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  1. Yeah, nothing like programming 'so bots can be competitive' to make you hate the game.

    Two full AP salvoes from an Alaska, into a nearly broadside Neptune,  AT LESS THAN 5K...

    FIVE, five of the hits were ricochets, NOT overpens, RICOCHETS.

    Is it any wonder why I think overmatch is a load of garbage?

    1. Khafni


      Sounds like "nearly" wasn't broadside enough! :Smile_trollface:

      I absolutely hate it when that happens...

    2. Estimated_Prophet


      At that range versus 12" AP? It shouldn't have even mattered.

      I would have had less of an issue with this if it had just been overpens. That would have at least made sense; flat shell arcs at too close of a range and tinfoil RN cruiser, but ricochetes? Not like I was shooting at a battleships belt armor or something.