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  1. a6ordy

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Awsome, a thot captain!
  2. I do not agree with Zoup on it being "World of Cruisers" now, far from it, I am a cruiser main. I do play destroyers from time to time, I really don't have a problem with radar, what I do have a problem with is CVs keeping me perma spotted.
  3. a6ordy

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    Benson, one of my favorite US DDs.
  4. As far as what do I think of the buffs, it makes the Maass playable. I will continue with the grind to T10.
  5. a6ordy

    Armada: Molotov

    DM radar at T7, IKR. It doesn't DM duration but...
  6. a6ordy

    Armada: Molotov

    You forget about Indianapolis?