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  1. Edgecase

    still not fun

    Did you notice that 4+ of those were fighters (see fighter drop circle below)? So, at most two actual bombers shot down the whole time.
  2. Edgecase

    still not fun

    Yeah, the player definitely screwed up by not using pretty much any of the tools available to him. Smoke in particular is about the only thing that had a chance of extending his life (and not by much, it's low-tier German smoke). But I'm laughing just as hard at all the posts in this thread suggesting he could have lived if he stayed near his team's cruisers or "not been alone". Have any of you even done the basic math on T6 cruiser AA vs. T6 planes? A Furious rocket bomber has 1920 HP before captain skills. Aoba has 52.5 dps if you hug its nuts in the short range AA zone. So that's one plane shot down every 36 seconds. AW YEAH. Pensacola has 115.5dps. You lose a plane if you spend 16 seconds just flying in circles at point blank range. And that's being generous; in reality, the "AA hit probability" mechanic cuts them even further.
  3. Edgecase

    still not fun

    That would be a legit counterpoint if those cruisers would have somehow prevented the planes from vaporizing him, but the simple reality is that T5 and T6 AA don't do [edited]. And especially not if both carriers want you in particular dead.
  4. Edgecase

    U do realize that CV is a flight sim!?

    If the OP's thoughts and reality don't agree, reality must be wrong.
  5. Edgecase

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I'm still not clear on this, what part of the sound sliders is actually NEW? I get that the sound engine and library changed, but the sliders?
  6. Edgecase

    PSA: Sound Setup Guide

    I get why it was designed this way, but it appears the new sound engine is breaking an underlying assumption of the slider interface for many people, namely that there should never be a case where your own sounds are too quiet and everybody else's are too loud. It's impossible to fix that issue with the combo slider. I don't have that issue personally, but it's what I gather the problem is. I also think the description you guys are giving is poorly worded. It would be easier to say that from 0 to 50%, it scales all gunfire volume; and that from 50% to 100% it continues boosting your own gunfire but not others. Many other issues remain with the audio as of though. There are still many ships with no gun sounds, and AA sounds are still jacked up.
  7. Edgecase

    Ark Royal - I don't get some of these decisions.

    Ark Royal is a CV for beginners. The squadrons are easy to handle and hard to deplete. You don't need to use any fancy tricks, or even the W and S keys half the time. But the planes are so disgustingly slow that you can only get them to the action a few times a game, severely limiting the ship's maximum influence. T6 CVs in general are quite overpowered right now, so none of this may seem like a big deal, but in general, this ship's unique plane configuration makes it a good training-wheels CV; but a miserable experience of being artificially held back for experienced players.
  8. Well, I'll leave it alone for all the UX "pros" in the room, surely you've thought through the use cases here and arrived at the conclusion that adding more sliders is a great thing.
  9. Edgecase

    talk about being lower tiered

    Because it's actually an acronym for "Situation Normal: All F*cked Up", and I guess that qualifies it as a swear word. Same reason you can't type lmbo on this forum (you'll see the silly replacement "b" for "a").
  10. The irony is that in this case, the expiration date is losing them a sale they would have gotten otherwise. So while it was of course intended to spur a sale, it's doing the opposite here.
  11. Just a short note to the WG monetization and balance teams on some rather circuitous circumstances that have kept me from outlaying cash recently. I don't claim that my story is representative of any large number of people, but maybe it will help round out a use case pool somewhere. 1. Research Bureau has cannibalized my interest in premiums No, this isn't another RB boycott protest. I'm actually using the RB to regrind 8 lines presently (doing +200% first wins on each is very helpful). I'm at 41k RPs and steadily climbing. This is fine with me. It gives me something to do in between lines, which now take 3 months to fully release. BUT. Because all my time is now spent regrinding tech tree lines, and will be for the foreseeable future (there's 120k RPs of content available even today), I have no time or reason to play my premium ships. Accordingly... I have no reason to want more premiums, especially in the mid-tiers where I'm doing most of my regrinding, T7-T9. So ironically, the Research Bureau regrinds have kept me from multiple Premium Store purchases. 2. Enterprise removal timing I've had my eye on this ship for a few years now, for historical and gameplay reasons. I've been patiently waiting for my annual 30% off coupon to arrive, and have been planning to use it on Enterprise. I didn't buy it last year because the CV rework was coming up, and there were too many unknowns to warrant a purchase then. I'm still not totally happy with the state of CVs, but I was willing to do it at 30% off. My coupon arrived this week on September 17 (I signed up the day the game officially launched). Sadly, Enterprise was pulled from sale two weeks prior, circa September 3. The coupon is only good for three days, and there are no indications that Enterprise will be coming back by then. There are no other ships or services in the Premium Shop that are attractive enough (see #1 above) for me to spend on them. And so my coupon will expire, and I will not have made a purchase with it.
  12. Edgecase

    Update Sound fixes.

    @Umbaretz So we can understand what happened and give better feedback: Is this the way the sliders have always worked, or is the functionality described here new for 0.8.8 and part of the audio system upgrades?
  13. No. The options we have today don't include the huge number of sliders it would take to let people change every single sound setting in the game. If you follow the logic of "we should let people change everything as much as they want", you would end up with literally thousands of sliders. Otherwise somebody will say "Oh, but I want the second turret on Duke of York to be quieter" and you'd have to have a slider for it. And the end result would have so many sliders it would be unusable anyway, making it a double waste of effort. So instead you find the balance that gives the best efficiency. Right now, there are about a dozen sliders. And if you REALLY NEED to have a certain sound a certain way, go make a mod that replaces that sound file with a louder/quieter/whatever one. Because people spam whine all the time on the forum for everything. If it doesn't show up here frequently, there's a good chance people actually don't care.
  14. Edgecase

    Coming soon...

    Blurry wallpapers will soon be available in the premium shop for doubloons!
  15. What? You don't just turn on voice comms... ducking?