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  1. I have a sound mod that needs to be redone, i've tried to do it myself quite a few times with no dice. So i would love to hear these sounds once again, i was wondering if you could bring them back to life, if you have a paypal account i'd be willing to even pay to bring them back.

    1. typeZERO_ARCHANGE


      What sound is that? 

      Also, don't put this in my main Page... Let's continue this on Messages so it will be more organized


    2. Gman2900


      It is a sound mod for the crew & a gun sound  mod. Would you like me to upload them to you?

    3. typeZERO_ARCHANGE


      First and foremost, I am Not a man moved by money. So real cash or bitcoins is meaningless... I am moved by sheer interest. Free of charges, and no forcing... Now tell me what or who's voice is that. Let me see if it sparks my interest.


    [ALL] Ace Combat Alicorn Crew Voice Mod

    Text Updated

    [ALL] Ace Combat Alicorn Crew Voice Mod

    *Sigh* It took me nearly 4 months to Get All those Rail Gun Sounds.... Turns out Nobody Wanted it.... Fine... https://www.mediafire.com/file/w8fykftswdzfzlx/mod.xml/file Download This. Go to your banks folder, and replace that mod.xml file with this....

    Volunteer ship Alabama VL

    Guuh... Not really a Fan of American Ships... Thanks for the Gift Anyways.... 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 Bonus Fact: I have been Developing my Modpack Ever Since 2016...... Though I just posted the Modpack In the Forums last 2018... But then The Forum Post Went Crazy and Prevent me From Updating the Download Link, because I placed more than 30 pics on it.... so I need To Repost it and Delete the old one because it is Broken... And that New Forum Post is still 1 year old... So yeah... Thats All the Bonus Fact I can Say...

    [ALL] Ace Combat Alicorn Crew Voice Mod

    You can use it... Just not Share the Link yet... :P
  6. SALVATION MY FELLOW SUBMARINERS!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHAHAAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!! THE TIME HAS COME, TO FINALLY POST MY FIRST AND CRAZIEST VOICE MOD: "THE ALICORN CREW VOICE MOD" Introduction: Who is this Creepy Looking Man and what is the Alicorn? The Character above is Captain Matias Torres. He is one of the main Antagonist of the Game "Ace Combat 7" Particularly the DLC Missions. A Famous Captain serving under the banner of "The Kingdom of Erusea" and Nicknamed "The Hero of Comberth Harbor". During the Events in the DLC Missions he Mutinied together with His crew and His Powerful And State of the Art Warship; A Submarine Aircraft Cruiser: The Alicorn, as he Believes that his Ship "Has the means to End this Hideous War in a Definitive and Elegant Manner". As the Player Battles Against the Captain, His Ship and His Ideals, Only one Will Emerge Victorious. Voice Mod Features: This is one Voice Mod that I Dedicated on, Not Only does it Features Voices, It also Features RAILGUN Sounds and Missile Alert Sounds!!!! With Over 142 Sound And Voice Files in it, This Voice Mod is one of a Kind. Captain Torres and Crew Voices (Both In-game and Cut Content) Some Non-Alicorn Crew Voices FOR THE MEMES!!!! RAILGUN SOUNDS!!!!!! (Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships have Different Guns Sounds!) Destroyer Gun sounds = EML Sound found on the Player's Railgun Cruiser Gun sounds = EML Sound of Mihaly's X-02s (Even after Unlocking the X-02, Mihaly's EML and the Player's EML Sound Different) Battleship Gun Sounds = Rail Cannon Sound found in the Alicorn's Rail Cannon ALICORN'S SOUNDTRACKS EXTENDED!!! (The Awakening, Premonition, The Alicorn, The Hero of Comberth Harbor) Trailer Video: Download Link: Before I Give you the Download link, I have a Warning to you, Reader. I Created this Voice Mod with Full Dedication, without ever asking forCompensation or anything. And if I will Ever See this Mod being used for Profit or Replicated, Changed to Another Name, and Upload It Somewhere, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REMOVE THE DOWNLOAD LINK..... Remember, I am the Only One who knows how to Update and Fix this if it Gets Broken.... Think about it... So Please, Let us Respect Each Other.... 😃 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dPWb_8O2qFEOY8xfYbKrh5S7n6NqW4dQ/view?usp=sharing Installation Guide: Voice Mod Installation: 1. Find your res_mods folder in your WoWS Directory 2. put the "banks" folder there. 3. Run the Game. 4. SAVE 10 MILLION LIVES FOR YOUR CRISP WHITE BED SHEETS!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! =========================================================================== =========================================================================== Custom Music Installation: 1. Find your userMusic Folder in your WoWS Directory 2. DELETE ALL your old / Other Music there.... YOU WILL NO LONGER NEED THOSE... 3. Copy all the File in THIS VOICE MOD'S "userMusic" FOLDER to YOUR userMusic FOLDER 4. Run the Game 5. Go to Settings and Play Custom Music 6. When the battle Gets Harder, Play "The Alicorn" theme. 7. Close your Eyes and let the music Absorb your Soul 8. <<THE TWO YEARS THAT WE FOUGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA!!>> <<I WILL NOT ALLOW OUR PERSEVERANCE TO BE DESECRATED!!!!!!>> 9. <<Thats It!!! Keep Firing!! CRUSH THEIR LIVES UNDER THE WEIGHT OF YOUR LEAD!!!!!!!!>> Special Thanks to the Following Aces Spare 6 Keystone - For the Extracted In Game lines. You all Should check out his Youtube Channel! :D RythusOmega_OG - For Providing the Alicorn's Rail Cannon Sound ROKA_na for Teaching me how to make Voice Mods for World of Warships Zaptroxix - For the Extended Versions of the Soundtracks Yamashito Sumate - For Giving me the Idea of this Mod AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, THE GOOD PEOPLE OF PROJECT ACES. WITHOUT THEIR DEDICATION ON MAKING ACE COMBAT GAMES,TORRES' CHARACTER WOULD NEVER BE BORN.

