes sense to me from a difficulty standpoint, knowing how good I am in those ships compared to the general population. But I have a good feeling about my relative skill in CVs, and it's up there with how good I am in cruisers, so I feel like the top level emblem should be roughly the same difficulty for me to achieve as the cruiser one. And it's really, really not. I'm happy to work harder to get it, but at the same time I would like it to be in line, difficulty-wise, with the others. And after all the reworking of CVs, I think it's reasonable to expect that while it used to be in line, it no longer is.
  10. Ceesa

    Regarding Hakuryuu's torpedo bombers

    They tested buffing them but have now changed their minds and decided to remove them entirely. Quoting the dev blog: I really like the idea of saturation torps, but I understand how they can cause a lot of problems. I'm not sure why they couldn't have just given Hak a TBD squadron with similar capabilities to the Midway though. Two medium strength torps are ok, I guess, but I'd be happier with four weaker ones (as long as I could still drop them at less than 800 m).
  11. Ceesa

    Personal Challenge: Beat the CV

    Go for the IJN cruisers. You can still have fun with them, but if you had a decent amount of experience with how they played before the rework, you'll be in for a rough transition for their usefulness post-rework.
  12. Thanks Fem, glad to know it's on someone's radar.
  13. This was an acceptable goal pre-rework, and it was also pretty easy to get immediately post-rework. However, with all of the nerfs to carriers since then, I think 130k/game has been placed pretty squarely out of reach of all but the top players. If you look at Midway players, for example, only about 100 people would qualify for this emblem. For Hakuryu it's 66 (and a fair number of those got to high values during the "flying shimakaze" days). For the Audacious, it's a mere 15. I'm ok with having top level emblems that are hard to get, but I think this one is too hard, and in light of the CV rework I think all of the badges for CVs need to be rescaled based on the new damage numbers those ships can dish out.
  14. Ceesa

    A CV Fix I haven't seen yet

    This would require a massive rework of the current rework. For one, if I don't get "unlimited" planes, then let me spot AA cruisers before they start shooting at me. And if I decide to change squadrons, will my damaged planes get repaired? Tons of potential for abuse here. I don't think you've really thought through a lot of the ramifications of this.
  15. Ceesa

    Why so angry non cv drivers?

    Last night in my Implacable in a t8 match I noticed with early scouting that there was an unsupported red North Carolina. I hit him with bombers, set two fires, waited for the dcp cooldown, then hit him again to set more fires. He tried to run to his allies, but just based on his spawn on the flank there was nothing he could have done. That's the kind of thing that needs to be addressed. I understand that a BB is going to be punished for going off on his own, but that's a lot different from spawning off on your own and trying to run to support (that also happened to be running away from him that match). Maybe some of this will be addressed by the squadron launch delay, but that's just treating a symptom of the issues and not the root of the problem, which is that single ships have no remedy against CVs unless they have amazing AA and force the CV to avoid them entirely.