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  1. You can't play your Kutuzov now because you regularly rush within 7.7km of the enemy in it? Sheesh. As others have said, if that's a deal-breaker for you, you can get your doubloons back for a few more weeks.
  2. What this post tells me: WG wants to buff CA and DD survivability This seems like a good idea, particularly in the mid-tiers where CAs don't have repair parties yet WG thinks BBs are at a good place right now with respect to how much damage they take from fire Otherwise they would have changed all durations, not just CA and DD WG is trying to carve out a space for battlecruisers and pocket battleships without adding a separate class Graf Spee is the only ship that currently falls in this spot WG might be concerned about the number of captain skills required for CAs and DDs to be effective, compared to BBs Lower fire duration makes skills like Fire Prevention less necessary for CAs and DDs
  3. Played Clan Battles, which were super fun, and now Random Battles just feel like a constant reminder of what a boring mush of chaos the game is without reliable teammates.
  4. You might be misremembering the post that said two divisions from the same clan couldn't fight each other.
  5. All the more reason for them to get Hard Mode working quickly. Then we can literally have it both ways.
  6. I do not recommend this. From what I understand, having more ships in the cap circle makes Transylvania sail faster, and it will outrun your battleships if more than 3-4 ships are in the circle at once. It will also make Transylvania yolo into Rasputin faster. Best strategy as far as I've seen is to keep only 2-3 battleships inside the circle.
  7. There is a one-time "play one Clan Battle" mission called "First Battle!" that has to be completed before any other clan-related missions unlock. It basically eats your first match credit, and throws everything off by one. However, it's a one-time mission, and should not be a problem again in the future.
  8. Bring 6 friends, I suppose.
  9. I've found that the thing that's breathed the most life back into this game for me is Clan Battles. It's a whole new game. Though I also understand it's not everybody's thing, so take it as just a suggestion.
  10. It doesn't matter. Think of smokevis checks as regular vision checks that occur with all smoke temporarily removed from the board (and the shorter smokevis number used instead of your regular concealment).
  11. Negative. The new smoke concealment mechanic is best understood as: If you fire your guns, all ships within <smokevis range> of you will get spot checks as if smoke was not there.
  12. On the plus side, if you were behind that much terrain, the other team shouldn't have been able to actually hit you.
  13. A major update came out on Wednesday. It contained bugs, so the servers also had to go down for a patch today.
  14. I guess a small percentage of players out there may prefer to have the loaner version available even if they own the regular ship, because the loaner version is considered a Premium, and can take any captain without a transfer cost. Thus, you can build that ship entirely for Clan Battles, and use any captain you want on it, without having to pay to put the captain on a Shima/Zao/GK and then move it back after the season is done. Still, for people playing competitively, you'd almost certainly want the regular versions over the loaned ones.
  15. I'll be very annoyed if WG hasn't learned by now that all-strike loadouts make the game terrible because Strike vs. Strike matchups are awful for everyone who isn't one of the two carriers (or an AA bot).