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  1. Just wondering has there ever been a suggestion about rewarding players for where they finish in the team? Like a extra bonus for finishing in the topspot or the top 3, maybe a random container, or some flag, some extra coin? Win or lose. I know you generally get more points=more $$ if you finish top compared to the guy at rock bottom but a extra bonus would be good. It was be especially beneficial for the token good players on the losing team who desperately tried to carry a potato side. I don't play much anymore but my last couple of games I finished top in badly murdered teams. It would have removed some of the salt if the game gave some encouragement reward for doing well despite the loss. Just my 2 cents.
  2. LunchCutter

    People quitting the game

    Well there's a million discrepancy issues in the game. Destroyer 5inch guns go boom, battleship 5 inch secondary guns go pop.. A perfectly broadside stationary tier 9 BB bounces all my Iowa shells yet hits my perfectly angled Iowa for 30k damage with a return salvo... A tier 7 DD can take multiple 16 inch AP shells and sail off with minimal damage. A sub can reload it's torps in under 1 minute.. Secondary guns are aimed by blind, drunken idiot crew. A 15 inch AP shell can hit a light cruiser front on. Go right through the ship and not arm.
  3. It is hard after the 15m mark to usually have ships working in a AA bubble though. 75% are usually dead and the rest are scattered all over the map. When I'm in my CV it's usually happy hour as most of the DDs and cruisers have been blapped and just the BBs left wandering around. Still thought it was unfair how wave after wave of jet bombers get through the (buffed) Iowa AA and wreck me. My tier 8 Shokaku flight groups gets shredded by tier 6 US BBs normally.
  4. AA doesn't feel as effective as it was a year ago (I only play sporadically these days so miss out on updates). My DM lost a ton of health to a skip bomber cv today with only 1 or 2 planes shot down. DMs used to be fairly immune to cvs back in the day..
  5. Watching a tier 11 (?) United States CV really mess my Iowa up in the late stages of a game with jet torp bombers and jet torp planes. The mighty Iowa's AA just didn't seems to be doing its job as most waves were getting through, hitting me and getting away with just 1 or 2 losses. I have no issue with CV's but I'm thinking in terms of balance if mid 1950's technology air power is going up against mid 1940's ships with traditional AA guns shouldn't they be upgraded to surface to air missile defence, or radar guided flak (that only a few ships have)?
  6. LunchCutter

    I miss WoWs

    Just have to learn to live with them. The Devs have invested to much time and money to remove them now. Also the game was getting a bit dull and stagnating with the player base slowly shrinking, people wanted change so they did something new, now people don't want change..
  7. LunchCutter

    Your "Fun to Play" ships

    Giulio Cesare (it's not OP!) Fletcher ARP Myoko Duca d'Aosta, not really fun to play, just fun trying to stay alive as long as possible in a tier 8 game..
  8. A DD nailed one yesterday, I thought it was hilarious.
  9. LunchCutter

    People quitting the game

    I just play tier 6 to tier 8 these days. Less stress, more credits, more fun. No superships, no cruise missile cvs..
  10. LunchCutter


    I was in my North Carolina yesterday in the final minutes of a game when the enemy Kaga decided to attack me, I dodged one salvo of torps but he hit me on the return pass despite losing lots of planes. I took 15k in damage. Rather annoyed but then I took a volley of long ranged AP shells and list 25k health. Cvs can be annoying but they are not really a big threat if you watch the mini map and stay with other ships. When I'm in my cv I only go for the lone wolves.
  11. Every 6 months I give my French DD's a go, might have 1 or 2 good games but usually a 75% frustration result. Makes me wonder why people like them? The Le Fantastique is an example, excellent speed, ok guns, powerful but short ranged torps, hindered by ultra slow turrets, average rate of fire, no smoke, huge size and average maneuverability, no heals or any flashy features to counter its lack of smoke (other than the reload boost that lasts 8 seconds..). Just feel the US, Japanese (some of them.) and Euro DD's are soo much better. Better torps or guns, still get smoke, fast, long range torps, with heals, good speed, good agility, good stealth (French DD's are poor). I can hop into a tier 8 US, Euro or Japanese DD and have a great game. I don't get that with the equivalent Frenchy boats. Even with a 1v1 gun duel with a Benson earlier, I sunk him but he wasted nearly 80% of my health with his fire spamming guns. He also has better stealth, smoke, torps and a smaller target size. My only advantage was speed which is of little value in a 5-6k ranged DD duel. A friend who likes them just said he plays them as it feels like a massive achievement when you finish top in your team with one.
  12. I know in the original builds it was handy exploit to scoot along the boundary line making the games gunnery aim-bot system confused but it still feels still very difficult to hit an enemy ship (especially a DD) that's hugging it. Last game I blazed away at this wall rider in my gunboat DD, only around 10% were hitting him (lol get gud?) the games aiming system could not work out his angle or speed so despite most of my shells been on target hits were not registering. I finally nailed him but not after he did considerable damage to me. Just by simple maneuvers he was incredibly difficult to hit. Open water I would have nailed him in no time. Just feel like it should be treated like hitting a island, you come to a complete stop and reverse is the only option.
  13. I play tier 5 to 7 regularly as it's a great tier level. No guided missile cvs, no radar, no There are no newbies anymore either, this game is old and doesn't seem to attract fresh players. Even a tier 5 game the other day most of the server had at least 500 battles.
  14. Meh radar is not even needed. Tier 5-7 cruisers menace and kill DDs easily without radar. Radar range should be capped to 10k to begin with.
  15. LunchCutter

    Hedgehogs in real life

    Trying to find a pic from 1944 with a U-Boat that returned to port with an unexploded hedgehog mortar jammed against its deck gun. The crew didn't even notice it until they disembarked.