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    Oh my goodness, I need to step my Game up... I will make Captain Matias Torres Voice Mod Soon... Got a Link for that Japanese Version Voice pack?

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    You did not play the Latest Ace Combat 7 DLC Missions?

    [ALL] ACE COMBAT 04 Voice MOD

    You know what.... I'm a SALVATION SUBMARINER... and just Recently understood how voice Modding works.... So I'm here to Ask you a Question: Are you going to Make "THE" Voice pack? If yes, then I will cancel my Project. If No, then I will continue... :D

    [All] Fleet of Fog Bakunawa Armada Modpack

    (Sorry for the Long Reply) Haruna Line is my Mentor and my Leader... Yes, I know Haruna Line, and I am one of Haruna Line's Disciples. The Reason why Haruna Line Stopped Making Arp Ships, is Because Arp Anime is Dead... Also, Anime Space battleship Yamato is still Ongoing, thats why Haruna line goes to it. Nobody likes Dead Anime nowadays... I'm a Dead guy, Making a Dead Modpack based on a Dead Anime, so don't ask why I will not stop... Heres my Leader's Modpack, Trust me, Haruna Line's Creations are Far Better than Mine: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/46339-097x-world-of-warships-mod-skin-by-haruna-line/

    [ALL] Usada Pekora Voice MOD (hololive Vtuber)

    Can I ask question? When you made your Voice Mod, Did you have Domination Status and the Quick Commands? I cannot find them in the current Sound Mod Creator.... T_T

    [Sound Mod Creator 2.0] Update Sound Mods

    Can I ask? Is there an upcomming/Updated Version of this? Because I cannot see the Quick Commands and the Domination Status in the Current Mod Generator....

    [ALL] Usada Pekora Voice MOD (hololive Vtuber)

    I'm sorry, But the skins I make are Arp Skins... If you are Curious to see it, Here is my Modpack: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/216481-all-fleet-of-fog-bakunawa-armada-modpack/?tab=comments#comment-5021726 So here's what I want you to do: I want you to choose 5 of your Favorite VTubers and Comment them here.... (Please take note that they should have Colored Hairs. No Black Colored Hair because there is no such thing as a Black Glow.. :P ) List them from 1-5 The first Character will be the Flagship; The Leader. She will be the Tier X. Number 5 will be Tier VI Heheheheee... I'm Excited of your Ideas.. :3

    [ALL] Usada Pekora Voice MOD (hololive Vtuber)

    Heheheheeee.... Do not worry about the Skins... I will make the Skins... :3 But since you helped me in learning Voice Mod, I would like to say Thank you, By Making Skins that Features your Favorite Characters from your Voice Mods... :3 Hehehee, I still have some tree lines that has no Skins... 5 girls from your HAREM-- I Mean, from your Ideas will do... :3

    [ALL] Usada Pekora Voice MOD (hololive Vtuber)

    Sorry to ask so late in the game, but can you teach me how to make Voice Mods? I'm starting to get really annoyed with my Captain VOice...