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  1. DukeRamulots

    Something needs changing

    But you can cross drop. Line up a torp run from a ways out, let them turn and make a crossing run on them and its quite effective
  2. DukeRamulots

    The Essex

    Okay, there was really only one reason i went up the CV line and it was to get the ship my uncle served on. I dont visit the forums that often so might have missed any news about the deleted ships, but are we ever getting those odd tiered CV's back? As an aside i hated playing CV before the change but am having a blast playing up the RN line.
  3. DukeRamulots


    Have you ever fought a Moskva in a DM? You LOL pen them from almost anywhere. Even with the buff to belt armor I've been cit'ing them like they're a RN Cl. The USN CL's though save Cleveland(shes almost good) and Worcester(don't have her yet), are garbage. They're all gun cruisers with terrible guns, pitiful armor, and laughable traverse speed. The Buffalo is also far worse than the under performing tier 9 Baltimore. It's almost like the russians hate the USN for some strange reason.
  4. DukeRamulots

    Cleveland Tier, was it placed appropriately?

    Atlanta doesn't have smoke.
  5. That was never a thing. It's always been silver. What they did change was they reduced the amount of silver considerably because even a tier 2 premium would sell for several million and it was cheaper to keep buying them and selling them than it was to buy silver.
  6. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I have been looking forward to these new ships for some time and with how bad they are it's making me lose interest in the game in general. Kinda makes me sad.
  7. DukeRamulots

    Indianapolis Need Buff

    To be a light cruiser(CL) it would have to have 6" (156mm) guns. It has 8"(203mm) guns so is a heavy cruiser.
  8. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    The Ibuki is faster and has almost the same DPM. Pretty sure she also has more effective armor.
  9. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    The fear of torpedoes keeps BB's from rushing you though.
  10. DukeRamulots

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    Udaloi is a decent ship, one of the few I have had 7 kill games in. It's just so hard to play well I sold her when I got the Gross boi.
  11. DukeRamulots

    Approaching Neptune - advice required.

    Keep the Edin, it's such a good ship for ranked. The Neptune setup I like to use is full stealth, smoke, and RoF increase. Does pretty well as long as you don't charge forward into the enemies first radar salvo.
  12. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    It was around longer than 6 months i thought. The USN cruiser line was my first line and i raced up it. If we could only have pre nerf Cleveland back, then placed at tier 8 we'd be set.
  13. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    the last time i had played her was before she was buffed, so my perspective is a little off im guessing.
  14. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    She's the same ship but at tier 6. She's far better now than ever before and if you ever played her when her A hull was 8 guns and 4 minutes to 180 degree rotation you'd realize she's so much better now it's like she's an entirely different ship.
  15. DukeRamulots

    holy crap seattle sucks

    I ignored your question about opinions before because you asked about "objective opinions" and that's not a thing. Opinions are all subjective. As for what makes a "valid opinion"? Anything, all opinions are valid. 1) Wrong, it has lower DPM than Cleveland. Her primaries have the same RoF and it lacks secondaries so at range they're equal and up close the Cleveland has the advantage. 2) Yes, but this isn't an advantage as its detection is a greater ratio larger compared to Cleveland than its radar is. So it actually loses a lot of ground here. Yes, it does have the utility of all the consumables at once, that's a great feature of the line. "There is no "this is THE Tier 9 that EVERYONE has to go to" and I think that is what people are getting hung up on. And if everyone shouldn't flock to it, well it must be trash/garbage/WarGaming delivered a faulty line, etc. I mean how dare they produce a balanced split line that won't be over the top nor under powered... The horror." This is one of those little quips that leads me to think you're not actually grasping what I'm writing. I enjoy all the lines of this game save CV's(they really need a rework).