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  1. Superships tend to have a special ability of some kind on the F key (burst fire, sniper dispersion, secondary boost) that I guess sets them apart from just being a stat bump to T10s. But, mostly yes, they're T11, and are even listed that way in game files.
  2. Edgecase

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    News: Some interesting info and updates. Waterline has always been one of the more useful series. Presumably the introduction of the IJN CLs means 155 Mogami will move as well, either to that line or to special ship status? Seems cool, though it makes the PACLs feel even more pointless. Very interested to hear what you plan to do with snowflakes for people with large numbers of ships. I definitely end up grinding a lot of co-op games to clear them, so improved efficiency would be appreciated. Please don't nerf the reward cap though. Presentation: The first few segments were like listening to an awkward audiobook version of a dev blog post. Things got much better once you were actually speaking naturally (and stopped using the jokes off the cue cards). Do more of that. I know the YouTube recording is chaptered, but a simple overlay in the bottom corner showing the current topic would be cool too. Duckyard.
  3. Okay, good. The wording worried me for a second that I misunderstood what was happening to "super premium" camo bonuses in the conversion.
  4. So what happens to camos like the Black token camo? Just poof, nerf batted?
  5. So if I understand correctly, the exchange portion of the system works like iterative poker. I have all the camos and signals that I own today. When the conversion happens, it's going to look for the highest-scoring "FXP hand" it can find among them, and give me a booster of approximately the same value. For instance, it's going to notice I have a Spring Sky + all signals + all special signals "hand" among all the other stuff. It will deduct one of each for FXP-counting purposes, and churn out a +7200% FXP booster into my new inventory. Presumably it will also do the same thing (and keep count of deductions separately) for XP, CXP, and credits. Is this correct? And if so, can I ask how this system is, in fact, equivalent to the highest possible bonuses? Issue 1: 7200% doesn't even cover it. Even your own calculator says a full stack gets screwed. It's the red column. Under the new system, I'd get 10% less FXP compared the old system, if my full stack of camos and signals gets converted into a +7200% FXP booster. Issue 2: You forgot daily bonuses Under the current system, the daily first win bonus is multiplicatively carried forward into the CXP and FXP calculations. That is NOT how it will work under the new system, and the difference between the two will be massive. As many of us know, the optimal stack for earnings always includes a holiday (+200% or better) first win bonus for exactly this reason. How will this be compensated? Edit: I updated my copy of the calculator to factor this in, and found that the new method will give nearly 30% less FXP than the old way when used on +200% days. Right now, the system looks sensible but flawed in these two major areas. Can you give any insight as to whether WG plans to address these issues?
  6. Why is WG so surprised that people decided to play superships when they: Are new content to a lot of people who can't be bothered to do "testing" Had a short-duration supercontainer mission requiring a large amount of BXP in superships
  7. Edgecase

    Subs Cavitating

    Seems like a good idea, though I feel like maybe WG had tried this at one point early in sub design? If not, I'm all for giving the Jurassic Park T-Rex Experience a try ("Its vision is based on movement...").
  8. Edgecase


    I love the effect on Brisk where when you get spotted your ship goes "oh sh*t it's a cop" and slows down to the regular speed limit. And as soon as no one is looking...
  9. Edgecase

    Refunds For Steel Ships?

    It's been 8 months, I don't think this is the main reason people like to shoot it. If you expect to take heavy incoming, you need to be angled, have your speed boost active, and throttle juke like a pro. Anything else gets you slapped. But if you have those things, IMO a Ragnar getting shot at is not a problem. You also need to have AFT/MBAAE (the 4-point captain skill that extends gun range) in order to engage some ships safely, depending on the travel time of their shells. I would consider it a semi-mandatory skill.
  10. Edgecase

    Matchmaker not being an algorithm

    An algorithm is a systematic set of actions that produces a desired result, given certain inputs. Programs implement algorithms. The MM video above describes an algorithm, the logic of steps. A bunch of lines of software code implement it as a program that runs on the servers.
  11. Edgecase

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    I have requested additional information as to why we are preferring the direction of a lower-tier Austin, or at least why we are not going in a Radar consumable direction. Hopefully, I'll have additional information in regard to that sometime next week. At this moment though, I don't have the design intent behind that, but I do know that we have a belief in San Diego being a formidable and fun ship as currently designed. Well, once it comes to live test, I'll be unable to comment further (NDA), but I remain skeptical about selfish, niche ships being a good direction for the game. Like when your team only has one destroyer and it's a Harugumo. It's pretty unlikely that they'll agree, since I'm sure the ship modeling is done and they do pay a lot of attention to even very minor differences between ships. If they've modeled San Diego, it's going to be San Diego. In any case, thanks for being the messenger.
  12. Edgecase

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    I mean, is there something in her legacy that says "mad pew pew with SAP shells"? Where are we going with this? IMO, this is the root of the problem. What makes you think people want another Austin at any tier, and why are you so set on attaching the playstyle to this particular ship?
  13. Edgecase

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    That's a weird bar to set. You guys are the designers, you determine what MUST means, not us. Players can literally only say what they WANT. But there's a pretty strong signal being sent here that players WANT a T8 Atlanta and DON'T WANT a T8 Austin. Partly for gameplay reasons, partly for historical flavor. So the best I can say is, WG SHOULD do the thing that the customers seem to want to pay for?
  14. Edgecase

    Feedback on Ranked: Part 2!

    1) Are you enjoying the League you're in? Meh. Silver is the most economically efficient league for the amount of time I'm willing to put up with forced solo queueing. Enjoy would be a strong word. 2) Are you enjoying the Tiers of ships available? Yes. Non-T10 gives RPs, and doesn't duplicate what I'm already seeing in CB 4 times a week. 3) Are you enjoying the Team Sizes? (I'm looking at you 5v5 Gold!) 6v6 feels sparse and penalizes specialist ships because of the increased chance your team won't have someone in a complementary role, or the enemy team won't have the thing you counter. 5v5 Gold would presumably be even worse, and just adds another reason for me not to want to play there.
  15. Edgecase

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    I know I'm not the one @'ed here, but I think the problem can be summarized as "the current design concept is out of character for the ship". It's out of character because San Diego is an Atlanta-class cruiser, and you set precedent for what Atlanta means in-game with... in-game Atlanta. So we expect Atlanta with some tweaks, not a totally different ship. On top of that, as Mouse pointed out, a lot of people have issues with the design concept of T10 Austin. I'd add that it's especially a problem because the playstyle is hugely inaccessible, which is a particularly poor fit for a historical ship that will get broad interest from the general player base.