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  1. Edgecase

    Up to 200m free credits on the horizon

    Updated original post to reflect that TASM1 does not seem likely to qualify because it is being "replaced" rather than "removed".
  2. Edgecase

    Up to 200m free credits on the horizon

    No, any module that remains mounted on a ship when 0.9.1 drops will be replaced by the (better) version of the module they're introducing in that patch. It has to make it into the Inventory to be refunded credits.
  3. Edgecase

    Up to 200m free credits on the horizon

    You guys seriously think there's a WG master plan that involves people getting 280 million credits for 4 bucks?
  4. UPDATE: Don't grab the TASM1, they're being swapped and not "removed" so there's no credit compensation. You'll just end up with a lot of Torpedo Protection System mods. If you already bought them at half-off, wait until the sale ends to sell them back; you'll break even on credits. Original post with corrections marked follows. So, to start with a disclaimer, this post describes a technique that will in theory work to achieve a large credit gain by taking advantage of the bonuses from two different publicly announced events. I make no guarantees that it will work (I could have made a mistake), or WG could change the events so that the technique described here will no longer work. They can do that. You're on your own if those or any other thing happens. No warranties, no promises, nothing. Alright, on to the discussion. According to their current descriptions, two big in-game events will happen back to back that create an unusual opportunity to earn credits without even leaving port. Here are the relevant parts: Lunar New Year event: 50% discount on purchasing upgrades 80% discount on demounting upgrades (becomes 5 doubloons) 0.9.1 Upgrade removal compensation: Any upgrades in your Inventory that are removed from the game will be exchanged for their full cost in credits. Target Acquisition Modification 1 (Slot 5), AA Guns Modification 2 (Slot 6), and Secondary Battery Modifications 2 (Slot 6) will be removed from the game in 0.9.1 The opportunity: Purchase lots of TAM1, AAM2, and SBM2 mods at a 50% discount Move them to your inventory by demounting them for 5 doubloons each Receive 100% credit value back when 0.9.1 is released Keep the 50% difference as profit This results in a 4m 3m credit gain for each T9 and T10 ship for which you can do this (1.5m from AAM2, 1.5m from SBM2, and 1m from TAM1). Smaller gains can be had on those and a great many other ships if you also do this for Propulsion Mod 1 and Steering Gear Mod 1. The thread title comes from my personal port, which has about 70 combined T9+T10 ships I've accumulated over the years. Detailed instructions: Known limits The following factors will make your mileage vary when using this technique: You can only bank as many copies of upgrades as you have ships that can mount them You have to have enough credits to buy the extra copies of the upgrades in the first place Technically, you're paying 15ish 10ish doubloons (about 6 4 cents) for each 4m 3m credits, unless you have additional discounts Now that I've said this, WG might nerf it. Sorry. So that's all. If it works out, enjoy! If you spot a hole in the logic, please tell me so I can fix or take down the post as appropriate. And if saying it out loud ruins it for everyone... well, them's the breaks. I already said no promises.
  5. Edgecase

    Password Breach

    That’s pretty impressive if true, given that password breaches have occurred on sites as widely used as LinkedIn and Adobe (Creative Cloud). https://haveibeenpwned.com is a pretty commonly recommended tool for checking if your info has appeared in known breaches.
  6. Edgecase

    Getting good Wiki

    The Wiki has been declining in value since WG stopped maintaining the API or whatever that lets it pull ship specs from the database. CVs are STILL in some nonsensical misaligned table as far as I know. I’m not a Wiki editor, but I’m sure it’s hard to feel motivated to put in the volunteer hours when the company you’re trying to help out sits on your requests for... what, a year now?
  7. If you never researched or owned it, why does your wows-numbers profile show three games played in RTS Shokaku?
  8. Edgecase

    New Survey from WG

    Yeah, they’re broken most of the time for me too, and have been since like 2017. For those who missed it, the box isn’t empty, there’s tiny gray text that says he’s already taken it.
  9. Edgecase

    ST, ships balance changes

    Sooooo... Smolensk changes? No? Rest of it seems like small steps in the right direction. Probably not enough in some of these cases, but at least the right direction.
  10. Edgecase

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Issue still occurring. VPN works around the problem as others have noted, although at substantial cost.
  11. Edgecase

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    They're actually still there. Those awkward things that say "----- Upgrades -----" are rolldowns, click them and they open up.
  12. Edgecase

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  13. Edgecase

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Also having this issue. Earlier today it would drop me when trying to get from port to match (thanks for that, I totally needed to go orange for your tech snafus). I could work around that by manually logging in through the client (bypassing Wargaming Center). But that was a few hours ago; now it's just not letting me in at all.
  14. Edgecase

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    No, they were pretty clear, actually. Ad hominem is a fallacy when (and only when) the attack against the speaker is irrelevant to the argument. But the structure of your argument makes it relevant, because that's what you're basing your case on. And historical relevance defining balance in an action video game is just silly to begin with. Video games are designed for fun and fair competition. Real fighting is about being as unfair as possible. There's no reason for one to dictate the other.
  15. Where is this "beginner" you're talking about? Not the account you're posting on, since that one has 24k battles and has averaged 15/day.