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  1. Admiral_Bacchous

    Waterline: Superships

    I don't say a lot on here. I hate subs. Mostly because WG doesn't really give a poop about our opinions (i.e. subs...). And, because of backlash. (Not that I care what people think about my opinion of a game that I have really enjoyed at times) I am also a bit of a whale as a bit of an OCD collector. So it is hard for me to really complain to much. I'll just quit playing when it's no longer fun and/or too stupid for me to handle anymore. I do hate subs. I will say that I am enjoying Convoys a lot (NO Subs!! Yay!!) I really, REALLY hate subs...
  2. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    It would be a lot of work, for sure, I just like the idea of a complete game. Not that I am not addicted to WoWs anyway... I just think it could be an amazing game if done right.
  3. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    I could see that.
  4. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    I remember 1942. I am pretty sure I had that game at least once over the years. So many games back in the early and mid 90's that just seem to have faded off into the chaos realm never to be heard from again. Some great games too...
  5. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    Things would have to change. And yeah, currently that's be a huge downside for me. But there is a lot of freedom to change (fix) things in a "new" game.
  6. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    Doesn't work now. Doesn't mean it can't. I'd still give it a try if there was an earnest try and a good game.
  7. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    Ahhh, that is cool. I didn't know that.
  8. Admiral_Bacchous

    You know what would be cool?

    I think it would be cool if we could combine WOT/WOW and WOP. Have victories based on land, air and sea battles. Ships could pound onshore targets to support the tanks. Who could take over AA positions to support their air power and boats. Make the maps bigger, and allow all three types of vehicles... in the match. What do you all think? I think it sounds like a lot of fun. Imagine that plane buzzing your ship is a real person not just a CV controlled pixel... or being shot by a Tiger II in your DD for camping a shore line...
  9. Admiral_Bacchous

    Penalty system is a joke...

    No, but what they do is turn parallel between you and your target (real close) so they get a kill while blocking you. I've seen *that* a lot. And it works, because I don't take the shot. Not sure what WG could even do about that even if they wanted to. ??
  10. Admiral_Bacchous

    What is the most powerful (OP) tier IX/X battleship?

    I think that is correct. Either way I think that is an issue (for both ships that being the case). I know we can play any tech tree (I know it's a premium), so it kind of comes out in the wash, but this isn't "balance" by any stretch. That is potentially a really strong boat sitting at tier VI. If it out-matches tier VIII boats what is it going to do at V-VII where it will likely end up a lot?
  11. Admiral_Bacchous

    Hiding behind islands

    Here are are some stats from my learning this game... although I don't think they are showing all of my battles for some reason? I know I am not the best player out there so no need to point out the obvious. My point in sharing is that, sometimes, both parties in a discussion can be correct under different circumstances. In this case CO-OP play is nothing like Random play. Experience in one doesn't teach you anything about the other. CO-OP only gets you familiar with your boat, controls, and mechanics of the game... not advanced tactics used to kill live players. I can charge in and lay waste to bots all day long with just about any boat (except CV's)... but not so much in Randoms with real people. Totally different! I won't even get into ranked as I just got my butt handed to me there. But, I learned a lot and mostly didn't beat up my desk too much. ha! Point is: CO-OP play is like shooting ducks in a barrel and really shouldn't be used to justify how good a player is or win rates compared to Randoms.
  12. Admiral_Bacchous

    Hiding behind islands

    Honestly, I hide behind islands because my boats are slower, shorter ranged and squishier than the new lines. It's suicide for me to steam around in the open.
  13. Admiral_Bacchous

    4 DD and 2 CV game... !@#$%

    I'm addicted and love the challenge. Was away for quite a while and came back. Still addicted so I stopped last night and will be on tonight again. Just needed to step away for a minute and vent. Done now. *shrug*
  14. Admiral_Bacchous

    4 DD and 2 CV game... !@#$%

    Ok, so I am asking whats the answer? Because the YouTube videos I have found pretty much just say division up and hunt in packs. Which I 100% agree with. Otherwise it seems Random battles wind up being everyone gunning for kills and damage (like roaches when you turn on a light) and the team loses. I also broke down and got a Langley. I like the changes to the CV play. I currently am HORRIBLE with them, but I can see where they would be fun to play if you are good with them. But, I can also see where a really good CV driver could absolutely ruin game play for everyone...
  15. Admiral_Bacchous

    4 DD and 2 CV game... !@#$%

    Yeah, or they do nothing but lose planes and steam in circles at the back of the map... luck of the draw maybe? The bigger issue, more than likely, is that I don't division up very often. That would probably fix 90% of my issues. So, yeah sorry for the venting last night. I was tired and slightly agitated. And, yes I mostly drive CL and BB. I tend to "collect" ships so I started with BB's and got one tree to tier X. Now working on a tree for CL. Will work on DD and CV when I have the tier X CL.