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  1. LunchCutter

    Rocket Attacks?

    The 2 games I had yesterday the rocket attacks knocked out my engine, (I did dodge quite a few bombs and rockets till that point) I repaired as the enemy BBs saw me in trouble, the rocket planes then spin around and hit me again, engine crippled, then the long range shells start reigning down... Ouch. I stick with the Hatsuharu as the next boat has inferior AA and at the moment that's the most important thing about this boat.. Even though it rarely shoots stuff down...
  2. LunchCutter

    Rocket Attacks?

    Not for the DD that spends most of its short life disabled and on fire...
  3. LunchCutter

    Rocket Attacks?

    Can we get rid of them? Can't dodge them, they are relentless, they hurt the mid tier DD's in a big way. Every volley is guaranteed to take out the engine or at least start a fire. Watching my poor Hatsuri trying to dodge wave after wave of rocket planes, and this DD has above average AA... Last 2 games I've tried to play conservatively, trying to hang around bigger friends but to no avail, CV's both times the enemy CV's gang up and you spend the entire game trying to stay alive. Once you get lit the long range shells start flying at you as well. Wondering why the last couple of games there has been 2 DD's per side:(
  4. My whine is that a game yesterday showed how 1 good CV player can carry the entire team. Our CV was rubbish, attacked strong targets, lost loads of planes for no gain, their Lexington pilot was sending well organised waves of planes that avoided the cruisers, picked off the DDs (all 2 of us) with rocket and torpedoes then carefully wasted any BB that strayed from the flock. The rest of his team were potatoes who just wandered around. They won, he sank 5 ships including our CV, our CV finished 2nd from the bottom with a sub 300 score..
  5. LunchCutter

    How's Baltimore?

    I love/hate my Baltimore.. Had a few great games in it where it's carried the team, lit up the pesky DDs and shot down dozens of planes, then I have games like yesterday when it's guns just don't work.. 136 hits for only 25k damage, half were HE and zero fires started. Spamming away at exposed but distracted tier 10 BBs with non pens 80% of the time. Then losing over 30k health in 1 salvo from a Des Moinas at long range even though I was correctly angled.
  6. LunchCutter

    Why are service costs to high at tier 9?

    Shoul Ok.. but if you're on the winning team shouldn't that cost be removed?
  7. Has a Ok game in the Fletcher, team won, sunk 2 boats, only took 1 hit, lost about 500 damage. Score pops up, 110k service cost? Didn't use any smoke, fired 64 shells and hit 33 times and 3 torp hits from 10 fired. Only barely made any profit... What is that service cost paying for?
  8. I felt sorry for the aliens in Battleship, they actually didn't do anything wrong, they only attacked the ships attacking them and seemed to go out if their way to avoid violence. The stupid earthlings ship windows weren't alien friendly horn toot proof. Also like how a group of old farts get the Missouris engines up and running in a few minutes when it used to take about 10+ hours to heat and pressurise the boilers, (haven't the screws and rudders been removed?) another laugh was the museum ship still has live munitions that actually still work.
  9. LunchCutter

    excessive waiting in tier 5-6 ?

    Seems to come and go, I waited 4m for a game in my New York yesterday, the next game started in 8 seconds. Also tried to do the weekly mission, even though all the spots seemed full in the waiting screen after 4+m i gave up.
  10. LunchCutter

    Cannot make any $ with the Fletcher

    This is a painful grind with the stock torps and guns though, no money to buy the upgrades. Even with ok games it still costs me a crapload of cash.... Play 1 game in Fletcher then 2-3 games in lower tiers to save some cash up:(
  11. LunchCutter

    Forget AP with the New Mexico.. HE delivers.

    Can't really aim that well with the GCs cannons, even at 7k side on targets its missed everything a few times, often feels like a lottery with its dispersion..
  12. LunchCutter

    Forget AP with the New Mexico.. HE delivers.

    Bump my old thread but I'm pretty much done with AP. It is such a lottery these days. Did 4 games straight in the GC and used AP exclusively (unless it was a DD or a heavily angled boat). Although I hit loads of ships I didn't citadel once in over 100 hits. Usual over pens or low damage penetration. A Pensacola, a low armoured ship took about 10 over pen hits for minimalist damage. In the past if my Pepsi got hit by a BB it lost 80% of its health in 1 salvo.. The last game really annoyed me, just me and enemy a gneisenau left, we started duelling with him using HE shells, I stuck with AP then he made a dumb mistake and came across perfectly exposing his flank to fire torps, I gave him a well aimed hit straight into his citadel area, 5 overpens and one ricochet.... He continues spamming HE starting multiple fires, I keep hammering him with AP but no significant damage... I eventually blow up, despite hitting him 30 times I only did about 30k damage. If I had used Hugh explosives we would have won the game.
  13. LunchCutter

    GC in tier 6 Wrong!

    Its armour is crappy though, I've tried a few times to duel with Colorados which are only tier 7 and not that dangerous anyway, they've shredded the GC, even properly angled the shells hit hard and the GC could only pen 10% of the time with AP.
  14. LunchCutter

    GC in tier 6 Wrong!

    Never understood how it's op? Over 100 games and it's never amazed me with opness. It has ok speed and good manoeuvrability, it's a bit shorter than some ships making torpedoe dodging a little easier, it's frontal armour is ok when angled. ....but it's got short range, most tier 5-7 BBs easily out range it, terrible side armour, sub par AA and the flank has to be exposed to use the rear guns, the dispersion ranges from good to horrific every salvo and its secondary guns can't hit a barn door with a shotgun at 5 paces.
  15. LunchCutter

    Can someone explain the science of Over Pens?

    Problem I find is you can't really aim the guns, especially on BBs, you aim at the target ship, press fire and watch the sometimes comical dispersion of your shells fly off in a vague direction of the target. I laughed at how I fired my North Carolinas full broadside at a distracted side on Yamato at 11k and nothing hit. Just splashed all around the target. I still don't understand the shell arming system though. That cruiser I hit directly front on still had some moderate armour on the bow, the AP shell punched through it, went through the forward turrets, powder area, firewalls, citadel/boilers, engines, rear turrets, and about 30 compartments, 160m of steel and iron then flys out the end armour belt wall without arming...