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  1. Please Help

    Are you running in Windowed or Fullscreen? Are you using the alt or other keys such that you might be accidentally doing things like alt-tab?
  2. Port Queen = Defective product

    Q: Why did you make this post? A: Other people buy things I wouldn't, ergo they must be stupid. In the field of psychology, egocentrism is the inability to differentiate between self and other. More specifically, it is the inability to untangle subjective schemas from objective reality; an inability to understand or assume any perspective other than their own.
  3. Has this happen to anyone?

    While this is technically a queue dump, the root cause is that you're only eligible to matchmake against other players with 100+ games (or so; I forget the actual cutoff) who have queued T2.
  4. Situational awareness is a very vague term. Here's a partial breakdown that might help people think about it a little better: Awareness of physical surroundings. How many friendly and enemy ships are nearby? Which ones are you safely angled against? What lines of fire are open? Which are blocked? Is there incoming fire? From what angle? Which pieces of cover are accessible? Awareness of the flow of battle. Who is winning in different parts of the map? How many points remain before the game ends? Is there a push going on? Does there need to be one? Awareness of the unknowns. What do you not have information on right now? If you round that island, how many ships might you find yourself staring down? Could there be unspotted torpedoes on their way to you? Where could their battleship have repositioned to? Awareness of one's (and others') options. Can your ship bow tank your opponent's shells? Can he bow tank yours? Can you shoot over that island? Does your opponent still have a loaded torpedo launcher, or did he fire all of them? Can you reach the cap circle in time or do you need a kill to keep the game from ending?
  5. Two Hair-Brained Ideas

    Yeah, these two ideas have been around for a while in response to the effect of CVs in competitive play. Not sure why WG isn't interested in them, but who knows what the CV rework will actually hold at this point?
  6. Don't even get him started on people who take the double spotter plane talent.
  7. BB hard counter requested

    Way to freak out over a three-word quote taken out of context, from a post that warns it might be mis-translated.
  8. Both the financial and gameplay logic here seem sound. WG knows that selling straight-up clones results in fewer purchases because only people who want them for historical reasons buy them. They have to change the way the ship plays somewhat so that people will also buy them for gameplay reasons. The gameplay they're going for with this ship is also pretty straightforward: a 10-15 km bow tanker with high main battery pen (SHS), moderate secondary action, and consumables that are optimized for short, high-intensity engagements. This is different from all the other ships in that tier currently. Bismarck has smaller-caliber main batteries, as does Richelieu. Monarch has extreme concealment but weird British shells. NC has high accuracy but DCP and repair timers more suited for long engagements. Alabama has superior maneuverability and in-between guns. None of them have the broadside weight of Amagi, but also none of them have to show that much side to use their guns.
  9. What's any of that got to do with a video game?
  10. Clan communications

    Discord for sure. Every once in a while (maybe once every 3 months or so?), the voice comms will go weird, at which point one of the server admins will need to go to the control panel and switch voice functionality to another server cluster. As far as I remember, Discord doesn't even require installation, you can run it entirely off the web app if you want, minus a few integration features like overlays.
  11. I wouldn't count on it coming with Isoroku camo. It probably refers (inconsistently) to the non-anime version of the ship that is available by selecting the Type 10 camo. Y467 camo (anime) Type 10 camo (non-anime; green and blue variants) I'd guess that these are the two they're talking about. Isoroku camo has been sold separately in the past.
  12. Earning Credits

    Premium is by far the biggest factor overall. Your gross income gets multiplied by 150%, while your expenses don't. This translates to very large profit margins at high tier (because the base earnings are larger). Musashi is generally the second highest-earning ship after Missouri, because it is the only other Tier IX premium in the game. Stack your credit-earning flags, because again, you want to multiply the largest base number possible.
  13. The reward on PTS for Ranked involves getting to Rank 1 (League of Sea Wolves) and playing a game in that mode. You have to get all the way there, partial progress through the ranks won't count.
  14. That's just a Gearing with the space camo. It's unlockable for 8000 doubloons in the port, or $35 on the store.
  15. T10 Ranked Map Rotation - Please remove Trident from the Ranked Battles map rotation for T10 ships in Season 9. Trident is too small for Tier X ships, which carry radar with very long reach and duration, and guns that can easily fire into each other's spawns from the beginning. This was already noted as a problem in previous T8 seasons, and is even worse in T10.