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  1. BungoPete

    How to Manage your Captains during your grind

    I can't get any of my captain points converted to any kind of experience. Lots of points on many of my captains, but no experience skills because I can't seem to exchange any number of doubloons for any experience skills. Nearly 5000 battles but all captains still at zero skills experience. This truly sucks. With a 15/15 captain I go to the captains screen, select the skills I want, 15 points worth, starting with level 1, convert the doubloons as prompted and then...NOTHING. The doubloons are subtracted from my account, but no skills are added to my captain. Imagine playing your Gearing with zero commander skills. That's pretty much why I seldom play my many top tier ships, or this game. In these conditions low tier battles with bots are more fun than playing against other humans who have these magical skills that I don't. I hadn't played WOWS for a couple of years and had forgotten why I was so frustrated with it from back then. That's it...can't figure out how to get captain skills. Nothing has changed for me. That "captain skills" screen has been nothing but a doubloon hemorrhage with nothing to show for the expenditure. That shouldn't be possible, but it works the same way every time. Any ideas would surly be appreciated. Maybe the best idea is not to waste any more real money buying doubloons.
  2. BungoPete

    Kami's Captain Skill Tips!

    I'm having trouble getting the commander skills to work. For one commander I have 15 undistributed points. On that commander's profile I select the skills I want, up to 15 points. Cost, about 300 doubloons. Then select "redistribute" and affirm the "Are you sure". The doubloons are subtracted from my account total. I go to battle only to find that none of the commander skills are in effect. On the commander's personal profile, no selected skills are shown. So far I have depleted nearly 1000 doubloons just to figure out that this isn't working for me. Where did my doubloons go? This game might be more fun with some commander skills.