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  1. Or they could just be, you know, different games that appeal to different audiences. Instead of being somehow objectively better and worse than each other.
  2. Edgecase

    Free XP Economics

    Discussing the virtues of a free market seems like it will get too dogmatic, I don't want to put this thread in politics territory from a moderation perspective. Regarding the in-game economy, though, of course there's a heavy hand on a virtual economy whose purpose is to retain players and incentivize RL cash payments. The question is what that hand is doing, when, and why.
  3. 100 players in Flottentorpedoboots, no concealment, no teams.
  4. Edgecase

    Free XP Economics

    As I understand it, there's no requirement of a free market for inflation to exist, just a controlled money supply and goods or services for which money can be exchanged. Both of those are present in this case (FXP = money, ships = goods). That said, I'm not arguing that the datamined 33% price hike between Musashi and Alaska is "gradual". It's not, they should have done this much more slowly and with better explanation. But I am arguing that the boosting of FXP earning capability and the increase in FXP ship prices are deliberate and coordinated in order to produce the effect I described.
  5. Just happened? So YOU have a replay, right?
  6. As the OP is complaining about something that he/she claims is occurring recently, a game from the last 30 would be fine. If it's such a consistent pattern, there should be many instances of it during that time. In fact, since the OP has played only 25 games in the month of December, the 30 replay limit should not affect him/her at all. What's much MORE likely, if the record is correct, is that the OP played 3 battleship games total recently, all in BBs known to have poor dispersion, and came here to complain about it. But I'm willing to look at real evidence, if there is any to be had. Hence, I'm asking for replays.
  7. Edgecase

    Free XP Economics

    Everybody talks about inflation like it's a bad thing. In reality, stable positive inflation allows WG to devalue piles of resources sitting in people's banks, while keeping the cost of FXP ships stable in terms of time and effort to earn. Here's how that works:
  8. Replays are enabled by default. I don't draw conclusions based on ghost data. The thread OP (that's you) made a claim, and I'm asking for evidence.
  9. Edgecase

    Don't won't to be that guy

    I also recommend @Lord_Zath's channel as probably the best one for learning how to play the game well. He takes time to specifically give advice on players' replays when they ask, and is generally very helpful with personalized tips.
  10. Edgecase

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    Silly me, and here I thought its claim to fame was being the only battleship in the game with 9.45km radar, 12km concealment, and enough speed to run down same-tier cruisers.
  11. Someone please provide: Replays showing overpens that should not be overpens Replays showing co-op citadels that should not be citadels A sufficient quantity of data on pen/overpen count that includes player ship, target ship, and range Otherwise, the most likely explanations are: You're unlucky You moved to a new ship and aren't used to its guns Other players are using different ships recently due to missions, etc. You aren't accounting for new in-game features such as thunderstorms, which affect dispersion
  12. Edgecase

    What are the commander specializations

    Captains can be placed in command of any ship of their nation, but their talents only take effect on the ship they're "specialized" on (some exceptions apply). Specialization for a Tier 1 ship, which is basically useless, is used as a placeholder. You need to assign and then specialize them for the ship you actually want to use them on, which will cost either doubloons, Commander Elite XP, or some number of games grinding without working commander skills.
  13. Edgecase

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Had some ideas for interesting double-edged camos. Camo variant with +4% dispersion bonus replaced with +2% HP Camo with -50% credit earning, but +250% XP and Commander XP Might help stabilize the economy for high-end players Camo with NO bonuses, but gives the player one ticket in a prize raffle each time it is used Camos with benefits directly to Daily Container XP (bonus does not contribute to ship XP) Camo that gives moderate +econ% bonuses to the DIVISION or TEAM when worn (but lesser personal benefits than normal econ camos)
  14. Edgecase

    Wildcard Wednesday

    Seeing a CV.
  15. Edgecase

    Warships only premium value

    You can buy premium time using doubloons in-game. Click the Standard or Premium Account area of your profile, I think.