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  1. LunchCutter

    Kitakaze vs Harugumo

    How I see both of them. Light cruisers, without the health. Both handle like bathtubs and the Harugumo has to be extra careful with its sub average detection radius. They are both great for raining shells on distracted targets and murdering torp DDs. If I'm in my cv I generally avoid both boats.
  2. LunchCutter

    WG, What the hell

    A Enterprise bounced nearly all my Georgia's AP shells last week at 16k. Plunging shells, didn't think US carriers had armoured decks?
  3. LunchCutter

    So, Two Brothers... hmmm

    It's sort of a valid tactic. I had a game 2 years ago where most of the enemy team in a tier 6-7 game rushed the middle, no one noticed on my team, they thought it would be a laugh but they actually pulled it off and won as no one on my team except a slow BB was at our cap and he was quickly sunk. By the time my team decided to turn around and get back they had won..
  4. 10 games in a row tonight, 7 losses 3 wins, every game a 1 sided, totally unbalanced, annihilation. I'm in Australia so only get a few token games a month and tonight with the server currently having 2900 players logged on I find the games to be both frustrating and highly frustrating. Even when my team lolstomp the other mob it makes the game feel like a hollow victory. Just not sure what it is about smaller servers and badly stacked teams. This is not a one off either, most of my games for the last few months have been like this. I really don't care if we win or lose, I just like balanced games and watching my teams token cruiser last game (an Atlanta) storm the cap with his guns blazing only to be smashed 3 seconds later, then we lose both DD's as they thought sitting in each others smoke at the cap was a good idea, then a Tirpitz is lit up and murdered, 5m into the game we have lost 5 ships for 0 enemy losses. My last game just poured salt on the wounds, Skane (4 straight losses in Skane, figured I was due for a win), match starts, 5 seconds in I lag out and take 5+ minutes to rejoin this slowass game, just in time to get sunk... Played 2 coop games after this but the AI is so dumb and predictable its a very dull experience. Sorry for the whiney post, just starting to lose interest in WoWs, there seems to be many new games coming out that don't end with me quitting out of pure frustration.
  5. LunchCutter

    Battleships for people who like the Giulio Cesare

    GC is a bit unusual, it has decent speed and maneuverability for its tier, good stealth and accuracy that ranges from railgun precision to Bismarck drunk gunners scatter shot every salvo. It's let down a bit by squishy armour, no aircraft and the usual comical secondary accuracy. A great ship for killing cruisers and supporting Higher tier BBs, it's AA is ok as well but it's going to be blatted quickly by any higher tier BBs.
  6. LunchCutter

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    My last SC (months ago..) scored 50 of the most useless 1% chance of target catching fire flags..
  7. It's always going to be around a 50% win/loss ratio. It's the law of averages. Really bad players might be sub 45%, really good players might be over 55%, the majority are in between. Play 1000 battles, it will always balance out around 50-50. That's why 50% of the babies born are male. That's why almost the same amount of people die on the roads each year.. The match maker as not that clever.
  8. Tier 1-4 are ghost towns these days...
  9. LunchCutter

    Depressing Ships

    The Duca d'Aosta hates me... Think my best ever game I did 20k damage. It has empty beer can firing guns, that bounce off everything except DDs, it's torps are slower than a sea mine in a dodge tide and for a cruiser it has crap AA. Also any AP hit wipes off 50% of it's health.
  10. LunchCutter

    WoWS account sale

    I played Asherons Call 2, years ago when I had a broken leg. Found some rare loot,once my leg healed I lost interest and sold my account, some guy in Scotland bought it for about $50. 6 weeks later the Devs took the game down..
  11. LunchCutter

    Depressing Ships

    Guilio Ceaser disagrees. I have a bad experience everytime I take the Skane out. Low damage average and it always seems to be ultra difficult to have any fun with. Outgunned by most DDs, bad detectable range, no smoke, poor speed...
  12. LunchCutter

    Stop with the 2 CV games already

    It's great murdering planes but there is almost zero XP or $ reward for doing it.. just an inconvenience for the cv.
  13. A friend I often div with has about 1500 games and he's been playing for around 3 years had no idea about these forums.
  14. LunchCutter

    Stop with the 2 CV games already

    Meh i can still remember the early builds when 1 team would have 2 cvs and the other had none.. Always a fun experience. In all seriousness though there should be no 2 cv per side games below tier 6, most ships have awful AA and although mid tier cvs are not really uber powerful the are very decisive in a game. Usually the team with the best cv pilot will win, unless they are a complete potato unit.
  15. LunchCutter


    My token game yesterday my side lost 5 shops in a row, games so broken, all those 5 ships were in clans as well. That stuff should not happen at tier 8. Refund.