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  1. PyroWaves

    What tier to stop at?

    Keep going. Get Premium time on sale. Tier 7 have some fun ships. Ppl like Fiji. T10 isn’t hard just get use to. Reading mini map. I found playing DD more fun if you want to try. Get deleted fast or get these comments “F’ing ret@ard DDs” in chat after your teammates DD and you torp BB Congo lines. WoWS is more fun when your mind set is not the grind. T8 operation would be nice WG. My Cleveland getting bored waiting for Cherry Blossom.
  2. So is that a total of 8 months of Premium time? Did you apply both at the same time? I wonder if you need to use one now, and wait until March to apply another code to get full 8months. @FragranceFreeVaseline have you tried it?
  3. PyroWaves

    Advice on steel ship

    How is FDR bad for beginner? How is it in Co-Op ? It's a 'real life' ship. I heard sometimes in the far future there'll be Operations for T10 so buying FDR to stock up for that far flung future is wisest choice.
  4. PyroWaves

    Somers vs Benham, Fletcher, Gearing

    One Twitch streamer told me a while ago Sommer is like American Shima. And play almost like it. Other thoughts. Maybe save steel for FDR? It got torps too. Lots of it and reload time isn’t that bad. Although torp damage isn’t as high per salvo. But while you wait for torp you could spew fire.
  5. Thank you! @Hapa_Fodder Reading isn’t something gamers want to do. Please ask UI/UX guys/gals to add a bit more info. While you’re at it can you wave a wand and make it a T10 perma camo....plz plz...we have been good kids this year.
  6. Phase 20 of the Dockyard rewards a New Year Perma Camo but didn’t say which tier. What Tier is it? I scanned thru but couldn’t see a post about it so asking here
  7. PyroWaves

    Cruise missiles / UAV coming SOON(TM)

    Holy Cow!! Yes! I played that game like crazy looong time ago. Memories.... This might be similar. https://drydockdreams.games/about-the-game/
  8. PyroWaves

    Bourgogne or FDR?

    Grats on a new ship! I'll be getting FDR since I don't have a high tier CV and I don't know how to CV. Besides it's a 'free' Premium T10 CV you can't buy w cash. It's like playing World of Warplanes in Warships! 2 birds 1 ship!
  9. I just noticed Smaland has what look like either 2 rockets or Unmanned Air Vehicle sitting on the rear torp tubes! When hybrids come it'll be awesome to torp, fly a cruise missile and pew pew in the Smaland! Buy now. Yea....
  10. PyroWaves

    Stalingrad vs. Smolensk

    1st to vote for Smolenski! IT's a great coal ship! Machine gun with railgun trajectory. Very fun dodging shells...every1 wana shoot you...Great fun staying close to your own DD to kill other DD and yolo torp! When outa torps just ram your last reserved torp up their propellior. Smoke up your BBs who hid in the back and use them as torp/meat shield. On my first few games a Stalingrad showed broadside and said you can't hurt this baby commirat! Smole's AP on broadside sure can! Ok I think that player wanted to test out this new ship and gave me a free kill. Yes totally biassssed statement/information. About to get Studingrad after 1 more Rank win. So i'll be able to develop my own opeenonion then. Too much cofffiii and C12-H22-O11 this horning.
  11. PyroWaves

    Montana or Venezia as first tier X

    I don't have Venezia but working my way up there. I say you play both line T9s. Play the other when one still in Battle. WoWS is a long term game....you'll eventually get all T10 =) I have the Montana and do enjoy her; she can tank with appropriate ship steering. The heals help alot. IRCC highest I tanked was 2.7m potential damage to finish directives (I kinda trashed talked the reds, could've been more but the reds figured out i was baiting them) =) You can bait shots by showing a bit of broadside then run, kinda like playing IJN CA line. Speaking of which Venezia gameplay seen on YouTube calls for lots of evasive maneuvers. It'll help with Montana game play later.
  12. PyroWaves

    Post your SC loot here

    Flint becoming Coal ship I believe. Save your Steel.
  13. Now that definitely worth the $$$!! Especially due to better soft body physics and cloth simulation ;) WoWS needs raytracing and animated captain portraits!!
  14. PyroWaves

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    In game Name: Pyrowaves Server NA Most memorial was Alaska. In one random game I got nuked early and Mouse was in that game playing the Alaska! So. Had the chance to see testing in progress and how beautiful the ship was!
  15. Indeed Congratz Toxic! I too wanted a Benham but couldn’t complete the last directive. As posted elsewhere I’ll reallocate my WoWS xmas spending $ to MW5 Mercenaries though. Thanks WG for the free Steel from flakes! I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of camo and flags front eh T10 boxes.