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  1. LunchCutter

    Get rid of the small games!

    Well can we just agree that 5 vs 5 is crap and the game should fill the empty spots with bots?
  2. LunchCutter

    Get rid of the small games!

    Nearly 5000 in the server ATM and over 20 were in the lobby... Lots of Australians on at the moment (who loathe SEA).
  3. 3 games tonight, 2 of them were 5 vs 5... This is stupid. If you lose 1 ship 20% of your team is gone and its essentially game over. One game was on a large map as well which made it extremely tedious. At least fill the server with bots or just make us wait, both games started in under 20 seconds waiting time for me and there was a lot of players in the waiting lobby, makes no sense.
  4. LunchCutter

    Defense of Newport needs to be toned down..

    A common issue is the ships that attack are mainly all small stuff, if you get 2-3 BB's on your side they are pretty useless at hitting the little things with their comical dispersion.
  5. This mission is a major PITA. Even the last game in a 3 division of capable cruisers and a DD we could not hold out. Almost did but a enemy DD suddenly (and comically) became invincible. 6 Pensacola HE hits into him for around 1k damage.. He crossed the line and that was the game over (people seem to give up when this happens and just suicide). There are just too many enemy ships rushing it. I've seen a few people pull a 5 star win off but this is a sub 10% win rate. 10 times I've tried this scenario this week with some really good teams but to no avail. Edit, when i mean winnable I'm talking a 5 start win, 1-2 star wins are not too hard.
  6. LunchCutter

    Is anyone else happy?

    I'm happy as I stopped playing this frustrating Game of RNG 4 months ago, still hang around the forums though as it's entertaining.
  7. Thanks, you're keeping the game free for us freeloaders👌
  8. LunchCutter

    Can we please do something about Co-op?

    Other their godlike ability to dodge torps I wish the bots were more of a challenge. At the moment they are predictable, foolish and suicidal.. Think I've had about 30 coop gsmes and I've only been in the losing team once or twice.
  9. Got staffed twice in the opening minutes yesterday in my tier 7 Shirawirahasabasa (always forget it's name) lost 50% of my health, despite having a Cleveland close by.. Really hate rocket fighters.
  10. LunchCutter

    I thought there was a update to fix this?

    Tell me about it, 1 win 6 losses yesterday, 6 straight losses today. This is why I stopped playing last time. RNG/MM hates me:(
  11. I stopped playing a few months ago as I got caught in a rut of never ending losses (WR went from 53% to 50% in 6 weeks..) Then I saw on Reddit a few weeks ago that a upgrade for the MM has been introduced to help stop blowouts and have closer games. 8 games yesterday, 1 fun game and 1 win, followed by 6 straight losses where 3 games we didn't sink a single boat. Today is the same, 3 games, not 1 close. All my teams seem to Yolo rush to their demise in the first 5m leaving just the remnants of the team to get smashed. The last game I was in was over in 6 minutes..........:( Seems to be the case of the MM throwing the kamikazes on 1 side and the more tactical players on the other. The previous game was just a face plant to watch my team melt yet the enemy team seemed to be highly organised and accurate.
  12. LunchCutter

    The Game is Dying!

    A friend of mine started playing in August but quit after a month because he said the tier 3 and 4 stuff he was grinding took ages to find games.. He thought the game was dead🙄
  13. Just pretend it's not there and don't worry about it. Near impossible grind that really is not worth the time or tedious effort.
  14. LunchCutter

    Does anyone like have 4 carriers per game?

    Even more fun when the 2 cvs are in a division and selectively murder any ship that strays from the group..
  15. the 4 CV per match anomaly seems to happen most between tier 4-6 when most boats have pretty subpar AA. Had 3 games in a row in my Giulio Cesare and every game was spent getting strafed, torped and bombed by CV's. Most games we were trying to get a small task force going of 2 BB's and a cruiser or 2 but the AA just didn't seem to do much. The last game I had lost 20k damage from bombs and torps by the 5m mark and that was without a single hit from another ship. For all my ducking and weaving I shot down 2 planes. The AA bubble we tried to get working seemed totally ineffective (a Bayern and a Omaha with me) as planes would just screech through it, drop torps then 1-2 might be shot down as they retreat. A friend who has over 2000 battles in US CV's only plays mid tier now as he said 'so much more fun, so little danger'. Tier 8+ stuff in his opinion was too difficult with the AA cruisers and BB's. Also think he gets off on all the pubby tears he causes:( Surely the number of CV's needs to be capped to 1 per side? Sorry for the ranty post, started playing again after 3 months and still getting frustrated at CV domination in the mid tiers.