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  1. PyroWaves

    Post your SC loot here

    Flint becoming Coal ship I believe. Save your Steel.
  2. Now that definitely worth the $$$!! Especially due to better soft body physics and cloth simulation ;) WoWS needs raytracing and animated captain portraits!!
  3. PyroWaves

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    In game Name: Pyrowaves Server NA Most memorial was Alaska. In one random game I got nuked early and Mouse was in that game playing the Alaska! So. Had the chance to see testing in progress and how beautiful the ship was!
  4. Indeed Congratz Toxic! I too wanted a Benham but couldn’t complete the last directive. As posted elsewhere I’ll reallocate my WoWS xmas spending $ to MW5 Mercenaries though. Thanks WG for the free Steel from flakes! I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of camo and flags front eh T10 boxes.
  5. I have been keeping an eye on this issue. Was going to use my xmas $ on WoWS. But after seeing the Directives I’m going to save a bit more to buy MW5 Mercenaries. Not to sound ungrateful but marketing seems to be bad this event. Thanks WG for the Steel flakes and camo I’ll get from the T10 ships. IMO I’ve already spent enough $ on this game.
  6. PyroWaves

    signal bundle

    Perhaps hold off buying from the Premium store if you're new and haven't bought stuffs...you may get a 200% doubloon value returned coupon for purchasing. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/109125-return-of-200-of-the-doubloons-value/
  7. PyroWaves

    200% cashback ???

    Gratz OP for getting that coupon!! It was handed out last Thanks Giving i think...I was sad to have purchased premium time before that event so not eligible. Use it well mate! Femennenly, can you work your magic to convince WG to give others such coupons??
  8. PyroWaves

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    Ok un-believable!! Not T10 but...maybe hope for others looking for just T9 &/ T8. Genova dropped on the 21 bundle :( Didn't get any early Italian access. T8: 1st bundle T9: 4th bundle. Thanks WG. Now wonder what should I put it on! Alsace? Kitakaze? Fletcher? Jutland? ??? T10: Have 14k Filth left shall I take stab at it?
  9. PyroWaves

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Will there be way to buy Filth w cash via container or doubloons?
  10. Go Navy Go! and thank you WG for the WV!
  11. PyroWaves

    Battleship Game Mode

    I think Smol Harugumo Wooster and the likes are made to push BB to exercise their engines more. That said I will agree to a BB only mode if 1 sub is allowed in each team. BB doing torp beats could be fun mmuahahha
  12. PyroWaves

    Best Premium Ship to Use a 30% Cupon On?

    Yay to coupon! Is it random? Code? i would buy game time. Help w grind, T10 UU, FreeXP accumulation, etc... Alaska is ok feels like cross btw BB and CA. Bought my w XP.
  13. PyroWaves

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Will there be T10 perma camo discount during the season?
  14. PyroWaves

    Seattle is the worst T9 cruiser

    Weird enough I actually forgot I was grinding thru Seattle!! Secret: T9 ranked haha it was nice with only 6 players. You follow the dd radar shoot their DD while dodging shells. She gets overspend a lot. You learn to use forward and reverse dodging. I watched Doyle and OniTheWicked Twitch streams during T9 Rank season and decided to try Seattle and was like damn this is fun. Random is harder for sure. So radar DD and survive until there’s less enemy then get more aggressive.
  15. PyroWaves

    Grind to Des Moines

    You definitely want to get all the free space camo w current event. Buffalo grind may not be kind. That said if you find lower Tier 6 7 in Random sucks then definitely grind ops. Mount up special flags and you’ll breeze by. I passed thru Baltimore via Cherry Blossom with Special Flags; unfortunately that ops isn’t available. You can use all the FreeXP to skip Buffalo or save it for Azumahaha. Do you like gun boating DD? If yes get the DM UU with Engine Mod. You’ll be hopping from island to island shoot shoot oh crap torps full speed reverse toro beat Haha DD then full speed forward shoot shoot shiet you sped up too fast crap Yamato shells hard left slam on brakes BAM almost half HP gone crap GK shells coming and Shima torps Full Speed ahead hard left behind island and shooting at the same time. Add commas where needed above. Enjoy. My win rate sucks in DM but it’s fun playing it like a DD.