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  1. One thing I've never been clear on is whether those numbers refer to penetration against straight-vertical armor (i.e. taking into account that particular gun's trajectory), or normal angle penetration (in the "ideal" case where you hit an imaginary slope at full perpindicular). Any idea?
  2. When multiple divisions from the same clan are in queue, there are only four possible choices: Force them onto the same team. This promotes steamrolls if the clan is significantly above average (or below average). Force them onto opposite teams. Then you have accusations of rigging. Force them to wait for separate games. Then you have angry people with long queue times, possibly even spawning games with less than 12v12 because they hit the 5-minute limit. Just let it be random. The current system. Of the bunch, #4 seems like the least bad option, honestly.
  3. Lert, you know actual performance has never been the metric of player complaints, only a convenient pile of numbers used to confirm biases. Complaints have always been based on perceived performance, and people simply don't notice what kind of battleship just nuked them with silver shells -- that's just the same thing every other battleship does. In order to get complained about, people need to be reminded somehow: pinging torpedo indicators, spotted-by-radar icons, or repeated fire alerts. Just another reason to be glad WG does their own research on ships' numbers behind the scenes. P.S. Have a Tib.
  4. I wish it weren't yet another battleship, but I know it will be.
  5. BTW, I can't get this download link to work. Not sure why.
  6. Along with everything else. It's apparently beating out Conq for most average damage, and holds the kills/game crown by a mile (Midway 1.5, Hak 1.2, everything else 1.0 or lower).
  7. The Mighty Mo leaves?

    They probably intended for it to be offered indefinitely, but found out that it's wrecking the credit economy because it earns a mil per game. So they're phasing it out. You have 4-6 weeks, based on past patch pacing precedent.
  8. Some ships have AA ranges that are longer than the range planes would spot them. When they fire AA, they become spotted. For instance, many high-tier destroyers can't be seen by planes until the planes are within roughly 3.5km. However, those ships also have AA guns that can reach out to 5km. If you leave the AA on, your AA will fire starting at 5km, and this will cause the planes to spot you. Turning off the AA prevents the guns from firing, and your ship will remain unspotted by planes until 3.5km.
  9. Zoom in using shift, then hold the right mouse button to free look. Let go to drop back into binocular mode, the crosshairs should be right where you left them relative to the ship you have targeted. Some people scrollwheel all the way in and out each time, but that's very inefficient.
  10. Link a replay. Or better yet, send it to @Lord_Zath, because it's almost certainly going to be informative to look at and get comments on! If you don't have the replay, I'd say the most likely thing that happened was you aimed too high or were shooting from too far away. Kongou's guns actually have somewhat poor vertical dispersion and penetration characteristics at very long ranges -- the fact that they can fire that far is a bit of a trap.
  11. We know from some past posts that WG runs analyses that compare ships "within players". As a simplified example, rather than looking just average WR for Des Moines vs. Hindenburg for the whole population, they filter down to players who own both, and see whether WRs are significantly higher for one ship versus the other among those players. This controls for the overall skill level of the players, and permits a fairer comparison of the ships. Of course, I'm sure they do much more sophisticated analyses, controlling for overall games played in each, and whatnot. But the point is, WG is aware of this, and already takes it into account when deciding balance.
  12. I think I've burned out.

    Burnout happens. Take a break, come back when you feel like it. Investing time and energy for negative return is the path to ruin.
  13. Absolutely not true. A/Q and D/E both just move the rudder. Q and E do it using "cruise control" style clicks, while A and D push it left or right of its current position. You can see the actual rudder position moving on the bottom of your screen during any maneuver. Edit: Here's a picture of the rudder indicator from someone who just tapped Q twice. The "cruise control" setpoint is all the way on the left, but you can see the actual position of the rudder (the arrow on the bottom) is still making its way over there. It would be moving over just as fast if you were holding A instead; rudder shift speed is a property of the ship.
  14. HSF Question.

    This is true for long-time players who have access to Elite Commander XP and high-tier ships. New or casual players, not so much. $20 to jump to a 10-point captain on the IJN or KM lines might be something people are willing to do, as it's the only way to get it done quick.