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  1. You may be correct about the unlisted mechanics of which BBs get one-shotted and which don't, but in the end, it's a silly system with very limited counterplay options. Ditto for cruisers getting whacked through the supposed deterrent ability (DFAA). Multiple cases of bad design don't make good design.
  2. AP bombs are stupid. They one-shot some battleships and bounce off the decks of others. And the ones they one-shot are the ones with the strongest deck armor, because they actually fuse in time to hit citadel. Oh, except GZ bombs, which have different fuses and rocket-assisted penetration. All in all, they're really just silly.
  3. Gimmicks gimmicks Gimmicks

    Eugen's release version proved that name recognition and historical model differences weren't enough to sell a ship. They need to bring new gameplay with them. And those differences need to be large enough that people notice them... and as you may know, people are really bad at noticing things. So the differences need to be big. By the 4th or 5th time they have to come up with something, it tends to end up involving some kind of push-button ability.
  4. I doubt any serious work on aviation hybrids will be done before they finalize the redesign of CVs themselves. And that's a giant ???, so unfortunately, this looks like case of "take a number and wait".
  5. Dealing with damage, fire, floods, and the like are all pretty routine. The one thing that really gets under people's skin, though, is when a primary weapon system is permakilled. Or two. At some point, it's time to use the Final Torpedo.
  6. I've been led to believe this is NOT the case. As far as I know, it takes at least one report from outside the division to make a ban happen. I don't know if that's because the threshold is 4 players, or if it's a special requirement.
  7. This is a weird poll. Because you can be dissatisfied for any wildcard reason, it's essentially just asking if you're the kind of person who demands a refund or not.
  8. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    Don't TK green pirates in hopes of booty. WG will make you walk the plank. Also don't spam chat asking whether TKs count right after the mandatory announcement says they don't count.
  9. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    This all seems overgeneralized. It COULD be that one player is deliberately positioning so another takes fire for him. Or maybe one player is holding a good firing position while the other is yoloing. Both of them look like one ship staying behind another; context is needed to tell them apart. You also didn't mention what ships are involved; some ships should be forward screening or spotting because that's their job. Some ships are inherently selfish because of the way WG designed them (Henri IV comes to mind). Way too many variables at play to make a blanket statement that ships staying behind others are cowardly or exploitative.
  10. As others have said: the Elite Forces achievements are all based off of bad play. If you're going out of your way to get them, pick and play the most useless damage farming boat of each type.
  11. Memorize spotting distances for friendly destroyers, and calculate exactly how far behind them you need to stay to not get spotted. Then, when your DD makes contact, blap the **** out of the red ship that dared to light your friend.
  12. Clan color codes.

    It's based on the current highest rating held by a clan in Clan Battles (there are two ratings per clan once they reach a certain size). The colors are: Hurricane = Purple Typhoon = Green Storm = Gold Gale = Silver Squall = Bronze
  13. Balance suggestions

    This statement shows that you don't understand the game yet. That in turn means you are ill-qualified at present to give insightful feedback on game balance. You do you, but I suggest you focus on actually knowing the game before acting like you do.
  14. I won a Smaug crate by watching Zath's stream!
  15. I've noticed this as well, but it's not limited to BBs. The gun cursor has always "rounded" to green even if you were fractions of a degree out of arc, but it's definitely been worse the past few weeks.