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  1. LunchCutter

    My first 1 Million Credit Win in Battle

    Yeah I scored 1 million in my New Mexico the other day for a pretty average game (3 kills, 80k damage) wasn't sure how..
  2. LunchCutter

    When Miracles Happen...

    Started a game in my New Orleans and it lasted about 60 seconds.. A friendly BB fired a salvo at the enemy BB at 20k, he returned fire, his shells missed his target and hit me as I sailed past minding my own business, my New Orleans explodes instantly.. Game over, not a shot fired or a ship spotted:( Anyway I sat back a little peeved but watched my team melt in comical fashion.. within 3m we had lost 6 ships including mine for zero enemy loss, the enemy had also taken 2 out of the 3 caps:( The rest of my team looked in trouble as well as the enemy DD's started to swarm. Thinking the game was over I quit out, came back to the main menu after getting a drink and saw the victory update appear.. I have zero idea how they managed that but well done! The enemy team had completely fallen on their face somehow.
  3. LunchCutter

    Now this was a first (1v1)

    Has a 3v3 last year, it was even more amusing as one of our ships was afk..
  4. LunchCutter

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    I've had one in the 100+ attempts.. I don't bother anymore.
  5. LunchCutter

    Anyone gained 5 stars in Defense of Newport?

    Funny, the new scenario has started and it's extremely easy to get 5 stars, provided the team aren't complete morons.
  6. LunchCutter

    Jean Bart is $78???

    Is that good value or something?
  7. LunchCutter

    Role of Cruisers ?

    Had that yesterday in my Buffalo, couldn't scratch anything with AP, switched to HE with no improvement... Finished up with 100 hits for 20k damage.. Jump onto my North Carolina and do 20k in 1 salvo in the first 3m..
  8. LunchCutter

    Role of Cruisers ?

    I prefer Cruisers, even if I usually spend over half the game hiding behind islands trying to stay alive.. They are certainly a difficult class to play in the higher tiers, 1 hit from a tier 10 BB usually wipes half your health off..
  9. LunchCutter


    They always seem to die first...
  10. LunchCutter

    This ship needs a buff a big one.

    I see the Hood as the Omaha of BBs. Their guns hurt but so many nubs have no idea how to use them efficiently.
  11. LunchCutter

    What does the 'Plays Poorly' report actually do?

    Sorry, it was a Lexington, I was in a tier 7.
  12. LunchCutter

    What does the 'Plays Poorly' report actually do?

    Well whats the point of it? What a useless feature...
  13. Watching my team fall apart again after having the game pretty much won, I was annoyed at our tier 7 CV who decided to break cover and try and play as a gunboat in the dying stages. Needless to say the 2 surviving enemy DD's quickly sank him and our other 2 boats in quick succession losing us a almost guaranteed win. I looked at the CV captains stats after, 900 battles, 40% WR, average 550 points per game. His stupid move at the last minute cost us the game so I decided to report him for playing poorly, then I thought 'what the hell does this even do?' Half the team usually plays poorly on average.. Does the game keep a score of who has done what and takes a few points away each time they get reported?
  14. LunchCutter

    Does Wargaming actually listen to your suggestions

    If they did listen to the community CVs would only be able to launch 1 plane every 5m, DDs would have no smoke or torps because they are way OP, Cruisers woukd be restricted to AP only and every AP hit should citadel a BB, while cvs should receive more nerfing because they are OP.