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    People on both tails of the "aggression bell curve" are doing it wrong. Actually, thinking of it as a one-dimensional quantity in the first place is wrong. Aggression is about when and how, not how much. Campers get wrecked by HE, FYI. See: every stationary/reversing 20km Yamato that gets burned down by a cruiser they can't hit.
  2. Does Community Coordinator mean you're the New Niko?
  3. I'm no historical expert, but I thought it was a steam whistle. I'd assume it's steam. Coming out of the whistle.

    If you're consistently dying to HE spam, you're doing it wrong. I'd bet a million silver that you're doing one or more of the following: Using a captain without Concealment Expert Using a ship without Concealment Mod Using non-premium consumables Using a captain without Fire Prevention and Basics of Survivability Sitting in the back where you can't return fire accurately Rushing the front where you eat focus fire Starting to push, getting hit by HE, and panicking so you stop or try to turn inside the kill zone Approaching islands from angles that can be easily arc-spammed Not going dark or retreating when you are low on health Not positioning yourself so retreat is even possible Missing kill shots on enemy cruisers so they can continue to spam Using DCP or RP inefficiently Long story short, BBs can survive a huge amount of HE spam and fire, provided they are played smartly. Fire damage is slow and predictable, and therefore controllable -- you should be able to disengage before dying. Further, you should not be spammable outside medium ranges because you should be invisible. Inside your concealment range, you should win any damage trades you may be making. And if someone is camping a corner, you should be looking to flank it rather than charge it. Finally, keep your wits about you. You're freaking out about 41k of damage out of the 91k you took in that game, but that's not even half of what killed you. You didn't die to HE spam. You just noticed it more. You took twice as much damage from AP as HE. Also, why were those fires left burning so long? Did the torpedo you ate force your DCP, which then opened you up to unrepairable fires? Because if so, it's a mistake to blame the fires alone.
  5. Hydro Search

    I think he means this one: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Upgrades#Special_Upgrades
  6. 10 oil per crate. 5 coal per oil. Only 4800 crates for Salem, so for the low, low price of about $14,000, you too can P2W your way to a juicy Tier X mehbote.
  7. I'll assume you had a good reason, but you started moving really late, like 90 seconds into the game. I thought the replay was broken for a while. At 17:00, smoking the DM saved him, so your play made a difference for that guy. You slightly missed, but he got into it eventually. At 15:45, you missed an opportunity to spot and torp up the west flank because you're playing too safe against a spotted DM (11.6km away). Even without allied spotting, you could have spotted him and both enemy battleships safely (10.6km vs. 9.9km radar). Going up the west side for a torp run at that point could have netted you multiple torpedo hits. At 14:00, you're trying to smoke allies who are too close. There's no point in trying to smoke someone who's already inside enemy radar range. That leaves you stuck behind the island for a bit, but you could have repaired your engine and gotten out easily by 13:20 or so. Around 12:30, you make the fatal decision to try and cap with 2 enemy radars right in front of you, and a third likely still in range. I don't know how you expected to find a solid 60 seconds to cap, but of course it doesn't happen. At 11:50, you have visual confirmation on the third radar ship, within radar range, and the friendly Montana on your cap is dead, so they know you're there. If you left at that point, you'd be out with half your HP bar still left. 11:40, radared, taking fire. Cap is interrupted, and you're 5 feet from a safe island. LEAVE. Don't try to play back-and-forth throttle games hoping you can cap through 2 DMs and an Alsace's secondaries. 10:50 RIP. All in all, it wasn't a terrible game. You played okay, even though greed got you in the end. You were only actually radared twice, and both were avoidable. They were also visible, no through-rock radaring was even involved. You took way more damage than you needed to both times as well: by not repairing your engine on the first one, and by not leaving the cap during the second one, even though safety was right there. All in all, I don't really feel like the radars did much in that game, even though there were three of them (2 were on the other end of the map). Thanks for providing the replay. It helped to put context on what you were saying. Although for the love of @Lord_Zath, use some premium consumables on your Tier X ship man. You're wearing a permacamo, you can afford it.
  8. Is camping normal?

    There's a sweet spot between sniping and yoloing. If you can find it, you're doing better than 75% of the battleship players on the server already.
  9. Clearing Up Steel

    WG provides a fat and provocative clue about this, as far as I can tell: Someone who has ranked out twice has 5000 steel in hand. Flint costs 11600. In order for this statement to be true, that person needs to be able to earn at least 6600 steel next Ranked season (at least 3700 if this statement assumes you use the 25% discount coupon). Someone who has ranked out four times will have 5000 steel in hand. Black costs 14000. If, again, WG isn't lying or bad at math, this means that the next rank-out must provide at least 9000 (?!) steel (6500 if building in 25% coupon).
  10. Clearing Up Steel

    For those counting "steel equivalent" on Ranked rankouts, here's how that shapes up.
  11. I feel like this might have been mentioned before, but could we get our Clan Base as a Port?
  12. My favorite is when someone asks this question in chat, and the person answers that it's to save on repair costs.
  13. Some of the voice language settings in the Audio menu prevent you from hearing captain-specific audio. Choose National+ (plus) voiceovers to activate the unique voices.