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  1. That's kinda backwards, really. Both Standard and Domination require you to play an objective, the only difference is that Standard makes it a GOOD idea for both teams to camp their bases instead of a bad one. If players aren't going to move forward when the goal structure favors it, incentivizing them to camp harder sure won't help the situation any.
  2. In general, guns that large with a 1/4 HE penetration modifier already pen almost everything on every ship (all decks, extremities, superstructures, and upper belts). The pen-able area gained would be primarily cruiser turrets, from what I can tell, and a couple troll sections of FdG/GK belt (Monarch 94mm -> 122mm, Conq big guns 113mm -> 147mm). If you're shooting HE at a broadside cruiser, I guess you could also pen a few slivers of belt above the torpedo bulges, but you should also probably lose your battleship license at that point.
  3. Something about those Indy numbers...
  4. I had to pick a "typical" value for each gun size, so I mostly went with T8. The table would have been too crowded with all the possible combinations. Edit: Although as far as I can tell, Khab has 8%, so maybe you do have DE on it.
  5. You are partly correct. The two German cruisers have no business taking IFHE, since both of them get 1/4 HE penetration as a base rather than 1/6. Perth and Belfast do suffer very low fire rates if using IFHE builds, although IFHE on 152mm is somewhat less important at mid-tier.
  6. Like what?
  7. 150mm/6=25, which pens 24 without IFHE. 150/6*1.3=32.5, which rounds up to 33, and thus pens 32 with IFHE. So Z-23/150mm without IFHE can only pen DDs (no CA or BB extremities) with 12% fire chance. Old IFHE would make it pen all extremities with 11% fire chance. New IFHE makes it pen all extremities with 6% fire chance. Overall, 150mm gets the same nerf bat as the 152/155mm CLs got. Added to the main table. 150mm (Z-23) Pens DDs but not CA/BB (24mm < 25,32) 12% fire Pens 32mm 11% fire Pens 32mm 6% fire
  8. Opinions on this vary. Some people prefer to use IFHE because it gives a very high raw dpm against other destroyers, even if they angle. A non-IFHE Akizuki has only AP and superstructure hits to work with, which are very unreliable against DDs that don't show broadside. More to the point, the new IFHE allows Akizuki to get that pen with minimal penalty to fire chance, maybe even skipping DE in favor of SE, SI, or BFT for certain teamplay builds.
  9. Analyzing the proposed changes to IFHE based on the info posted on the World of Warships Facebook page. Note that important cutoff values for penetration are: 19mm (T8+ destroyer hulls and CA/BB superstructures) 25mm (Most BB decks and casemates around T8, CA bow/aft/deck T8+) 32mm (T8+ BB bow/aft, some BB decks) HE pen formula is: round(cal/6) > armor. Note > and not >=, so e.g. 127mm does not penetrate 21mm armor (127/6=21.167, rounds to 21, but 21 is not > 21). German CAs are omitted, because they have enhanced HE penetration (caliber/4 instead of /6), and already pass all of the above thresholds. Caliber No IFHE Old IFHE+DE New IFHE+DE 100mm (Akizuki, Harekaze) Can't pen T8 DD (pens up to 15mm vs. 19mm armor) Can't pen CA/BB superstructure (15mm < 19) 5% fire Pens 20mm 4% fire Pens 20mm 6% fire 127mm (DD) Pens DDs and superstructures (20mm > 19) 5% fire Pens 26mm 4% fire Pens 26mm 6% fire 130mm (RU DD) Pens DDs and superstructures (20mm > 19) 8% fire Pens 27mm 7% fire Pens 27mm 9% fire 152mm (RU CL, Cleveland) Can't pen BB bow/aft (24mm < 32) Can't pen CA bow/aft (24mm < 25) Can't pen BB deck (25mm) Can't pen casemate (25mm) 12% fire Pens 32mm 11% fire Pens 32mm 6% fire 155mm (Mogami) Can't pen BB bow/aft (24mm < 32) Can't pen CA bow/aft (24mm < 25) Can't pen BB deck (25mm) Can't pen casemate (25mm) 10% fire Pens 32mm 9% fire Pens 32mm 4% fire 180mm (Donskoi) Can't pen BB bow/aft (29mm < 32) 13% fire Pens 38mm 12% fire Pens 38mm 7% fire 203 (most CAs) Already pens 32mm No Definitely no >203mm (BBs mostly) Already pens 32mm Still no Nope Edit: Added 150mm (Z-23) Pens DDs but not CA/BB (24mm < 25,32) 12% fire Pens 32mm 11% fire Pens 32mm 6% fire 240mm (Henri IV) Pens 32mm Can't pen 50mm Khab belt and GK deck 22% fire Pens 51mm 21% fire Pens 51mm 16% fire Net overall effect is: Buff to 100mm DDs. IFHE without DE might become viable. Mostly unchanged for 127mm and 130mm DDs, still an okay use of points. 152/155mm CLs lose about half their fire chance if they take IFHE. Edit: 150mm Z-23 also falls into this category. 180mm Donskoi is caught in a weird place where it almost has to take IFHE at its tier, but suffers a big hit for it. IFHE on 203mm was already stupid, now is really stupid. BBs trolling with IFHE don't actually care, -8% instead of -3% off 38% fire chance is w/e. Conclusion: Effective nerf to 152/155mm guns cuts their fire chance in half. 100mm DDs slightly buffed. Donskoi and Z-23 caught in the crossfire.
  10. Are the values comparable versus each other, though? GK Vertical vs. Conqueror vertical?
  11. Good catch. So basically, it's GK's shot pattern +/-5% or so.
  12. On paper, this makes Conqueror's 419s the least accurate Tier X BB guns in the game (same sigma as GK, larger horizontal dispersion). Although I don't know how the vertical dispersion parameters compare without a GM3D account, so maybe there's that.
  13. It should. FWIW, they do convey it on the website, usually in one of those callout boxes.
  14. According to WG, you're taking something like a +200% dispersion debuff by doing it (same as blind fire into smoke), but there's nothing illegal about it. If you're NOT getting the dispersion penalty and they still aren't seeing the incoming fire indicator, that would be a bug.
  15. I haven't played SC in a very long time, but I seem to remember it being "getting her guns in the general direction of the target then spraying shells evenly in a 2-mile radius".