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  1. Edgecase

    Skip Bombers

    If you want to mitigate skip bomber damage in a cruiser, use your rudder, not your AA. As for giving 4 guys broadside... what, were you bow tanking them to begin with? Partially angled is way more dangerous in Smolensk than flat broadside thanks to its ghost citadel.
  2. Edgecase

    New German Destroyers Review

    Different implies some sort of give and take. What exactly is in the German DD's favor at T7-8? They're slower, less survivable (thanks to French saturation and afterburner hijinks), WAY worse in a DD gunfight even before taking MBRB into account, have torps that are somehow slower than Benson's, and their crown gimmick AP doesn't pen cruiser belts until you're 3km inside radar range (or BB belts ever)... so hurray for that smoke. Now, a bunch changes at T9 and T10 because the shells stop being trash. But Z-31 and Maerker are in a really bad place, having all the drawbacks of the line but not the strengths. And when it comes down to it, Schultz and Elbing are competing with freaking Mogador and Kleber, two of the best shps in the game in the hands of a good player. So even then... the German DD sub-branch is a niche of a niche of a niche, and they're still not very good within it.
  3. Edgecase

    New German Destroyers Review

    Well, that's the crux of the thing, why should anyone play the German DD sub-branch when the French line exists? According to WG, it's for the survivability (armor plating) and the AP, but Maerker loses in both categories to LT, which is also way faster and equally stealthy.
  4. Edgecase


    I'm in favor of lowering CV effectiveness at damaging DDs, especially off their own spotting. On the other hand, it feels stupid for ANY ship to have a blatantly ineffective munition option, so I'm hoping they revisit the rocket plane slot for some other purpose entirely in maybe a few months.
  5. Edgecase

    New German Destroyers Review

    I didn't think the torps were bad. Guns... really situational. What's bugging me right now is that Maerker has the same shells as Z-31 at T8, and they don't really work well against high-tier belts.
  6. WG's actions in this department have been pretty clear: Ranked is not a competitive mode. It's just another grind. So grind as you're gonna. Especially since "grind" inherently means you're in a lower league that isn't locked to T10, i.e. it's Bronze or Silver.
  7. It's been like 3 patches, feed the hamsters already. I'm tired of over half my games not having score screens at the end, and 1/5 never getting them at all ("Detailed statistics are only available for battles played during the current game session").
  8. Edgecase

    Armory has turned into the premium shop.

    You let the monetization weeds go for ONE season and...
  9. Edgecase

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    Immelman still exists.
  10. Edgecase

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    The concept is good, no predropping shenanigans and losing planes = losing strike power. We'll have to see how the numbers pan out.
  11. Well, now the Godzilla vs. Kong collab makes more sense. Edit: Wait what... I don't speak Japanese, but I can't imagine the movie is going to feel right having all the really heavy historical trappings alongside English dialogue. Oh well.
  12. It was totally their intention. USN even got a choice between anti-DD rockets (HVAR) and anti-cruiser rockets (Tiny Tims). In theory. In practice, nearly all the CV rework munitions turned out to be too good, and have been on a steady streak of nerfs since they were prematurely released in 2019. You're right that later CV designs (German AP rockets, FDR's far reticle) reflect what WG knew at that point, that rockets were overperforming against DDs. But at the same time, that means the strafe delay is something of a double-nerf to those ships. It also means that the rockets on the slower end of the strafe delay scale now sort of lack purpose. Tiny Tims actually do quite crappy damage against battleships and cruisers; torpedoes and dive bombs were always the first choice, and still are. So what are TTs for now? Probably nothing. WG will likely have to buff them into a new role in the future.
  13. Edgecase

    Priority Target mechanics

    As far as Priority Target is concerned, this is actually enough information. Torpedoes never trigger PT, so if you have them selected, you are not changing his PT count. This is because torpedoes can target significantly beyond their effective range (so you can still get the white line on a target that will move into range by the time the torpedoes arrive). But that would allow people to spam PT on targets they're nowhere near, so torpedo targeting just doesn't show ever.
  14. Edgecase

    ST. 0.10.6, NEW SHIPS

    Too bad Tiny Tims are going to be utterly worthless starting next patch.
  15. We played you guys last night with a Stalingrad. Feels bad to be forgotten. (We also ran into QQ7 memeing a 4 Stalin comp on what was probably their Bravo rating.) But on a broader level, the archetype the Russian cruisers are built around is easy to start playing, because it's basically the same as battleships. The pointy end goes at the enemy, you angle a bit and shoot. Obviously there can be more to it than that, but as a starting point, it's a nice, low bar for entry.