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  1. Thank you MM.

    Just what I wanted to do; waste my one game I had time for before I had to leave this morning on a game where you populated Aegis with nothing but cruisers and my Arc Royal.

    It was real fun and all that your Myoko's weren't shooting any AA, WG, so my SF were able to torp all of them to death, but it's kinda hard to even attempt to carry anymore after you 'reworked' carriers.

    1. Khafni


      There just isn't enough "umph" with any carrier to carry in Aegis or any Operation that I've tried so far. I never played carriers prior to the rework so I couldn't compare the before and after. I definitely don't get the 180k+ damage/ 7+ kills in Ark Royal that I can get in Perth or She-no-know-me but it is still fun.

      It seems the AA is off for a lot of ships in the two recent Ops - Raptor Rescue and Aegis.