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  1. A lot comes down to which companies are willing to do the collaboration with them, and on what terms. It's not so straightforward with legacy properties. The kids who grew up with the original Transformers toys are in their 40s now. From a marketing perspective, it's a double play because it could attract younger players, but also appeal to older players' nostalgia. This one might be tricky; it seems to be the main content of the patch (with associated camos and events to earn them). So while you will almost certainly be able to hide the camos in game, you may still have some missions and maybe an Armory section that can't be hidden.
  2. Edgecase

    Kleber: Haha fires go brrrrrt

    Haven't watched the replay, but my guess is that you got your 218k off of battleships, while whatever he did involved destroyers and/or caps. Damage XP is awarded based on the percent of a ship's health you take off. So damage against BBs gives big numbers, but in the end, 150k damage might only mean one ship's worth of HP -- the same as you would get for 15-20k damage against a destroyer. Both are 100% of that ship's HP.
  3. Edgecase

    What's the most efficient camo?

    What are you trying to be efficient in regard to? Type 1/2/5 are the cheapest to buy for credits, but also provide no economic bonuses like XP or commander XP. Type 59 costs doubloons (and kind of a lot), but provides excellent XP boost. In general, I suggest going with the "cheap stuff" at low tier, and slowly stepping up your use of camo with bonuses like XP, as you get to higher tier. The reason for this is that the numbers are simply higher there -- you earn more XP and credits, so applying those %-based bonuses brings more benefit.
  4. I don't know what's up with yours, but I just tested this by disabling my network adapter in Windows. I double-clicked a replay and had no problems. Also mashed the fast forward and normal speed buttons, no issues. CPU is over 5 years old, 8GB RAM, GTX 970 so nothing special hardware-wise either.
  5. Edgecase

    On the psychology of the poor player

    Is there really such an animal? Someone who is bad at the game but thinks they are good? Maybe it's people who are unaware of the stats which tell them how good or bad they are? Cognitive dissonance is a [edited]. But easily resolved if you just convince yourself that stats are wrong/meaningless instead.
  6. Congrats on getting out. Most of the suggestions here are very good, although I disagree with the one about DDs hanging out near cruisers. It's a good place to get protection, you just need to be off to the side enough that the CV can't adjust his course in time (or has to hard turn close to the cruiser to do it).
  7. I think this is the second time I've seen someone say nobody takes the PT seriously. May I ask why you think this?  Players don't take it seriously, they get on to play ships they don't know what they're doing in. They yolo to get the match requirements in. All of this creates nonrepresentative data. WG knows this, and has said that they can't rely on PTS data for balancing because of it. There also aren't enough players to spawn normal games, so it just turns into co-op anyway. PTS also comes too late in the development cycle to do anything except crash-level fixes. So the times that I have bothered to get on the PTS and put in intensive testing, including hours of bug tracing and assessing the effectiveness of AA values and so on, the feedback is totally ignored. In several cases, they have done the literal opposite of what we said was working well. Did you know that there was a build back in August 2019 where destroyers had roughly twice the AA they do now (closer to 3x in the case of the really low AA value ones)? And that it solved a lot of the DD-CV AA interaction problems? And that it was stripped out between PTS1 and PTS2, leaving us with the basically nonexistent AA we have today? That felt like a great use of the time I spent giving feedback on it. Finally, a lot comes down to the fact that the reward structure for PTS is stupid. It's participation trophies all the way down. All WG cares is that you show up and don't crash. Or if you crash, you tell them. And then don't get rewards because you couldn't log in. Great setup. Developers who are serious about testing have bug bounty programs that reward people for finding flaws, or giving good feedback. PTS has nothing like that -- it's just a low-paying play to get bodies in the client. TL;DR: Reward structure and years of personal experience have shown me that WoWS PTS is not useful for anything except crash testing and patch tourism.
  8. Replays from previous versions can't be played back because of how replay systems work in general. Other than that, they work pretty consistently these days. We'd all love for WG to improve this functionality, but it's serviceable.
  9. I stopped taking PTS seriously when it became clear that nobody else was either.
  10. Edgecase

    Nerf the Holland AA now!

    Halland's AA does need a nerf, it's silly. Just like CV rockets need a nerf vs. DDs, they're silly (CV airspotting capability is also silly). Keeping both gives us the worst of both worlds, an arms race to be a bigger d*ck to the other class while the entire rest of the roster suffers.
  11. I don't understand what this means. You can view your own replay files at any time by double-clicking them in your /replays folder on your computer. They play back in the main game client, and no bandwidth is consumed.
  12. The best solution would be automated integration between the sites via a forum plugin that auto-detected replay files on upload and stored/linked them appropriately. That way it's not additional steps for the user, but the files go to the right place and get documented with all the additional features.
  13. Edgecase

    ranked DD counsel sought

    Low air detect and turning into planes before they spot you help a lot (which you did correctly). The real problem is that you can only stop one pass this way against a competent CV, because he'll drop fighters on top of you as he flies overhead, and then you're visible for the subsequent pass because Kag just can't shoot down the fighters fast enough. I don't believe there's any way to prevent this in Kag, tbh, and so the smokes are sort of a forced concession in CV modes.
  14. Only in uncoordinated Randoms, at best. Russian cruisers have extremely heavy AA, so in CB situations like last season's, clans just stack 2-3 of them on top of each other and create a zone where it's literally impossible to get a strike through unless you can find some very convenient terrain.