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  1. Looks like Snowflakes only on T5 and up. Maybe it was announced, but I just didn't notice.

    Got a twenty pack of mega crates, which is about all I'll likely get.

    Signals, Dragon Signals, various camo, 37,500 coal, 6,000 doubs, and Viribus Unitus; which is quite convienient, as it was about the only 2019 premium ship I didn't already have, that I had any real interest in.

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    2. BladedPheonix


      Not doing loot crates for wows this year, gonna spend it on the wot ones, so I can focus on the wows event. got lucky anyway with 1 of the free reward ones, got a gremmyashi and 2k doubloons.:Smile_veryhappy:

    3. Estimated_Prophet


      @X15 didn’t draw any B ships with the few containers I bought and received, but HAD to get one of the B captains because his last name was the same as my irl first name.

      @BladedPheonix WG lost me for Tanks when I spent more time being fodder for vets than learning to play the game. Big mistake Tanks never had a PvE; wonder how many players they’ve lost because of that?

      Play a few games each year on my account anniversary, but that’s it. (Roughly 1,450 games played in a four year old Tanks account.)

    4. BladedPheonix


      well they might gain some players back soon ,markiplier and other big youtubers are starting to promote it more and more.


      However they really need to fix the grind on WOT, its very easy to get burn out on WOT compared to WOWS/WOWP.:fish_boom: Its not fun playing games and always getting chump change. a normal grind for credits in wows takes 3-5 games( about 1-2 hours) if you do a good job,  but In WOT however it takes roughly 20 games to get anywhere! (4hr. +):fish_sleep: