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  1. As other said, it will be a gift to TKers. And people who like to spam 20km torps across the map. Also, the fact that some DDs can have their torpedoes ready by the time they reach the caps while others can't, is a balancing point in favor of those DDs. Unless it's specifically causing imbalances, there's not really any reason to mess with it.
  2. Edgecase

    300% Doubloon offer!?!

    Wait, you started a thread to complain about not getting free stuff in a game you don't enjoy?
  3. Edgecase

    First Strike Fridays - Early Leads

    You'd be surprised how much of a game can be decided before the first ship goes down. Also, first strike means nothing if you traded a ship to get it.
  4. Edgecase

    Playing for "Fun"

    I just assume everybody else is drunk until shown otherwise.
  5. Edgecase

    Mentor program - did anything come of it?

    Hmm, there was a forum contest about best ideas to help new players a while ago, wasn't there? I don't remember what happened with that either.
  6. I dread seeing the right kind of ammo, of the right caliber, coming at me at the wrong time. I love, on the other hand, seeing an opponent that doesn't know when to switch.
  7. People like to blame. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong, but they love to do it either way.
  8. If this goes well, it might be interesting to consider a virtual ticket on the premium store for future events. Nothing crazy extravagant, but I'd consider getting in on a package with some decent in-game exclusives and/or swag (particularly if it was themed/unique to the event).
  9. Edgecase

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    Absolutely not. The game already punishes players who don't do much, in this exact way. Do a bunch of 0 damage games in Tier X, and you'll definitely see credit loss unless you're stacking premium, flags, etc. Players in this game for some reason do not respond to gameplay economic incentives, they just complain about losing money at the end.
  10. Edgecase

    There really needs to be a BB limit also

    There is already a soft limit on BBs at 5. Even in an even 3-way split, you should expect to see 4 BBs per team.
  11. Edgecase

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    Thanks! I think you're confusing competitive play with simply getting the average player's competence level high enough to recognize options beyond "always run away", "always camp", and "always rush with face". Like "kite when you're losing and push when you're winning". Or "flanks are good". If you really think people will never be able to comprehend those, then I doubt anything I say will change your dim view of humanity. Turnover is inevitable. In fact, it's one of the main reasons why creating resources to skill up one's play is important -- there will always be players in need of improvement, and having better tools for training helps to keep the gap manageable.
  12. Edgecase

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    Experienced CB players know that excessive camping leads to loss of initiative, loss of positioning, and loss of matches. The actual game mechanics do not favor camping*. But here's the thing: camping is better than feeding. Smart plays > camping > feeding. So if people don't know how to make smart plays, they fall back on camping, because it's their next best choice. This is why I view the problem as one of insufficient knowledge. If players were better able to understand and execute reasonably good active plays, they would do so instead of camping. But it's hard to know what those are; most players' knowledge of the game is limited. WG has resources in place to help with this situation**. But until they find a way to make players actually take up and use those resources, this problem won't go away. Nevertheless, the long-term solution is not to nerf lethality at Tier X. Instead, I'd much rather see them step up their in-game and out-of-game efforts to increase players' ability to see, comprehend, and formulate interesting active plays. * **
  13. Edgecase

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Controlling the Map

    Well there's an overly broad question. So here are some overly broad answers. BB: Spread out from the other battleships so your guns cover areas theirs don't, and your overlapping areas hit different angles. Island cruiser: Find an island and park just far enough behind it that your shells go over the top. Open water cruiser: Find some open water. Stealth DD: Use your psychic RPF abilities to figure out where the enemy is hiding, and torpedo them. Or just shoot torpedoes at smoke. Take caps when you won't get killed by radar. Gunboat DD: Place heavy object on the left mouse button. Yell "Witness me!" CV: Be purpler than the enemy CV.
  14. Edgecase

    Welp, thats the end of Ranked for me.

    Gameplay modes that make it to the Public Test Server are typically coming to the live server in the next patch, unless something is discovered to be majorly broken.
  15. Edgecase

    Welp, thats the end of Ranked for me.

    They did, although they spoke with actions rather than words. Way shorter season, only 10 ranks, bring a friend so you don't have 100% random teammates, Tier V instead of X.