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  1. Edgecase


    Not sure if 100% historical, but here's NC at sea with Measure 21 camo.
  2. Edgecase

    ST, free Premium consumables

    @Hapa_Fodder can you confirm that this is a straight cost reduction and that credit costs are not being increased elsewhere (e.g. service fees) to offset this?
  3. Edgecase

    earned 1900 bxp for mission and...

    Pretty sure what happened was you got like 1899.9 XP and it wasn't actually quite enough to finish the mission, but rounded up for scoreboard display.
  4. Edgecase


    As always on this type of question, I suggest the Wiki as a good source of information: Ramming Also, I was there for your double play on the Nelson and Iowa, it was good.
  5. Edgecase

    Concealment-Build Kleber

    Concealment is still situationally useful on Mogador/Kleber. It lets you shadow a friendly destroyer a bit more closely to ambush enemy ones, start a torp yolo closer, turn and charge a tailing enemy destroyer (he'll have less reaction time to turn around), or squeeze through a gap on the map edge without being spotted. But if you're mostly going to sit at range and burn things down, you could skip it if you want.
  6. Out of curiosity, what is this based on?
  7. As is tradition, every thread involving data or stats on this forum goes to bizarro world when someone pretends to have more technical knowledge than they really do. Don't worry, the people here who know numbers know what you're saying. Though also where the data is imperfect (pre-rounding raw data isn't the best practice, as it removes precision), and where interpretability is limited.
  8. Worth noting, many people have quite a bit of in-game currency. I picked up Smaland because I had 9m FXP, and I’m certainly not among the wealthiest.
  9. Edgecase

    IFHE All Night Long

    "30mm is the new 25mm/27mm" seems a bit much. The patch AFAIK only added three two pieces of 30mm plating to the game: DM's center freeboard, Salem's center freeboard, and Worcester's center deck. More 30mm areas were removed than added, in fact: Smolensk and Colbert both lost 30mm center deck and center freeboard (all four are now 16mm). Every other piece of armor in the game behaves the same as it did before the changes. I agree the end result is that IFHE on 130mm is no longer a no-brainer, but it's because of the FC change (4.5% penalty now, up from 1%), not the plating changes. In terms of pen, IFHE is still a huge upgrade for any Russian dakkabote. Edit: I have been reminded that Worcester has always had a 30mm center deck, and gained nothing.
  10. Edgecase

    IFHE All Night Long

    Thanks for the quick lookup guide! Though, I’d argue T10 130mm cruisers (read: Smolensk) really should get IFHE so that they can fullpen cruisers. Thanks to some convenient rounding (read: NOT Russian Bias!), 130mm defeats both 25 and 27mm plating.
  11. So why didn’t you just do it for them then? Seems like you spent a lot more time and effort on getting the message out than it would have cost to press the “give free respecs” button.
  12. Edgecase

    IFHE/plating changes made simple (T10)

    Normally you would, although there are notable exceptions around the large-gunned battleships (here, 420mm+) which can HE cit Smolensk without IFHE. It's not a commonly known thing, but it's actually better to shoot HE at Smols with those ships, because AP shells of that size have a huge chance of overpenning against a target as skinny (shell exits before exploding) and thinly armored (shell fuse doesn't arm) as Smolensk.
  13. Edgecase

    IFHE/plating changes made simple (T10)

    Not sure I understand the question. This post is in preparation for 0.8.2, which goes live tomorrow morning (or today, depending on what time zone you're in). There are plating changes, primarily to cruisers. I'm not aware of any battleship plating changes though, especially at high tier (there's a mid-tier plating change to get the cruiser pen to line up correctly, I think). There are lots of steps in the ship "size" scale, but the big divisions that affect HE/IFHE behavior line up with the three basic classes of the game: destroyer, cruiser, battleship. I actually did make a more detailed chart, but found this simple breakdown to be more useful for wrapping my head around the changes for now.