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  1. typeZERO_The_Last_Drop

    [ALL] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    I can, but there is Problem.... She is not in the tech tree and there is no way for me to Evaluate the Finished Product... T_T (Also, my Schedule of skins is already full... Currently, I am making British DDs fleet featuring Girls from Re:ZERO....Next to that, I will make British CVs, then Russian DDs, CAs, then BBs.... Sooooo yeaaaaahhh... I have no extra time for Exclusive Skins for now... T_T )
  2. I'm really Happy to see fellow Modders that are still Working on Mods that is related to Arpeggio.... :'D
  3. typeZERO_The_Last_Drop

    [ALL] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    What Update of my Modpack Are you Using? Because I Already Updated it to B-002... As Well, yeeeeee-- No, There is no way of Downloading Individual Skins out of my Modpack... Sorry... T_T Unless if you download the Modpack and only put the Nation (Example the japan folder) in the res_mods folder Yes, that will work... :D
  4. Do you know How/Know a Program that can Edit the Shaders? :D
  5. Does this Include how to Edit the Mouse/Pointer, The Glow, and CV GUI?
  6. May I ask something? How did you Edit the GUI? T_T
  7. Hello My friend... I have A Modpack all Filled with Arp Skins... may I ask for your Permission? :D
  8. typeZERO_The_Last_Drop

    [ALL] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    Oh, I am Very sorry but I only do Skins, and I have no Idea about the Arp Cannons Sounds... T_T My Mentor; Haruna Line, did create a Sound mod with Arp Cannons, But it is completely broken due to the recent updates... T_T
  9. typeZERO_The_Last_Drop

    [ALL] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    Thank you for telling me that the Myoko's Cannons are causing the Crash.. In my Situation here, the Blyskawica skin is the one causing the Problem. But I am Very Sorry, I can only upload the fixed version when I will update my Modpack to B-002 (Once I finish Skinning the German BB Fleet ).... T_T I cannot upload a fixed version now because it take Half a Day to Upload it here in my country... T_T So I need to finish my new Skins and Fix my Modpack then Upload it... T_T
  10. typeZERO_The_Last_Drop

    [ALL] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    OOOOO THank you for telling me the crash! T_T Delete the Myoko skin for now. How did you know it was the Myoko's cannons that causes the crash?
  11. [Foreword: If you do not like Anime/Japan Stuffs, Please LEAVE this page. If you do not like Weebo Stuffs, Please LEAVE this page. And if you didn't watch the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime or At Least Read the Manga and you Only want this modpack because it looks awesome, LEAVE THIS PAGE. ] Fleet of Fog Philippines Division: The Bakunawa Armada Update B-002: The Metalblood Update is Here! Yes, you heard it clearly.... This Update Features Characters from Azur Lane... :3 New Skins: The Eiserner Schläger Projects: Gneisenau And Of Course, Her Sister will Join the Fleet! :D Scharnhorst The Pride of the Metalblood Fleet; Project Todesfestung: Bismarck Bismarck's Sister. The Lonely Ice Queen; Project Einsame Eiskönigin Tirpitz A New Member of the Xero Fleet: (Arp Ibuki) Xero Arson Project Battleship X: The Ascension [Izumo] Heroine X Alter Project 完璧な武器, (Perfect Weapon);[Kitakaze] HK416 The Illusion Master; Rikka Takanashi [Harogumo] Project 苦しみ (Agony) [Ryujo] Miku Zatsune And the Last of my Ne Skins, Well, this is just derived from Haruna Line's VERY OLD Shokaku Skin, and Just Re-adjusted the Colors... :D Shokaku And I now, I Finally Fixed the Myoko and Błyskawica Here is Blue Nachi...:3 And Also, I have a new Member in my Port. She's in charge of Guarding the Base Once I am gone to Fight those Filthy Humans. Meet The Vorik Airborne Battleship (What? It looks like the Kirov from Read Alert 3? No! That's just Coincidental! :P :P :P ) DOWNLOAD LINK Please be so kind to not STEAL this modpack. My Mentor; Haruna Line's Modpack was stolen Before. Please be so kind not to steal this. You are allowed to use my Modpack in your Videos as long as the download link sends you to this page. Direct File Links are Not Allowed. (Please don't be a "Ching Chong". Let's learn to respect one another shall we? :D ) http://www.mediafire.com/file/jr3ovcp5bubf79w/Fleet_of_Fog_Bakunawa_Armada_Modpack_B-002_%28The_Metal_Blood_Update%29.rar/file Time Until Next Modpack Update ( I will keep Updating this Part as Much as I can): Still Unplanned Current Project: British DDs featuring Re:ZERO If you are a fan of anime, ESPECIALLY Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Then You will Definitely love this modpack! :D Note, There are some skins here that are not 100% not mine. Example is the Arp Iowa is Haruna Line's VERY OLD Iowa Skin, But I Restored and Remodeled it. The Arp Musashi (WoWS Yamato) is Haruna Line's skin and I asked permission from Haruna Line to put it to my Modpack.... :D NOTE: This Modpack is Built to Fit Nicely well with My Mentor Haruna Line's Space Battleship Modpack... In Fact, This Modpack's Storyline is in War with the Ships In Haruna Line's Modpack.... :P (But do not be Mistake, I am Not and WILL NEVER Be in any form of Competition with my Mentor... ) Oh? You want to learn the Lore about the Bakunawa Armada? Well then, Here's a Slight lore of the Fleet of Fog Philippines Division: The Bakunawa Armada The Bakunawa Armada Happened in a Parallel Timeline of the Original Arpeggio Timeline. Only this time, I traveled back through time and Shot Chihaya Shouzo, so that Gunzou will never would have Existed Never would have KILLED MUSASHI AND YAMATO. So the War Between The Fog and Humanity's Continues. (Yeah, Red Alert 3 all over.. :P ) And Yes, Though I killed Gunzou, However, Humanity has Managed to Find a Place that The Fog would Never Reach And Created New Weapons there; SPACE. The Bakunawa Armada's Main Base is in the Philippines. And is Currently Developing New Weapons, Ships and Even New Upgrades For the Mental Models to Engage in combat against Humanity. And Now, as the New Era of Warships Clash, it is you Commander to choose who's side you're On; The Fog, Who's Only Goal is To Let Nature Heal from Humanity's Tyranny? Or Humanity Who is the Real owner of this Planet? Here are a Few of my Old Skins... "A FEW" of my old skins... :3 And more are still to come... So Stay tuned comrades... :D