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  1. My Ryujo is next to useless with its rocket attacks. Even 6-8 hits on a DD don't really hurt it and half the time the RNG causes the rockets to miss anyway. They are much harder to aim than they used to be 2 years ago as well, if the DD has half a brain they can greatly minimise the damage.
  2. LunchCutter

    Begone, CV player!

    That DD needs nerfing. Poor CV had no chance...
  3. LunchCutter

    HE so much more deadly than AP these days..

    Necro my old thread. Just had 2 games in a row with my old slug the New Mexico, first game AP all the way, finished with 26 hits for a massive 30k damage, torpedo damage protection hits 50% of the time and countless overpens and bounces, often against soft targets. (Yorcke bouncing AP shells sideon at 8k? lol) A bit annoyed with that game I switched to HE and the results were so much better. Night and day difference. 33 hits, 90k damage, fires, modules and 3 kills. Unless the enemy ship is perfectly sideon at sub 10k I won;t bother with AP no more, feels like a bad odd lottery.
  4. Glorious tier 10 Tower of Stalin Battleship and highly sophisticated and terror of the Eastern Seas Tier 10 cruiser...
  5. Love how the Soviet Navy is so powerful in this game yet in reality they were a backwater, tin can fleet...
  6. I heard a while ago that Match Maker would be overhauled to help better balance the 1 sided games that often plague WoWs. I only started playing again this week after a few months off and... well 6 games today and 5 extremely 1 sided annihilations... The last game was particularity bad, dejected from tier 8+ games I thought I'd try tier 5 and this game was a silly joke, we lost 4 ships in the first 3 minutes, enemy controlled the game from start to finish with effective teamwork and accuracy, most of my team just sailed around like drunken fools and attacked with no tactics or any chance of a positive outcome. Post game I looked at the player stats on my team, almost the entire team was sub 45% WR, 500-700 XP per game average and many had less than 60 battles. The enemy team all but 2 players were over 49% WR, their top 3 all had 1200+ XP and a few of them were 60+% Win rates, most had at least 100+ games. Quite a skilled assortment for a random game. Made me realise why my team was massacred in under 10m... Also made me think if Match maker could see this games lineup it should have shuffled the teams. The 2 dds that died in the first 2 minutes were both awful players and 1 should be swapped around as the 2 dds on the enemy team were vastly more experienced. Just seemed like a game that was over before it started, I almost just gave up after we lost half the team in the opening minutes to bad tactics and stupidity. I'd happily wait twice as long for a game to start for a better game experience.
  7. LunchCutter

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    I find rocket fighters the hardest and most frustrating thing in this game especially targeting DD's. Its guess work unless the DD is a nub who makes no evasive action. Once you click attack you need to hope it doesn't change direction as the fighters are locked onto the target area and you cannot effectively alter their course.
  8. LunchCutter

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    I've been chat banned again.. like the 5th time.. No idea why tho... A game yesterday a 'friendly' DD fired a salvo of torps from behind me when I was in my Georgia, that I had to to evasive action to avoid, only by fluke I was looking at him when he launched them and could dodge, it caused me to expose my broadside to a Yamato and taking a lot of damage, I said something along the lines of 'nice 1 dumba$$' only for him to say it was my fault...That's all I can remember saying but i must have hit his little nerves and he reported me. *sigh* Love to see some of these snowflakes play CounterStrike or Fortnite, their virgin ears would bleed...
  9. LunchCutter

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I don't bother With tier 7+ DD anymore, cruiser wars. As soon as I get spotted my cook was goosed.. A game the other day in my shiratsuyu there was 1 DD on each team. 2 bbs, the rest of the server was tier8+ cruisers. It was just a game of survival. Can still have fun games with high damage but all to often I get radared by something i didn't see and get smoked 3 seconds later.
  10. LunchCutter

    AA is broken...?

    Noticed no change. My Ryujo is always uptiered to tier 8 and most squadrons gets completely shredded before they get within range. Unless it's a cute little DD wandering around by itself...
  11. LunchCutter

    Time to say goodbye

    I find random battle's to be rage triggers these days. Hardly play them anymore, not grinding anything so I don't bother, co-op (sometimes) and clan battles are still fun. Ranked I've never had any luck with..
  12. 5 games in my Ryojo I'm uptiered to tier 8 dominated games, pretty hard work with the tier 6 paper planes that 75% of the enemy ships shred before the first wave gets a shot off. After getting annoyed with the pointless contributions to the game I take my old faithful Shiratsuyu out, same result, server is full of tier 9 radar cruisers and DD's. 1 or 2 games I don't mind, 3 in a row, even with zero tier 8's in the last game... It's not an attacking class its just survival. Trying to guess where the radar cruisers are and staying as far away as possible. The torps feel like sea mines as they creep towards a tier 9 cruiser, he spots them easily and dodges all of them, repeat for the Georgia BB, same result, then a Fletcher spots me and I'm smoked in 5 seconds... DD is too slow to gwet away from most of the ships as well with its sluggish 35knot speed. Just tired of the uptiering, its not fun, it happens too often and its making the game too frustrating to play. If its a tier 6-8 game, its fun, when 90% of the server is tier 9 its a joke. I play tier 5-6 DD to avoid radar games.... lol..:(
  13. One of them shredded my Shiratsuyu ages ago, he chased after me with his flattop gattling gun wagon...
  14. How do you get 80k damage in tier 6 when 95% of the time I'm in tier 8 dominated games. The last match only the German DD was all I could target, everything else just shredded me. 3 Massachusetts didn't help, Clevelands, Pepsicolas and other heavy cruisers, every boat shredded my entire attack wings before they got a shot off. I was able to score a few hits on a Fuso but most of my bombs over penned. (Should that do catastrophic damage to a boat? Putting a massive hole in its hull??) Here is my pathetic score from the last tier 8 game. Just could not find anything to attack. Edit: another game, still had no impact on the loss, even the DD's murder my planes. Did rocket fighters get hit with the nerf bat again? Extremely difficult to aim them now, they get locked on and you have to guess where the DD will be as once you click attack they cannot be altered in their direction which is highly frustrating. As they will only survive 1 pass in tier 7-8.
  15. LunchCutter

    Carriers are still an issue

    I don't see and issues with AA, my Ryujo squadrons get shredded in seconds by most tier 7+ boats. If there are multiple North Carolina's or Missouri's floating around I can't get near them. 90% of the time I'm in a tier 8 game..