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  1. Win, loss, NICE win, very good win, Rank 15, yay!

    My suckage is such that anything else is crust on bread, never mind icing on cake.

    Third game was first time for the new AA achievement.


    Out of many drops, the Saipan hit me with rockets once, and one torpedo.

    Thing is; a Saipan doesan't have any secondaries. Of all the T8 carriers, it's the safest to approach and beat up with AP.

    (This is a ping for @UltimateNewbie.)

    1. Khafni


      I never once got the Air Defense Expert achievement with the old RTS mode CV.  Since the rework, I've gotten seven of those puppies. Six with Prinz Eugen and one with Friesland. 

      Looks like you de-planed that Saipan all by yourself! Congrats. 

      (I definitely don't see no suckage, there.)